1. I’d ask them for the Nue Co. Tropical C if they don’t have the KS in stock (assuming Nue can be sent to Canada) or your choice of what is available in Cat 6. I’ve never had luck getting them to send me something that is not currently in stock.

  2. I plan to contact KS tomorrow.. I think they are only available before 5pm. I don't think it is expired, I think it was stored improperly.

  3. They are but they are on Pacific time I think as based in CA. I have trouble reaching them early in the morning in eastern time. Usually around lunch I can get a rep in the chat function.

  4. Kate Somerville items don’t have an expiration date. They should be used within 12 months of opening. I was advised this directly from KS customer service in May when I stocked up on stuff during their friends and family sale.

  5. (Annual here) I have been waiting for this to come back in stock I’m so mad right now 😩

  6. I like how they looked at the categories and said, hmm, Cat 3 needs more 😅. I do like the shaker though. They had them at Burlington for $5 if you want to check there first

  7. I don’t know why they haven’t added anything to Cat 4. It has way fewer choices than the rest of them. Cat 3 has sooo many.

  8. I got one too. Just a freebie. I’ve seen others in the forum also getting them this round.

  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/FabFitFun/comments/wbdhhd/first_winter_spoiler/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  10. Cat 1 is sometimes not allowing new items but you can keep checking back. I was able to add an extra item last night. Basically I continued to flip back and forth between Cat 1 and Cat 2 and Cat 1 finally pulled up without the banner. I grabbed my extra thing quickly and hit next.

  11. I don’t have a $15 coupon, but I used joinFFF and reactivated my seasonal box at $10 off. It was $48.14 after tax.

  12. The $10 off worked to reactivate??? 😍

  13. Did for me. I’ve used this email before to get an extra spring box and then cancelled.

  14. Sounds kind of fun. I research/pick my items so carefully and have no surprise when they arrive. I think that I'll give it a try. It might be a nice surprise. I actually liked most of the items available this season. But I'm a newish member, so I haven't seen a lot of them before.

  15. There is a thread in the FFF forum dedicated to what people got. Some have posted their mystery boxes already.

  16. Some people posted about the sunglasses on the FFF forum and they like them

  17. I decided to get a seasonal box for this reason. Those posted gave me serious FOMO on the sunglasses.

  18. They are all in the actual shop (not add ons) for the same price as the extra customization cost.

  19. This is the $200 mystery gift using the Dr. Brandt code for new annual signups. I have the same thing coming because I signed up for a second annual with the code.

  20. I just checked and the Kopari is 250mg. I'm going to try this prima and if it doesn't do it, keep an eye out for the 750 in future sales. Thanks so much!

  21. Just FYI, the Prima R+R is back in Fall add ons right now for $12.99

  22. You work three jobs and are barely scraping by so that’s a lot on little notice. It sounds like you need to have a larger discussion about what you can afford and what’s realistic right now. But you both need to come up with a plan about how you both intend to better the situation. It doesn’t sound like either situation is best for the longterm.

  23. There is only two of us. I definitely don’t need a 5.5 for regular use. I get by with the sauteuse usually.

  24. Hi, I cook a lot from scratch. I’ve cooked professionally. You have no idea what I cook regularly or how I use these pans. I am perfectly capable of determining what works for my household. I never said I use a sauteuse for searing meat just that it works for most every day use for us based on what we eat. I also have more pieces than we’ve discussed here that I also use regularly for cooking. And when we don’t eat meat daily, I don’t need something for everyday use to sear meat.

  25. I got another AG Reconstruct Hair Mask. I got it in the FFF sale and really like it. Also grabbed a Tula lip balm as I regretted not getting one of those to try. Grabbed the $5 green goo bundle and some silver huggie earrings so I could get free shipping.

  26. I use it regularly and pay full price for it all the time or try to use Ulta points for it. I got the max on both my boxes and saved myself $150 over the next 9 months.

  27. The scalp scrub shampoo has a less than $6 dupe at Walmart. Equate Scalp Care Exfoliating and Detoxifying Daily Shampoo with Charcoal and Tea Tree. I was skeptical as im sure u are but i figured for $5 and change i can try it (i mean we can buy what 8 Walmart versions for every one Briogeo ) I have now converted. I actually have one more Briogeo in my stash but have chosen to open the Equate one twice now instead as i actually prefer it to the Briogeo one

  28. Thanks. I’ll stick to my Briogeo as I know it works. I have a lot of sensitivity to ingredients so I tend to stick with something when I find something that works. I also don’t shop at Walmart. They are a company I refuse to give my money to. Briogeo, on the other hand, I am happy to support.

  29. https://support.fabfitfun.com/?a=What-is-the-Swap-for-Credit-program---id--JAruIHy-RPiYJUvdl5dv4w

  30. I signed up with a code. Did you get any notice of this before it showed up?

  31. You’ll need to chat with CS about a refund and what you need to do. The only way I know to cancel refills is during the customization process.

  32. I think the quality of the hero items has gone pretty far down hill. For me, that made the box not worth it anymore. I’m sure I would discover cool products here and there in the other categories, but I’d rather spend my money elsewhere at this point. I let my annual membership lapse with the intention of reactivating when there was a box I was excited about, but nothing yet. I do miss the sales though!

  33. You could always resubscribe and swap each month for credit for the sales. Basically prepaying a budget to use.

  34. You can shop seasonal add ons, but you’ll be subject to the shipping minimum ($25) since it ship separate from your box.

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