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  1. Can someone be actually better than the other or is saying that is bad?

  2. Someone can be a better PERSON than another, people judge others all the time and think they're better than others sometimes if they're honest. But if you come to the conclusion you are actually better than your significant other, that's fucked up, the only non-shitty thing to do is break up with them. But if you stay and express that to them, that's abuse.

  3. learning that I've accomplished the impossible for going on like 5 years now is a great way to start my Wednesday

  4. That's silly, bike + light rail is totally doable in Denver when traveling as adults. Annoying for groceries I'll admit, but certainly not "impossible".

  5. Disability and weather make groceries much worse than "annoying" with no car, unfortunately. Plus there is no transit for my kid to get to school, either.

  6. I said elsewhere "for adults". If you have kids it's a different ballgame.

  7. Not a single item you list is under $3 where I live.

  8. McDonald's hot coffee is $1 any size in the USA, and it's actually, genuinely good coffee.

  9. Even with the clothing, for me, it never looks dated. An exception would be the few times they show a whole car. It's a brilliant series. Still my favorite of all time. I'm a fan for life!

  10. Roz's hair when it's really full of body is probably the most dated fashion/makeup/hairstyle thing in Frasier. Suits are mostly timeless, Marty is not fashionable and Daphne was given a nice wardrobe to wear but it isn't super trendy so it also doesn't seem as dated.

  11. Seinfeld and Frasier are probably my 2 favorite sitcoms. And oddly enough I love Seinfeld precisely because it’s not emotional (no mushy heart to heart scenes, no crying, no hugging, no learning!) but I love Frasier specifically for the very emotional Niles and Daphne storyline and the brotherly relationship between Niles and Frasier.

  12. Kind of shows how Niles is the actual center of the show, huh?

  13. To think that's true is incredibly laughable. Since Up, Pixar's best films include Toy Story 3, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Coco, Onward, Soul and Luca. There Are 9 other films in between those that aren't even remotely bad. In my opinion, Pixar has never mad a "bad" film. They've certainly made average to belowe average ones on occasion. But they've never made a bad one, and that includes cars 2 and good dinosaur.

  14. I'd argue Cars 2 is at least borderline "bad". 39% RT and 49% audience. But it's the only one which is a damn good batting average.

  15. I’m kinda sad cuz I liked the movie. I thought it was doing well

  16. I think it's on the lower tier of Pixar movies, somewhere slightly above Cars and Cars 3, which I don't hate. (the only Pixar movie I think actually isn't good is Cars 2).

  17. I keep confusing Amy Coney Barret with Marjorie Taylor Greene, so when I heard she didn't finish high school and only got a GED after going into politics I was stunned, thinking "I didn't know you can be a federal judge without ever practising law".

  18. Greene has a college degree. You're thinking of Lauren Boebert.

  19. why the dick hole in the underwear??? is it truly more efficient to maneuver it through a hole in your boxers than to just pull your pants down a little in the front ? is it a modesty thing for public? PLEASE enlighten me

  20. Nuclear Option only requires a simple majority, and VP breaks ties.

  21. Manchin and Sinema have publicly stated they won't vote to remove filibuster so it's not an option.

  22. I have no problem with dogs, but this type of thing, the fact so many dog owners here seem to think dogs are humans, is why dog culture is probably my least favorite thing about Denver.

  23. You know, unless they abolish the filibuster.

  24. They do that it'll be a ping pong ball of laws being passed and repealed every time power changes hands.

  25. Surely the Republicans wouldn’t reinstate the filibuster right before they would relinquish power.

  26. I'm not saying it's impossible I'm saying it's improbable. Republicans had the Senate majority 2015-2021 (aka last fucking year) and didn't repeal the filibuster. Neither side wants to do it when they're the majority because they know they'll be the minority soon and want to preserve it for when they're the minority and they know they will be blamed for whatever the Democrats pass next time they have the majority.

  27. Bill Simmons was basically willing to bet his life on drafting Durant over Oden. It might be the most right he's ever been.

  28. Even conceding that a fetus is a fully formed human being, which I don't believe but will concede it for the moment... there is no other circumstance where we would even consider forcing one human being using their body against their will to keep another human being alive.

  29. Privacy is not even an unstated right! The Fourth Amendment is pretty explicit, the government doesn't get to search your property or your body without a warrant. If you choose to have your doctor perform a medical procedure on your body, there is no basis for the government to have a right to search your body or the doctor's records to find out what happened.

  30. Well its complex, but basically originalists read the Constitution to mean what the people who wrote the provision meant when they wrote it. Basically, whenever you look to a provision, you shouldn't apply a modern understanding to that provision, but rather you should apply the meaning originally given. Unsurprisingly, conservative justices tend to be far more likely to be originalists, whereas liberal justices tend to be textualist, reading the Constitution in a way that satisfies its ordinary meaning. Liberals often treat the Constitution as a living document where when society changes, so too does the meaning of our founding documents. There is fierce legal debate about these interpretive styles, and pretty much every justice ever will pick which theory suits their opinion on the case in front of them. Though, liberal justices are far more likely to swing from one theory to the next (in my opinion).

  31. The fourth amendment, if you read it, is rooted in every citizen's right to privacy from the government. A literal constitutional right to privacy in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution (the government can't simply search your body or property). If you believe that abortion has legitimate medical application, then the decision of when to have an abortion needs to be left between the patient and the doctor. The Fourth Amendment right to privacy means the government has no right to demand proof or justification of such a personal matter or medical history. It's not dubious IMO at all.

  32. Tied for 6th place (with 5 other countries, and 17 ahead of the US... rankings are weird).

  33. That's can't be complete, we don't need a visa to go to Canada or Mexico.

  34. You know, you do have a point. "Murder victim complained to Colorado's Springs Walgreen manager about colleague before she was murdered by colleague" You know what? maybe I'm not the best person to write titles either.

  35. But she doesn't believe that. It is pr spin. She doesn't actually think she is doing good. Said as much in the last scene when she admitted they were the kochs or the Kennedys.

  36. I don't know that's an admission. I'm sure the Kochs and Kennedys thought they were "doing good" as well.

  37. Yeah why the hell did the rival cartel - which was supposedly more powerful - never come in to play?

  38. The rival cartel was destroyed by the US Military a couple seasons ago.

  39. You're going to roll your eyes at someone who condemns Birth of a Nation? Come on.

  40. Very sensible. All art is a reflection of its time and should never be therefore condemned, repressed or shunned. Denying its creation is a vapid gesture of self-righteousness. If we are to pretend embarrassments of the past don't exist, we lose their valuable role of showing us how far we have come.

  41. I disagree that it shouldn't be condemned. It can be condemned. Sometimes it must be condemned. You think Birth of a Nation shouldn't be condemned?!

  42. This is a month old but don't ignore it. If you get it early you can repair it really cheaply, often free with insurance. If it gets worse you'll have to replace the whole windshield and it'll cost you over $1,000.

  43. That makes absolutely no sense when it's the carrier network and the protocol that destroys video quality, not Apple.

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