1. You didn’t look out, thing of doing a hip thrust once the bar gets past your knees

  2. Your hair's fine. It might just be your awful head shape

  3. Damn didn’t have to do bro like that 💀

  4. Bro you literally have my same hair fr fr

  5. The first one would not count on a powerlifting competition but I’d say it’s good depth if you are not worried about competing or anything of the sorts

  6. Bro I was literally going to say the same thing before coming into the comments

  7. Engage those lats and upper back bro, you got it

  8. Eyo bro, might wanna delete this post, it’s making my lifts look hella weak

  9. It feels off because the weight is too low for you, it’s harder to get into position with low weights, also the plates are small and you have to start wayyy lower, up the weight a bit, use bumper plates, record yourself again and it will be way easier for us to see mistakes and give you advice

  10. You could try hook grip and pulling the slack out of your grip, my calluses stopped ripping and I got better grip strength, but the only draw back is that your thumb will hurt like hell, and won’t stop until after a day. But no calluses just from the pressure, but if your bar is not shitty like the ones at my gym then you’ll probably rip some skin off of your thumb

  11. Bro elbows ain’t the only thing you have to worry about

  12. I’d say it’s a hybrid, but more so on the high side as it’s resting at my traps

  13. Then it’s normal to feel a little tension in your lower back in fact, I do low bar squat and after my leg days my lower back gets really tight, specially since I do deadlifts the day before I hit legs, you should do foam rolling so that its not as painful after.

  14. Stand with your feet under the bar with your shin almost touching it

  15. Not too close, he’s going to push the bar with his shins when he’s setting up, at least 1 or 2 inches off the bar

  16. If you are just learning why go really heavy weight? 😐

  17. Bro it’s just an emblem 😂 don’t get so pressed about it

  18. One thing you could improve on is slightly pivoting when your right hip interates. Other than that I think you are doing yourself a disservice by not going heavier. Cmon man

  19. I went heavier before with atrocious form 😂 now my problem is that I went heavier and the belt is making my lower back round even from the set up, literally filmed myself setting up 310 with and without a belt and without a belt looked sooo much better, I’m trying to fix it but idk what to do

  20. Oh my god I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more perfect deadlift

  21. Heh check my profile and past posts asking if my deadlift form was good when it was atrocious 😂thank you!!! It finally clicked

  22. You could add some animations to the triangle and a background, or what type of game are you going for? But don’t get me wrong the simple style is also good.

  23. Yep that’s exactly right! The more muscle groups you recruit the more weight you can move so leg drive is very important when lifting a maximal amount. The deadlift is both a push and a pull exercise, which is why you want to pull yourself upright to allow your legs to push the floor away else you’d just be pulling with your back. If you don’t want to incorporate leg drive then try alternatives like stiff leg deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts that focus more so on just the “pull” portion. Starting more upright is very stable and keeps your core engaged for a much stronger, safer exercise.

  24. So if I was doing it for powerlifting I would want to be as upright as possible?

  25. Hard to judge with loose fitting clothes, but looks good to me. Your walkout is a bit too wobbly, a lot of movement there, maybe drop the rack pins a bit and start lower, so the bar sits tighter on your back to begin with. And teach yourself just do two steps out of the rack: straight back, then one leg to the side. You don't want to dance around with a lot of weight. Also, you are a long unit, have you considered a low bar position? May give you a bit more stability in the upper back.

  26. You’re doing low bar so you might want to break at the hips first instead of breaking at the knees, so sit back, also go down nice and slow, not so fast

  27. It’s not about adding weight but it’s more about helping you with stability and tightness to properly execute the bench

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