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  1. Glitter wizard 🤩 so they've got charisma as their second highest stat right?

  2. Probably watching my wife and my son kicking ass in their own respective professions. It makes me crazy proud

  3. Respect to you. That's so wholesome 😊

  4. Wait what? My grandma thought it was funny, she’s an amazing woman. The Karen was a random lady at a store who over heard us. My MIL thinks it’s cute how we pick on each other. Also my husband is not a colonizer? Just because he is white doesn’t mean anything. That’s racist.

  5. They just mentioned that the image of a native smacking their mouth and making noises is a caricature that came from colonizers. Not necessarily that your husband is a colonizer.

  6. People need to learn other conversations are not for them. They are the ones at fault.

  7. And I think this thread agrees you can joke in private but her conversation was public. She posted to the internet, that's not private. And when others can interpret her actions as "it's okay to be racist" because they don't know she's being satirical, then it's harmful

  8. Why do I have 25 upvotes for saying "lmao"? Is reddit really this easy? lol

  9. Yeah, timing is the trick lol not originality

  10. My friend just calls it Crap, because it's country rap.

  11. How are you supposed to get work done if you stop every half hour. I don't get it.

  12. Use the pomodoro technique. 25min of work followed by a 5min break, Repeat 4 times then take a longer break. It's supposed to help stay concentrated by allowing you to complete one task and rest without getting distracted, then starting your next task refreshed.

  13. I can't tell if he's being hoisted above the ground or if his feet are touching the tile.

  14. It's counter-intuitive, but the inside of your stomach (along with the entire GI tract) is considered outside of the body in a medical sense. We're basically complicated donuts.

  15. "we're basically complicated donuts" 😂😂😄

  16. Is it weird that I kind of want to see that photo?

  17. I absolutely love the style choices but air mattresses for beds?? LOL

  18. Good! That sauce is delicious and more ppl need to know about it

  19. I mean I wouldn't get mad but if I thought my guy was looking up Pokémon Riley Reid porn - or Pokémon porn in general tbh - I would probably feel a little disturbed yes.

  20. Sounds like he has to hide his kinks or he'll get called disturbed and be ashamed

  21. They look good! And actually different from each other

  22. Wow, it's amazing that she actually looks like a person and not a doll. I'm actually so intrigued

  23. TIL that ppl are actually attracted to Pete Davidson

  24. Isn’t that just Dr Pepper AKA BBQ Soda?

  25. Yes, I feel guilty when I buy something for myself 😔 but that isn't a problem when I'm helping another person which makes its easier to spend on others

  26. Yes! I just picture Jas winning first and Vincent just talks about wishing a boy could. So Evelyn gets the bright idea to let whoever is the most good, helpful person be Flower Queen. The kids compete at first but then the two decide to nominate Evelyn, the most helpful person in town. She tearfully accepts.

  27. Well that is not too far. Good point though. But of course that is not the only fact. I dunno maybe because of he has no bending but he is ok with that and also liked by all group. So I mean he seems he stayed background but it actually not. I think that is the one of facts why I like him. Or let's just be simple maybe I like him cause' he is in love with Suki. I think I can put this fact too on why I like him most. Plus I like the bendings, my favorite is Earth.

  28. Ah yes, I also relate to being a non- bender and being in love with Suki 😍

  29. And when they want to swim in a pool while it's cold outside, good lord! Have some sense of self preservation plz

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