2. Please get rid of this trash camera angle

  3. Kyle Lowry has never committed a foul before

  4. This team is so fucking dramatic

  5. And the media keeps pushing the Baker could still start for us narrative

  6. White has to have a D teammate grade at this point

  7. Giannis should have a triple double by halftime

  8. Of course his name is Colton 🤦‍♀️

  9. When was the last time Boston had a possession where someone didn't fall down on the floor?

  10. Dorris your boston bias is showing

  11. CLV trades 118 to MIN for 156 and a 2023 4th per source

  12. Multiple offside penalties? He’ll fit right in

  13. What multiple concussions does to a man

  14. Can you post where you got it so we don’t get another post asking where to get this shirt


  16. I’ve had enough of JB’s dumbass rotations

  17. That’s the play we run after a ducking time out?

  18. If he didn’t get injured on that play they would’ve called it a flagrant.

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