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I needed this today

  1. It's good to know that the first 2 hours that the park are open are the emptiest. Use that..

  2. Thank you! This is great! If I was by myself this would be perfect, realistically the group I’m going with will probably not want to go this fast though. I’m going to make sure they know we need to get there when they open, but I’m going to try and find a good balance of being able to go on all the rides and still getting that Disney magic.

  3. We found this out and got a couple photos on our second day last time, and they turned out great! I’m looking forward to getting more this time. It’s really nice to have photos that aren’t selfies.

  4. If you have T-Mobile signal but not TMHI get Calyx Institute

  5. I second Calyx, or if you’re low income Pcs for people is essentially the same thing. I have Pcs for people and use over 500 GB every month.

  6. I go to Trader Joe’s and buy a bunch of their frozen meals for lunch. It’s great to have them in the freezer for when you don’t have leftovers.

  7. If you ever get the chance try Mama Lil's Sweet Hot Pickled Peppers. They are so good on pizza.

  8. You should look into the affordable connectivity program. I used it with Pcs for people and got a complete desktop setup shipped to my house for $20. I think they have laptops starting at $10. It’s definitely worth looking into! There are programs out there to help with this sort of thing, don’t give up a good job.

  9. I think some landlords are garbage. Especially when it's a big corporation with endless cash buying all the houses so they can raise the rent.

  10. I really appreciate your willingness to have a conversation about the problem. Sadly it’s not possible to just cut out landlords all together, but there has to be a better way than what we are doing now. I’ve been wondering for a while if there is any ethical way to be a landlord. Here are my thoughts on how I think I would personally go about it.

  11. One solution could be a law that limits how much, percentage wise, a landlord can raise rent. A law that would only allow these landlords to raise rent by whatever percentage inflation is, plus one percent. Currently, a lot of landlords raise rent to outpace inflation by a longshot, not to just keep pace with it. As an example of how such a law can work, let's say that the base value of a small 1 bedroom apartment is $500/month, but the next year, inflation is up by 3%, so now the place is worth $515/month. Under such a law, the landlord would be allowed to raise the rent up to a maximum of $520/month and not a penny more.

  12. I think this could be somewhere to start, but it would only work if wages also went up accordingly. We are in this whole mess because the cost of housing has kept up or exceeded inflation while wages have increased at a much slower pace.

  13. For food pulled pork sandwiches are super easy and affordable for a crowd. A baked potato bar, or taco bar could also be fun. Things you can make in a crockpot are the way to go! I think doing a potluck is a great idea, and if you have someone who you can assign the task of organizing what dishes people are bringing it could turn out great.

  14. Sometimes I get anxious because I’m not in the mood for small talk with the cashier. And sometimes they are just so positive and I can’t match their energy.

  15. I feel this. I can never be that positive, and just generally don’t like talking while checking out. I only go to Trader Joe’s once a month, so I always get a lot of stuff and check out takes way too long. It’s like going to a Dutch bros. 😂

  16. What does it say about me that my routine is to literally hit Dutch Bros on my way to TJ’s 😂

  17. I used my ACP credit with PCs for people and got a computer for $20. It’s definitely work looking into to see if you qualify!

  18. Same. At the time I was envious of my wealthier friends and embarrassed to invite them over to our trailer, but as an adult I realize just how much I had it made because my parents were absolutely wonderful humans and that was not necessarily the case with the majority of the "better off" kids. I also learned the value of a dollar and how to spend wisely and growing up in poverty was definitely character-building in a lot of ways. Wish I could have known all of this since middle school. Haha.

  19. This! My parents are also absolutely amazing humans that did the best they could. For them this was a single wide on a small plot of land, and I was really embarrassed of this as a teenager. I would even have people pick my up from my friends house and wouldn’t invite anyone over. As an adult, I absolutely love their property and realize they made a very wise financial decision to buy something they could afford instead of a huge house to show off. I now realize putting any roof over your family’s head is a real accomplishment. My point is that one day your daughter will understand and appreciate everything you’re doing.

  20. I bought 2 boxes of the croissants thinking it had 4 but it’s only 2 per box. 😭 currently baking some and they smell divine. Might have to go grab some more boxes, lol. RIP my freezer space.

  21. Next time it happens you should try to record them fighting and then contact cps. It doesn’t seem like they can do anything without actual proof.

  22. Republic Pi is also my favorite, I get a 2/5 and they are so good. There pizza is also amazing! Such a great restaurant!

  23. I just tried these a for the first time a couple months ago and they are soo good.

  24. Trader Joe’s has almond croissants in their freezer section that are really good. I personally think they are better than Starbucks, and much cheaper.

  25. We were considering doing this in the spring, but decided against it based on the cost of hotels for that many days. We can go to Thailand, Bali, and so many other places for right around the same cost.

  26. My dad is a boomer, and had to stay home for two weeks because he was sick and he absolutely hated it and complained the whole time. I haven’t worked in a year and every time we talk he asks me if I’m bored yet.. fuck no! I have time to explore hobbies, work on my house, cook all my food from scratch, grow said food, go on vacation when I want, and simply relax. This is something him and my mom don’t understand and never take time to relax. Their version of vacation is working on family members houses.

  27. We bought a very cheap fixer upper in the middle of no where. So our expenses are really low. When looking for a place to buy we focused on price and land rather than location. We definitely would not have been able to do this near the city. Right now we have enough to cover our bills and food and a small amount of spending money. We can’t make frivolous purchases, no Amazon, no running to town for one thing, no car payments. It’s eye opening how much you can live on when you don’t buy a lot of things. Anyways, other than keeping expenses really low, I work when I need to. I worked for 6 months over a year ago and saved a lot(which I’m aware if highly unrealistic for most people). I hope to create some sort of product that I can produce on my land, but haven’t decided what yet.

  28. You would be surprised how many customers leave full carts of random stuff all around the store. If you were gone from your cart for 5 minutes right near closing time, it was probably an honest mistake that someone took it.

  29. Thank you for not being toxic and just giving me your thoughts.

  30. I used to to work at target and I shop for shipt, so I get both sides.

  31. If you’re a shopper then you know how much ratings matter. Unless they really fucked up your order, just give them 5 stars or don’t rate them. This isn’t grounds for a bad rating, and you know 4 stars is a bad rating.

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