1. This looks like hormonal acne. How is your sleep schedule? Been under so much stress? Dairy or eggs? How is that?

  2. Spiro is for hormonal acne. I used to grow acne where your acne is at right now!

  3. I think a hand cream at $12.99 is too much, ipsy offers $5 hand creams but that’s just me

  4. Cat 1: I'd dump both Fenty and the eye tool. The Fenty reviews on Sephora are meh, and the tool looks like a huge scam.

  5. Free Platinum & Diamond Exclusive 38 Piece Beauty Bag with $140 purchase

  6. That’s awesome! I love when things like that happen 🤭 you’ve got a lot of lovely treats there. The body butter, primer, and sunscreen are awesome, enjoy!!!

  7. I actually use most of the stuff compared to other boxes I have like Allure, Ipsy, BoxyCharm, BeautyFix, Trendmood, and FabFitFun. I use most of their stuff bc it is just unique like a hair growth serum or aromatic spray—makes you feel luxurious.

  8. I love kinder, value isnt as high as other boxes but they have a purpose or the products are cruelty free and many more

  9. I also hated the Elemis Cleansing Butter. I used it like four times on my face and it wrecked my skin, but it’s so pricy I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away so ended up using it to shave my legs. And it smells awful!

  10. I wish that this outdoor roundie was available for choice for seasonal members. I guess they will again give me skincare for 5 and 6 categories. If they are available I would choose the same sunglasses. 😃

  11. If it is not available for you, I’ll send you mine! I already have an outdoor blanket: UGGs and one from Cotton On hahaha. I don’t need that much! 😂

  12. How did you separate the “cube” ? Like you have a separator for your glow serums and oils

  13. I have patches due to tret do you think oil and tret should be somehow use together? Like tret > moisturizer > oil?

  14. There is a tret sub. Im on it and currently sandwich plus add oil. So wash my face, do the cosrx snail mucin, moisturizer (ceravae or first aid), tret, then moisturizer again and finish with an oil (I currently use rosehip oil). My face is pretty happy overall with it. Tret is every 3 nights, steps remain the same minus the sandwich.

  15. Okay, I am using the same method. Toner or Essence > serum > Moisturizer with higher alcohol content so it absorbs faster > Tret > thick Moisturizer like Tatcha Dewy > Balm Or OIL

  16. Inspired by the HUGE number of people I saw who got the Scott Barnes palette but had bronzer/contour marked as rarely in their beauty preferences. I saw some speculation that GBX doesn't follow our preferences the way regular glam bags/GBP do, so I thought I'd put it to a vote.

  17. Rarely with contour and not comfortable with makeup and got this palette 🤦‍♀️

  18. Okay, I am just so sad and just hope I didn’t wake up for this to only be disappointed. I guess I was hoping for the HEART shaped blush or a DE product 🥲

  19. I don't get the X anymore because it seemed to me that they didn't follow your profile preferences.

  20. I’m so bummed that I didn’t get the Glow Recipe body cream or the Drunk Elephant serum. ThisWorks and Grown Alchemist in GBX? Come on, Ipsy! 😔

  21. I would caution people with hooded lids, tho, as you need a decent amount of eyeliner to make it stick - and us hooded eye girlies know that thick eyeliner can take up the entire visible eyelid.

  22. I am hooded, every eyeliner I put on my lids make me look like have a black eyeshadow lol

  23. Finally something different! And only one Refreshments item?! Oh, Wow! 😃

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