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  1. in Spain you can say you don´t give a shit, it beats my dick off and a couple other things, me importa un pepino is the moldest way of saying it, this map might be a little bad

  2. Tengo video, a lo mejor me planteo subirlo mañana si le gusta a mucha gente. No voy a sacrificar un bug que me deja hamburguesas gratis por poco

  3. I see there were two reasons to hire her.

  4. it looks pretty cool and anyways the last time I checked Real Madrid won against all your best teams and took the UCL, a team that plays in a stadium better than the ones your teams have

  5. Tristemente tengo muchos amigos y hasta mi pareja sigue a la cuenta Ceciarmy… me planteé en su día por que seguían este tipo de contenidos pero es claro que en España triunfa el humor con un trasfondo que no sabria como calificar exactamete, véase de ejemplo Torrente que a mi me horroriza.

  6. yo le sigo porque sube memes muy buenos de vez en cuando pero es un subnormal, hace un tiempo público un vídeo de unos chavales haciendo bullying a otro y animaba a todo el mundo a ir allí a darles una paliza, yo le veo básicamente como el cani extra subnormal que hay en cada colegio

  7. Actually the US has come and given aid to plenty of countries and never got anything in return. The US is usually first on the scene and ready to help. During 9/11 not one counties sent people to help dig the dead out all we got was condolences. Not saying the US isn’t a manipulating police state sometimes but we have been good at helping the world with aid that is unquestionable.

  8. Well not me personally. Not once did I say the US was hero’s. But go look up who gives the most charity or aid. It’s the US very year. That’s a good thing they should give charity… like why are you so mad lol?

  9. Most women would not so eagerly sign up for chronic isolation but I think most men would rather get a knowledged every once in a while. I'd trade you for sure if we could.

  10. Not being expected to use birth control with massive side effects. Not having to worry about unexpected pregnancy. Being immediately respected in many workplaces. No periods. Any job is open to you.

  11. not every job is open to us, like, for real, just no. And if you show any short of weakness all the respect is gone in a lot of places, you can´t be weak as a man in any sense but yeah the rest are cool and we do get in easier in jobs

  12. I’m gonna stop talking to you cause you’re kind of making a dick of yourself man. We re all here to have a good time. Peace out bro

  13. on behalf of the Spanish people I am going to say sorry. And yes, 99% of us are here for the shitposting

  14. Yeah of course brother don’t worry. I won’t judge your whole country because of one idiot(my country has quite a few as well anyways)

  15. These are weird teams. I would defintely rather switch Germany for spain. Mostly because I want to permanently wipe spain off the map, and Germany isn't nearly as annoying as the other countries in team A. But if there's really no way to switch these teams, I will take solace in destroying the UK, Italy and Greece.

  16. we are waiting for you here boi, whenever you feel ready to leave the weed behind come to fight us

  17. depends on what they want it for but if it is to eat it without nothing else manchego

  18. it could be anything but yeah it´s kind of sus, go on a dinner with him and check out what is going on

  19. Isn't that itself is sus, between OP and her female friend if the female friend finds out? I think that's why OP preferred to go on lunch (smart girl!) than dinner. Imo she did her best to help and setup both the friends. If the guy has friendship+ emotions (which I think he does because he is asking single or not everytime, calling at night etc.) and makes it clear and OP does not, then there is a risk that OP falls out of favour with both of them.

  20. Gibraltar is waiting for you. Come on brave ass-painard!

  21. Spain was so fucked up after the civil war Hitler told Franco not to participate in WW2 and focus on rebuilding the country instead. Homies do that for their bros. Also he knew the Spanish army would've been useless.

  22. that´s not true, Hitler wanted Spain to join the war but there was nothing for us there

  23. mi hermana tiene dos amigos trans, es un caso un poco extraño porque lo normal es no conocer a ninguno pero que yo sepa no han sufrido discriminación, obviamente existe gente que es subnormal y que está en contra de los trans pero por lo general te diría que en España reina la mentalidad del haz lo que quieras mientras no me molestes

  24. not me but a friend drank my piss, I was drunk in the metro and I had just finished my bottle in which I had lemon fanta and vodka, I really needed to go and no one was around so I went for it, I went a bit away and pissed in the bottle, the cap fell, I went to pick it up and gave the bottle to one friend, when I looked at him he had already drunk a sip and he looked at me and asked why it was so hot lmao, he didn´t like the answer

  25. En Australia cualquier persona europea rollo del Mediterráneo se llamaba “wog”. Hoy en día no tanto porque tiene un matiz bastante racista…

  26. Meh, I've been in countries that I consider to have horrible food and i was only going to fast food or italian, italian food is just perfect

  27. if you do that you are not getting the real experience the country can offer and you are missing out on a lot of awesome things

  28. I really wonder why are they trying to provoke another civil war.

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