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  1. Reached 100 days without a drink today. To say my life has changed for the better is an understatement. Went to a festival this weekend and was present the whole time, and remembered every set which is very different than a year ago. Everyone I was with was saying how much of a different person I am. Never thought I’d get here but holy shit I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  2. Work already sent us home. This hurricane might just be for real this time shit

  3. Work closed the office for the week. So I’ll be “working from home” until this is over. Not that anybody is really doing any work today.

  4. Do NOT hook your generator up to your main panel. DO NOT run your generator in the house. Do NOT run your generator in the garage. Do NOT charge your phones in your car in the garage.

  5. Elizabeth moss is just not attractive. It’s really unfortunate because I think she’s a pretty good actress.

  6. She had a few looks in Mad Man where I thought I definitely would. Handmaid’s Tale she looks gross

  7. Anybody else’s Reddit app fucked? I can only go back like an hour and then it stops. Its really annoying.

  8. She threatened it when she caught me looking at the titsonastick sub. Guess she followed through.

  9. happy to hear she's gonna be alright. i wonder if it's a heeler thing to wanna jump fences.

  10. She’s just crazy athletic. It was like a parkour move. She went off the wall and jumped over. She’s nuts. Never seen her do that before. Nor do I know what she was chasing.

  11. I have two aussie shepherd/blue heeler mixes and one of them learned he could scale chainlink last winter and take off on an adventure if he felt like it, so i definitely get the athleticism. he's been taken out on a leash nearly every time since then and gives me a look of disdain every time, like he doesn't know what he did.

  12. Just had a nice strip steak cooked medium rare with a salt and lemon pepper crust and some sweet potato waffle fries.

  13. Downloaded and made a Feeld account, seems like what tinder used to be before it got ruined

  14. Only a matter of time before perception turns on the Bills, their fan base is mostly insufferable

  15. I can’t fucking stand fantasy football. Idek why I still play year after year

  16. What a win by the jets! I thought they were done and turned it off after the last Cleveland TD.

  17. My puppy is going into heat way earlier than expected (before we can get her spayed) and her pussy is fucking huge. Anybody want to see?

  18. Fuck sports I’m gonna go do a spontaneous brunch

  19. Limit the earning potential for elected officials. Once the quest for power and money is gone, all that will be left is helping people.

  20. You guys wanna see pictures of a human shit?

  21. Do any of your wives or girlfriends seem to be way too stressed and/or work way too many hours for a job that seemingly shouldn’t be that difficult or a field that isn’t stressful?

  22. Every single argument on here devolves into “you care more!” “No YOU care more!” “You’re having a meltdown!” “No YOURE having a meltdown!”

  23. You care about my meltdown to the point of commenting on it? Get off Reddit loser

  24. Barstool terminated Rapaport’s contract for insulting its fans, and Rapaport responded by posting on Twitter a photoshopped picture of him sodomizing Portnoy.

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