1. Also quickly wanna add that the slimmer goldfish is actually a common goldfish, and not a fancy goldfish. They're faster that fancy goldfish so keep an eye on the fancy to make sure it gets enough to eat.

  2. Can you rematch gym leaders after you do the evaluation thing for Geeta? Or are they gone forever now and you can never interact with any of them again?

  3. I had a florges outbreak so I had to hunt it. I wanted white or blue but I got red.

  4. In raids or outbreaks, it'll always be a red flower, no matter what the icon on the map says

  5. I can't bottom tonight because I have a few days ago and I was like watching the news.

  6. The ph of the water is basically the water hardness. It's how much calcium is in the water. If it's too high it can hurt your fish. You can test for it, and compare it to what's safe for the fish.

  7. A 34 and 25 year old is a huge a age gap already. Imagine trying to date or hook up with an 18 year old when you’re 34. Very weird.

  8. I have a feeling 18 might even be on the older side for what he's looking for

  9. Milotic definitely. Honorable mentions to Gyarados, Lapras, Seaking and Empoleon.

  10. It's possible one of them is referring to a father in law Like they could be engaged.

  11. The fact that this isn't fixed in the remakes is a reference to the fact that none of the dialogue has really changed. Thus a berry saleswoman says her berries are made of literal Pokemon feces, when originally she sold fertilizer.

  12. There's a leak about a new form that I really wanna see but it's version exclusive to Scarlet and I pre-ordered Violet. Luckily my friend is getting Scarlet.

  13. "Abused" is used very liberally here I think. Wasn't it just a doll that the owner forgot & since then hunts it down to get revenge for it?

  14. I do. I have a Black Moore and Calico goldfish. They would eat other fish?! Omg I didn’t even think of that! I mean I’ve noticed they’re like vacuum cleaners but they typically just spit everything out they try to eat.

  15. I tried to teach mine to swallow 🍆 but it didn't work out...

  16. The holidays are on the way, make sure you have that covered first. After that, spend away I guess

  17. I recently used a Master Ball on a shiny Talonflame raid. I lost a shiny Gmax Charizard a week before that, not happening again.

  18. Bottom left is serving EVERYTHING. The over-the-shoulder half-lidded look, a model!

  19. Cis and political. White and political. Allosexual and political.

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