1. I used to think I wasn’t lactose intolerant. That opinion changed after I realized a constant correlation between me eating cheese and me spending 20 minutes on shitting my brains out afterwards.

  2. Giselle and Grand Pas too. There’s always a few good performances of each that stand out at most competitions but the rest are literally the exact same

  3. Wonder if they have CULTlery sets as well to complete the kitchen essentials.

  4. Reminds me of that one kid who said they had hEDS but wasn’t hyper mobile.

  5. Ah yes. I bumped into 3 walls today because of autism. Not because I lost my glasses.

  6. “Yeah no” or “no yeah” sometimes they even hit me with the triple whammy’s “yeah no yeah” and “no yeah no”

  7. She called me crying that she had a miscarriage. After I dropped everything at work and went over to her house to check on her, she told me it was a test to see what I would do if she actually miscarried.

  8. America’s Next Top Model. I haven’t even seen that many clips but I can already tell it’s so fucking toxic.

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