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  1. I would like to hear his side of the story. I bet you it's much more convincing.

  2. Well technically we won't have evidence but I've seen both men and women do shitty things in relationships. So no, the chances of you being right here is the same as you being wrong.

  3. But that still means I have the same chance of being right. And I'm an optimist. So let's do it OP, send the link to your bf and let's hear his side!

  4. Oh yeah if I had access to it over the years I would have been sold all of it in 2016-17.

  5. Might make the numbers work if you incorporate and write-off the mining equipment and electricity as an expense. As well if you're in sunny location, and can write-off the solar panels to generate your own electricity.

  6. If we collectively put our mind at work together we might even be able to build a space ship big enough to go back to our home world together. :)

  7. Eh, hygiene is subjective. Only wash the parts that itch and smell. Not like anyone will notice anyway.

  8. Everyone notices, most people are too nice to tell you. Body odor is absolute sensory overload to me, I’ll leave an environment just to not deal with it.

  9. Yeah but if they don't tell you, it's like no one notices. Not your problem 🤭

  10. They will make so much more money by not paying people that the ridiculous amount of theft and machine problems will pay for itself.

  11. I doubt it. They can maybe stomach 5-10% shrink. But people will learn how to game the system and exploit it.

  12. How old is this letter? Inflation was 8.5% in March. So pay needs to be increased by 5.5%.

  13. Maybe in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan. They lock you in a cage like Borat's brother Bilbo.

  14. What's a shopping queue, is that what British people call a checkout?

  15. Missing the queue means getting to the register and finding that there’s no line.

  16. In the article, he says he's looking forward to dying. Says it will be a relief.

  17. Pft, 3 hours late on WSB, might as well just burn my money at this point.

  18. It’ll go back up. European Banks about to collapse so Bitcoin and crypto are going to be a heaven 😎🦍💰

  19. Na, Europe has a strong economy. We actually produce a lot of goods and services right here in Europe. And tourism is back with no vaccine requirements in most countries, so we're going to have a lot of tourists spending money this summer.

  20. I don't think that will ever happen. Too many institutions ready to buy it all if it ever approaches even close to $25,000.

  21. That's actually where I took it I must have missed it and I scored a 145. Like I said though I by no mean was using it as a self diagnose tool. Thanks for the comment though. I actually have an appointment scheduled to get tested soon.

  22. I think the average male with autism scores around 140. Means you probably have it. Worth taking your results to doctor and getting a referral to a professional.

  23. When I was around maybe 16 or so, I went through one of the worst depressive episodes of my life. My sleep schedule put me to sleep at around 6am, while I’d wake up around 5pm the next day. Just in time for my Dad to get home from work.

  24. They're definitely spying on you, they're spying on everyone nowadays. Snowden revealed that all of that is true. They can turn on the camera and microphone on your smartphone/laptop at any time, for example.

  25. I wasn't concerned until I read your post. Now I'm questioning your motives.

  26. Unfortunately without Russia's gas, and Saudi Arabia refusing to bail-out, Europe and US are heading for a recession.

  27. Supposedly, Russia is one of the few countries that had paid-off all its national debt (might have been last year).

  28. “Putin’s price hike” Jesus are they really gonna try and sell THAT bullshit to the American public?

  29. The Matrix was built to inflict maximum suffering. The market will always react in the way that is least advantageous to you personally. Welcome to Prison Planet.

  30. Welp, this post is concerning. Considering all those autistic incels that went on murder sprees. Are these feelings that you would like to discuss with the FBI, OP?

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