1. Let them. Nothing better than tangled red tape fucking up their fucked up logistics even more.

  2. Why the fire extinguishers? LOL. Did they think they could still repair it later with duct tape?

  3. Twitter has gone to shit. Is that really Igor Girkin? Or is it a parody account? It seems to be posting pro-Ukraine things.

  4. Reddit has gone to shit, you‘re not even posting any Potato Analytics

  5. "When we got to camp, I could have died three fucking times in one day. It was a fucking miracle that I survived"

  6. Russia still fighting like it's WW2, assuming soldiers don't have phones and internet. LMFAO. But then again, RUSSIAN soldiers don't have phones and internet.

  7. Even if you only have the chance to distract a few soldiers, then it is a dirt cheap attack, so why not do it?

  8. Because it does the opposite. Their claims are so ridiculously obviously false, it BOLSTERS morale, rather than drain it.

  9. Until they rise up and say enough is enough to the small-dicked dwarf who is currently running their little "commonwealth" to the ground, Russia is still a monolith surrounded by slave colonies.

  10. Austria is not NATO. Think long and hard on that, Austria. Unless you're just waiting for your chance be the buttboy of another genocidal megolamaniac again, there are no neutral parties in the long run.

  11. Just go full North Korea, and order every adult man to be as bald as you are, on the pain of death. Isn't that what all of these wannabe emperors predictably do eventually?

  12. I don't blame them. It's not as if the west has been really helpful to unaligned developing countries the past few decades. Everyone in the west has been too busy enriching China and, yeah, Russia. While democracies that should be the main focus of western help are basically ignored. Ukraine, is actually another example of that prior to the war.

  13. Why didn't the shelling continue to finish off the sniper and evac team?

  14. They did, off-cam. Hence the minus. Just didn't hit them I think before it got too dark to continue.

  15. Not so covert anymore, eh? WSJ? smh. Now do a piece on the drivers of the NATO deliveries and what their favorite breakfast on the road is. I'm sure Putin would love to read that. /s

  16. I honestly don't care what resources Ukraine has. That's not the reason why we should support Ukraine.

  17. Not exactly sure how UFOs would change the tide of war, but it has always been frustrating for me how NATO telegraphs every move they make. Down to the exact ammunition they supply. Because right now, it's still at the politician stage doing politician things, and politicians need to look good to their voters. Even at the cost of providing military intel gratis.

  18. He should have left his ego behind. Understand what his expertise is, and stick to that. But then again, like martial arts instructors, some people just don't take well to being just one of the guys that need to listen to others with more experience. They spend most of their lives teaching beginners, so they can't stop acting like the bad-ass main character that they style themselves to be.

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