[Video games] Kojima and Konami Go to War

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  1. I guess like all cravings. Your body needs something and then your mind sort of makes you crave something that thinks has those things, subconsciously. I've heard some women eating eggshells for instance.

  2. The ice cube thing has always been wild to me. Like ice cubes - why?? They can't possibly be providing the needed iron so why that?

  3. Is it pica if the body is instructing you to seek out nonfood items for their nutrients? Or is it pica because clay is a non food?

  4. I believe it's pica because it's a nonfood. Pica can be driven by nutrient deficiency but also by mental illnesses. It's the old not all squares are rectangles thing.

  5. Superbirds for superworms. And supercats will be the next logical step.

  6. I know how this ends - super gorillas. Is this how we get Planet of the Apes??

  7. Why is a perfectly valid question to ask.

  8. Care to unpack the logic on that for me? I don't see how embracing the human spirit = dead inside.

  9. Okay this is going to drive me mad - what video game do I know these guys from??

  10. I did fix the issue and continue my shift. I just used a cloth instead of a card because the cloth made more sense in my dumb little meat lump

  11. Some people can't seem to help shitting on those who enjoy a bit of sillyness. Fuck em. Life's too short to have a stick up your ass!

  12. Right?!? Like holy hell wayyyy too many people care about this video.

  13. It's their hang up 100%. It's either a need to prove their intellectual superiority or because they find sillyness embarrassing and want to soothe their egos or they feel compelled to measure every drop of others misfortune against their own internal system or they just need an easy target to vent on. The older you get, the less their voices will matter.

  14. Let's say someone wanted to learn more about this particular time and place period - the fashion, the attitudes, the politics - what would they search for? Is there a period name or particular ruling family court that one could look up? I am very interested in this armor and the society that produced it.

  15. If anything, it historically has pointed to the simple answer that we simply haven’t figured it out yet (or will never figure it out). Whenever humans don’t outright have the solution to explaining something, it’s always supernatural or religious or some sci fi fantasy that people fall back on because it feeds into their interests and feels good, or validating, to turn to those answers - it’s the closest logical answer to the unanswerable.

  16. One might argue that we (sentient life) will know it all, at some point in the far, far future and therefore may achieve the 'point' of the universe when we become god.

  17. At one point God, in his infinite wisdom, bestowed kings and queens with a divine right to rule over their subjects, and now that there aren't many kings and queens it makes sense that God would anoint billionaires to take their place. ;-)

  18. I am always surprised how instantly angry I get whenever silent hills comes up. I’m still so excited about it and SO ANGRY IT’S NEVER HAPPENING.

  19. PT was just a masterpiece of horror. Who knows if Hills would have lived up to the hype but goddamn what really steams me is hearing about Konami trying to stop people from playing PT. The sound design alone I could do a whole talk about. I could only ever watch people play PT, it creeps me out that much. God damn them.

  20. I personally had no idea about the controversy, I've only watched a lot of people play it. I've been enamored with it since the very first time I watched anything about it.

  21. Honestly a lot of the freshest memes run their course on Tumblr before making their way elsewhere. My wife will show me something from Tumblr, a month later I'll see it on Reddit/Twitter/what have you, and then a week later my friends will post it in the Discord.

  22. Then anywhere from 3 months to 10 years later (Leroy Jenkins, my hand to god) my mother will proudly show it to us during our supper and movie night.

  23. you are just making stuff up - and it sure seems to be coming from an awfully anti-semitic angle.

  24. Or someone else made stuff up and they are trying to get clarification? They are reaching out for information, why be hostile and shut down the conversation? Unless I missed something. Is their comment history full of anti-semtic made up stuff? Weird, unhelpful take imo.

  25. For most people turning down minors comes naturally. I can’t look at a 14 year old as potential dating material.

  26. I think it's more the constant vigilance and having to awkwardly disengage from conversations and ever so carefully monitor how you are relating to students. Could anything you're doing be interpreted as encouragement? A personal connection is good for education, but are you suddenly in a conversation that is too personal? How do you firmly shut someone down in a way that does not embarrass them and preserves the teacher/student relationship? How does it look to others when students are constantly trying to find excuses to talk to you alone?

  27. Quite a few of the hexes look like a single artist. If I were donating something to royalty though, I would probably pay someone much better than me to do it. So it probably was just a few artists doing them as commissions for the families, and a few families making their own.

  28. If I'm reading correctly, the cloth was contributed by fellow villagers but the construction and embroidery specifically was supposed to be done by the mother of the child. I wonder if the embroidery thread also tends to be taken from the other contributed bits of cloth? 🤔 Anyways, that's possibly why it looks like the same hand.

