1. It’s incorrect that you can switch into Rotman after first year. Rotman only accepts internal transfers from UTSG

  2. I don’t know anything about Degroote but if there are better opportunities for internships I would lean to that one. But I just graduated from Commerce at utm and there were also plenty of networking events here too. Not hard to get an internship if you put in the effort. Are there other factors that are influencing your decision? Which is closer, will you be living on res, commute times, etc.

  3. I live in toronto so if i got to mac i will definitely have to live on res which i don’t mind but i rather stay home. Also, i heard utm commerce is very very hard like getting a 63% to go to next year or else you gotta redo your first year. I’m just scared that i will under perform

  4. I havent heard anything either :/ im not sure if theres another round hopefully there is lols cause theres about a week left

  5. I emailed admissions a while ago and they said 800 spots 101 and 105

  6. i got the same email and a lot of my fam and friends saying it’s hinting towards an admission but they cold be wrong. hope we get in

  7. So, I’m probably gonna go go degroote and specialize in finance. I was wondering if any one could give me some input how the program is, if it’s good for finance and more. Thank you!

  8. if u click admitted beside rotman in the portal, and above where it says view your admission letter. It should say the conditions

  9. This April round is not over yet right ? I still haven't received that email they send when a round is over

  10. I’m pretty sure it is cause they didn’t send out that email for march rounds either

  11. but march round was over and they didn’t send any email that it is and so it’s prob the same for april

  12. there isn’t really any proper math courses in fist year but you can take them as an elective

  13. Seems like there was only one round for April. I'd just wait it out till May since OUAC got updated with midterms for most of us this week.

  14. I got in today(101) average 94

  15. yea ofc but usually they send out offers for a week straight. I was wondering if they’re gonna do that for this round as well cause they only gave it out today

  16. Last month in march they just sent it in one day, so i'm assuming this is also one day. Where did you hear that from? The week straight one?

  17. I think it means your application has been put on a waitlist. Normally this happens when capacity is full

  18. capacity can’t be full yet tho cause only the first round came out for 101s like two weeks ago

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