1. Yeah Ohio concentrate prices suck fucking dick makes street prices look like wonderland. It’s getting closer to $40 for a bit under a gram at least so you’re not getting AS SCREWED but you know

  2. Thank KLUTCH for introducing concentrates at $90. Numerous others including ancient roots followed their lead.

  3. Better read up on the new stand your ground law before you think you are going to assault someone.

  4. And that means what exactly? You gonna pull your gun on someone thus making them fear for their life which would enable them to end your threat? You don't understand it you can't assault someone for disagreeing with you. Clearly you are an unhinged individual and should not have access to any firearms Red Flag laws exist for a reason.

  5. An enail would be cheaper more versatile easier to clean and more reliable. I was looking into a connect last year but decided against it due to their sketchy warranty and the top search prediction was gpen connect doesn't work and gpen connect troubleshooting. If you need something portable Divine tribe v4 or the new v4.5 would be a better long term investment.

  6. Any recommendations?

  7. Highly recommend you get some quartz inserts 25mm are readily available on amazon but if you get the 30mm banger then

  8. Firelands, Woodward, Hemma, Standard, Pure ohio also have either sold trim or are currently selling trim . RC has a processor license but they barely produce anything. Jane is showing only 3 vapes in 200 miles.

  9. The program took a huge turn for the worst when they allowed half grams to be sold

  10. No it was at the forest sandusky 2+ years ago which is why I dont understand anyone thinking prices are gonna come down eventually when they in fact have rose over time just look at concentrates $70 at first then klutch decided we should be paying $90+ ancient roots and verano followed suit and theres plenty more priced that high

  11. I just remember him on the Browns getting slammed and injured against the Eagles in week one. It was that play, I realized he was never going to learn this lesson that is literally being pounded into him.

  12. Ridiculous for you to even say that. There's so many terrible brands and klutch isn't one of them. You get what you pay for. It's still outstanding product. Just because you don't like their price point doesn't mean they aren't good at what they do.

  13. I also do not like added CBD considering i can buy CBD myself for way cheaper than what the dispensary charges. Klutch is the ONLY company who's customer service basically told me to fuck myself because their scales are calibrated properly they then proceeded to block my emails as they were returned as marked spam meanwhile standard wellness buckeye relief and firelands scientific any time something is off even 1/10 of the stated weight they offer some type of refund. Grow ohio did the best thing in the program ever by introducing lusters at $60 klutch was like man fuck this ours are worth atleast $4 more and lets not forget the time a klutch employee told us what they really thought of us; Junkies...

  14. So you have one great DT of 32 teams bro. Now tell me how many teams go for great ends

  15. How TF are you gonna rush the passer when you cant stop the run?! You can have great edge rushers like Peyton Mannings Colts did in Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeny but if you remember the Pats and Steelers would run the ball down their throats. If your defense can't stop them on 1st and second down how are they going to force them into an Obvious passing situation when your edge rushers can pin their ears back and get to the QB

  16. As a colts fan I can confirm this. We struck out on drafting DTs for years

  17. And once Dungy traded for DT Anthony "Booger" McFarland The Colts WON THE SUPERBOWL!

  18. No they will just grow less to keep those prices high. There is no competition ONLY collusion

  19. Then why are cultivators already expanding vertically to multi tiered grow setups to circumvent the square footage rule? The state just put out guidelines for cultivators to expand horizontally as well. You honestly think a business will choose to not expand its operation so it can stagnate? The growers will make more money yes. But our prices will be cheaper for it as there will be literally twice as much product available.

  20. They are getting ready for the inevitable recreational program can't wait to see what an abomination that is going to be. Dispensaries are still going to control the pricing homegrow is the only thing that will solve the problem which is why companies in Michigan are trying to end it.

  21. "Pure" means absolutely nothing, they can call it whatever they want. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with crc done in a lab properly. Tbh you're being too snobby here so take a dab and chill

  22. The fact that you refer to crc as trash shows you don't what you're talking about

  23. Its not brown or visually unappealing wax ran through a filter to remove the color?

  24. If I guess this is CRC by the color AND the name pure wax then how am I stupid for figuring that out?

  25. We've already been over this. Not doing it again. Fuck off, moron.

  26. Name calling? That's not something an intelligent person does. Sounds like you know you don't have anything to back up your argument

  27. 99.9% sure that's one of the earlier Certified carts when they were using Delta8. That color gradient at the top of the oil is a dead giveaway for the presence of D8.

  28. But do you got something from certified saying they use delta 8 or is that an ASSUMPTION?

  29. I will buy buckeye relief concentrate again when they offer a 200% refund if ANY product is lost in the cap

  30. I think the vast majority of card holders are "Just happy to have legal weed" and will pay WHATEVER the dispensaries charge. Prices would have came down if everyone was an educated customer case and point is $90 concentrates. Patients keep buying them over priced concentrates from ancient roots and klutch so prices will stay high.

  31. So what do you suggest patients do?? Yes I do pay what they charge because it's the only thing I am currently using for PTSD and all the fun that goes with that. So please what should I do?

  32. I suggest patients turn their noses at $50 tenths and $90 for .85g. I have been in this program over 2 years and we are moving in the wrong direction. First they blamed the high prices on not all the growers being operational but now it's clear they just want to be greedy and keep prices high. You can attend all the meetings you want but you are muted and can't participate they allowed patients to make suggestions but you can bet none will be implemented if it doesn't benefit the "stakeholders". If you email the board you will just get a standard form answer. The patient advocate robert kowalski is unreachable which leaves us all no recourse but to "bitch" on here where you know others understand what you are going through because they are getting f'ed just like you are.

  33. Nothing wrong with mids but should be priced way lower than $60+. Cresco can afford to tank the market

  34. Can you taste the CBD isolate at all? It seems like so much work to go though to make hash rosin, only to add CBD isolate? Bummer...

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