  29. I'm not even saying this from a place of meaness, just to preface - understanding infrastructure can be hard. It took me a long time to really understand how much it takes to allow humans to reasonably live somewhere, how much energy it takes just to get any amount of weight off the planet, how hard it is just to get water even on Earth itself, how hard it is to grow or transport food, how narrow a window there is for travel within the solar system.

  30. That shit is horrifying on a level that people who don’t experience it will ever know. It shakes you to your core, truly. I’ve found that accepting death/ whatever, will make it stop

  31. I've had some really intense dreams when I was transitioning off of a medication. Like, I can see how people believe in the devil now. The worst was the persistence - thinking I had woken up but somehow still being trapped with this malevolent presence in my own head. Over and over and over. Clawing my way out of this hellish maze layer by layer until I finally wake up soaked in sweat, shaking and a thousand years older.

  32. I recently moved into an old house with creaky floors and a creepy basement. My brain keeps telling myself I’m scared and that there’s scary things when in reality I know there’s not. This place doesn’t even feel haunted. I’ve had sleep paralysis multiple times here, and for the first time I actually had a terrifying visual. What do? I’m not scared of death but I’m very scared of creepy paranormal activities and presences

  33. For me, I ask myself 'if they did exist, what do these creepy presences want? At worst, they will kill me. Okay fine. I'm helpless anyways, guess this is it. Come on you fucks, do your worst!'

  34. Several random and one not random at all person. I think they're pretty sure who did it - the wife of like the third or fourth person to die? I think his bottle was the only one not of a certain lot and time period purchase so it was very suspicious. I have always loved that solution though - we can't find the killer so we'll just institute a system that passively alerts people to adulteration. I honestly can't imagine living in a time before that. Like, you just open some random bottle from the store and start going to town? Mad.

  35. You're mixing up two different cases. The original Chicago Tylenol murders were never solved. However, there was a copycat who tried to hide the murder of her husband by poisoning several other people this way, and she was caught and convicted.

  36. Ah, thank you! I should have looked into it before I said anything, I know what I'm deep diving ino tonight!

  37. This made me tear up a little. You’re a good human.

  38. Now calling it great is very much a stretch, but it's definitely a Rewatchable IMO. Disney's 1993 Three Musketeers with Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Oliver Platt as the title characters. I loved their performances, especially Platt. Throw in the always hilarious Tim Curry as the villain, Michael Wincott as his #1 henchman(what a run of bad guys he played in 80s and 90s). Add Rebecca De Mornay and a young Julie Deply. Great cast and performances around, until we get to the lead. Chris O'Donnell. He's awful, just awful as Dartanian. You never believe him in the lead. And it's not like this is a film trying to sell itself as an authentic period piece.

  39. Damn this is a good one. Michael Wincott killed that movie - I've had a crush on him ever since. And you're absolutely right about Chris O'Donnell. Same with Batman, he had a few films that could have been cheesy classics without his flat, flat ass hanging around in frame.

  40. I can't remember if Chris O'Donnell was in Batman Forever, but if you mean Batman and Robin, bad acting was kind of a hallmark of that film.

  41. I mean. People have been doing this to bananas for years. It's been in movies. It's time the other fruit had their day in court so to speak lol.

  42. You want a nice, crisp, balanced flavor so no Dasani (lol). I'd recommend Aquafina for a beginner's water if you must go bottled but honestly room temperature tap water through a filter is the way to go, then you get all the minerals.

  43. “I guess you would say I’d be like the Michael Phelps of swimming if he wasn’t there.”

  44. I don't know about other languages but it's a known saying in Dutch. Basically, if you're going to be a tough guy and party all night you better be a tough guy in the morning too and follow your normal routine (work, family, whatever) without moaning since it was your own choice.

  45. True suffering is having to watch JK Rowling tank the franchise like a one woman demo team.

  46. Do they? I've always seen "stan" being used against the people in fandom by people outside the fandom to refer to obsessive behavior

  47. Oh no, I've definitely seen people refer to themselves as Stans. Most recent example I can think of is that Harley Quinn animated show - Barbara Gordon refers to herself as a Batman Stan.

  48. I was involved with a friend I had known for 13 years or so. I was falling in love with her. She would vanish here and there and then come back to tell me how she was falling back in love with a cocaine addict who was treating her like absolute shit. We dated for 3 days, and I had decided to get a gym membership and work out so I could be in better shape for her. When I first met her I was thin and good looking, but just a year ago I was well over 320 lbs.

  49. My ex and I were in relationship for 1 and a half years. We fought daily. None of us knew why we were even together at one point. But none of us ever talked of breaking up, for whatever reason.

  50. That isn't love. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. People think they wish their parents would be that involved until they can't say no. It's awful.

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