1. Why doesn't Theory just do that to Roman?

  2. The crowd was not into any of that Theory stuff.

  3. I hate they hold both belts. I wish one would get dropped so both shows have a title.

  4. Whoever is writing Smackdown needs to be put in charge of RAW. It’s like two completely different shows. RAW feels like it’s been off the rails for a few weeks now.

  5. Why are people saying Alexa Bliss is gonna turn heel?

  6. I work at the head office of Home Depot, and one day someone came up to reception and yelled at the women working front desk about a Black Santa because it was $10 cheaper than the white one. Claiming it’s racist against white people to charge more. I happened to be on the floor coming out of a meeting, when he spotted me started yelling at me over this issue. I said I’d pass this news to the proper department. He said I better or he’d call the news.

  7. Jesus..Adam looked like a horse eating that hot dog....hes seriously such a slob/pig when he eats.

  8. that WWE 2K19 roster starting to become WWE's 2022 roster

  9. Hey have you finished the arc yet lol

  10. So all in all what are your final thoughts on Pelant? He took me through a hardcore love/hate rollercoaster through his arc

  11. I have this pet peeve of evil masterminds that are always one step ahead of the good guys, I feel it’s a lazy trope. Palent had that for me at times, that being said I liked his character. The episode where he drained the bank account was great. I was shocked how it abruptly ended tho, I was expecting more. Not a complaint.

  12. You can’t do anything because it’s a glitch. A patch needs to fix it.

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