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  1. I make marinara from scratch and it only takes about a half hour.

  2. And, as usual, OP is like some 9th generation immigrant to America and not actually Italian.

  3. What could the father have done that would make you think viciously stabbing two children, one to death, one almost to death, was justified?

  4. what is w/all these mothers killing their kids?

  5. Someone should remake "Smack my bitch up" as a pro trans anthem and see if it gets picked up by the media.

  6. That's not..super pro trans sounding. That's more like something that bigoted assholes would think was funny. Not saying you are one, of course, but I'm sure you can see how it might be a little too close to anti-trans talking points.

  7. Didn't work for being straight, and there are hundreds of years of active propaganda for that.

  8. It doesn't mean you're gay. It does seem likely you might want anal play, which can just be stimulated by your opposite sex partner.

  9. I think Norway should inspire other countries in terms of prison systems. They treat prisoners like people and try to find the cause to why the person did it, y’know, give them therapy and whatnot.

  10. It's really not surprising that they have among the lowest rates of recidivism in the entire world.

  11. I like the he's patting himself on the back for giving them 87 cents more than he legally has to.

  12. I don't think he meant for it to happen, but his thesis is basically "When given the choice between men who don't see them as equals or settling for incompatible partners, women would rather be alone."

  13. And what if you dye your hair but it’s naturally blonde or brown? Do we have a different set of criteria ?

  14. I'm blonde, dye it brown because I look creepy as fuck blonde. That doesn't seem to be an option though.

  15. Alright, but y’all are wilding having kids and saying “John.” Like, come on. I rather everyone have unique names so long as they can be pronounced without hassle. We have millions of words and names and y’all naming kids Michael.

  16. I'm still not sure how you spend 9 months pregnant, go through all the pain and stress of birth, look down at this beautiful, innocent, sweet new life you've created and decide to call his ass George.

  17. I had a teammate who’s mom worked in a maternity ward. He told me one mom named her kid “FAMALEH” when she spelled it out it read “Female”

  18. She wasn't Lisa in the show, but Vanessa Angel was a serious babe. She's pretty much the only still-watchable part of Kingpin.

  19. I'm Italian but never heard of this case even though I went through a Carlo Lucarelli phase when I was younger. I agree it sounds like the husband probably did it but I have to say the letter is strange, I wonder if it's unrelated and maybe written out of frustration by one of Enzo's lovers? Also wonder who would have had access to size 36 shoes, and who would have chosen that to throw off the investigation. Sadly not surprised this hasn't been solved. Thanks for sharing and I hope you do more write ups in the future.

  20. I lived in Sicily at the time and it was a big deal down south. I didn't follow any of it meaningfully, but it was definitely table talk for a good few months. The prevailing theory was that it was a woman named, I wanna say, Egidia or something close, but I don't know why she was suspected.

  21. I’m jelly we didn’t have these back in the day… woulda saved me from having so many infections and scars. Lucky kiddos these days!

  22. I ate pasta with about 15 cloves of garlic on my first date. My now husband still kissed me after, for the first time. This guy sounds like a be a chore

  23. I was drinking with some friends and a guy I really liked. The alcohol got on top of me, so I excused myself and puked. I swished and did the toothpaste finger rub, but I was still super surprised that he went in for a kiss like 15 minutes later. I mentioned it to him and he goes "You could've puked in my lap and I still would've kissed you." Then there's this motherfucker..

  24. The post itself is meant humorously, yes, but the causes listed are real reasons women in literature have died. A few of them are just antiquated or flowery names for genuine diseases, but..not enough pillows? Come on.

  25. I'm assuming that one means she didn't wear her shawl when it was cold out and fell ill.

  26. Not true. Most normal men know all this stuff. You're seeing the bottom of the barrel here

  27. I would personally fund it if you'd be willing to go ask random men on the street a series of like..10 questions pertaining to the female reproductive system. Not crazy ones. Just normal shit. "What do the different sizes in tampons mean?" "When do women hit menopause?" "How do pads work?" "How can you tell if a woman isn't a virgin?" (That's a tricky one, that's gonna fuck a lot of them up.) Things like that. I'll need to crowdfund the subsequent therapy you'll require, but the study itself is on me.

  28. If you're doing it through Google, type "-coconut -milk" (no quotation marks, those just force a word). They use rudimentary Boolean operators. If you type "no coconut milk," it's just gonna search for an asston of recipes with coconut milk because all the search saw was that you like it so much, you went to the trouble of including it in your search string.

  29. Also he's wrong that it's a bechamel in a couple ways: one, a bechamel's roux is made with butter, not animal fat like a sausage gravy's roux would be, and two, if you add anything to a bechamel, it is by definition no longer a bechamel (for example if you add Gruyere, it is now a Mornay).

  30. One thing that really does bug me is that it's fair to call the guy out for being wrong, but then people just shit on British cuisine for no reason when we actually have quite a good cuisine.

  31. Y'all literally stole spices from the whole-ass world, it would be insane not to use them. The "British food bad" thing largely comes from the early-mid 20th century when rationing was happening. Their fathers' and grandfathers' stories were, and remain, most Americans' only experience with Britain as a whole.

  32. That's so cool! (The parthenogenesis part, the teen pregnancy is infuriating)

  33. The idjit, who created this meme doesn’t understand the difference between liters and gallons. Typical conspiracy freak, who use a little bit of the truth (tankers hold 10,000 gal) in their pathetic attempts to slip their lies in. All to get the attention their family denied them because of their pathological neediness. All 4 tanks combined on a 380 hold about 10,000 gallons.

  34. Liters would've been even more impressive, as the number is about 320,000. You're both just making shit up.

  35. That it's only an issue because there's another man standing in his way says a lot about you.

  36. I think it's very healthy for men to be that invested in their daughters' sexuality!

  37. Definitely not borderline incestuous or irretrievably creepy to refer to your kid's virginity as your most precious treasure.

  38. TIL: Lena Dunham is the only American not addicted to caffeine.

  39. He's a child, he cannot consent like that. Even if he had parent approval, he shouldn't be grinding his childhood away for money. It seems far fetched, but it could also get in the way of him looking towards aspirations to focus on and follow.

  40. This was an aspiration and something to focus on. Just..stop. He wanted to do something positive and lucrative, so he did. Don't with your "he can't consent like that." It's not rape, it's a fucking hot dog stand.

  41. See, now this feels like a joke. Huge compliment, absolutely wackadoo replacements, can't understand why it didn't turn out right, "smh." It's a shitty thing to do, but I don't think it's genuine.

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