1. I know it may be necessary, but man I’m tired of logging into websites. If there’s not a way to avoid that, perhaps enabling google or other auth. Not being able to see any of the site without logging in can be a turnoff. I like the idea, good luck!

  2. How often are you talking about? I feel fine about spiking around once every 3 days. I have no science to argue for my position, tho.

  3. Yes I’ve asked my nutritionist, whom I do respect, about it and she said the goal truly is to try to flatten the curves but to still test eating blueberries and other healthy things I want, and need, but mitigate with a walk after. Thing is sometimes I can’t walk after. I’m busy and it’s cold outside. Oh well, I’m with ya - I’m eating my healthier foods that spike just more carefully. I gave up all processed foods, all sweets, all starches but I am not giving up blueberries or cauliflower crusts for pizza (and I know to check the labels), or lentils. I am trying to learn how to balance the values for my health but also I do NOT want diabetes or dementia. Absolutely no.

  4. Yeah exactly. It feels like a really small tightrope. Is it expected that over time, the spikes diminish for the same foods, if you are good about controlling them when you can?

  5. Why do VR gamers need to beg? Make it because it’s a good business decision for the game, or don’t if it isn’t.

  6. The Dexcom units are calibrated at the factory, which is why they have you input a code for each applicator. They sent me an email:

  7. Do you mind sharing? I am also a bit concerned. I’m on my second month with it. Mine are averaging 115. This would seemingly put me in the prediabetic range. Still trying to understand if that is real.

  8. Absolutely. The thing is, you can't save anyone other than yourself. You can provide support and information, but if you press then people will dig in their heels. My father in law had prostate cancer many years ago, and the a couple years ago had stage 0 pancreatic cancer. It was successfully treated but cancer in the endocrine system doesn't just go away. As it is he is about to go through yet one more cat scan because once again his blood markers are elevated. He has been sick more than he's been healthy the last 3 years, and looks and feels like crap.

  9. Thank you for sharing. You are quite right. I agree that they think it’s about denying ourselves something. When it’s actually them who are denying feeling how good, in a healthy way, they could be feeling. I’m just so surprised at everyone’s fatalism when it doesn’t come in pill form.

  10. It’s a different material. It may have other issues, but hopefully it won’t turn into rubber pellets in your hair this time.

  11. We literally got secret pizza society for dinner tonight! I don't live in Portland but I live at least in the area. Tomorrow we think we are going to check out Mas Veggies Vegan Taqueria.

  12. Sure it’s just Veggie Grill, but I love their nachos and taco salad. Worth it!

  13. Dome Keeper, a new roguelite. Perfect format for the deck. You dig for resources beneath the surface of an alien planet, while defending your base from waves of aliens trying to break your dome. Very light game, but a nice pick up and play.

  14. I still think everyone was shocked at paying full price for games, expecting more of a game pass deal. When people saw that it would be a monthly cost for the service + full price games, some of the enthusiasm died down. I wish it had worked.

  15. I think beginners get a bit too caught up on what’s easiest to start with. Whichever you pick it will “become” easy as you learn it. The important thing is to realize that neither Unity or UE is beyond your capabilities. YOU CAN DO IT. They both have lots of hard parts, there’s no saving you from that. That’s just game dev. Have fun and stay curious.

  16. Yeah I think blueprints is pretty dope and I heard it's actually ideal to use both. But I do want to get into the program too on case VR development doesn't work out for me I can take those skills somewhere else.

  17. Blueprints are code, and using them is programming. It’s the same logic. It’s not a bad way to start.

  18. I can only help with 2 and 3. Bloating is expected and it will pass. Your gut bacteria are dealing with all new foods, which means you are in the process of growing a new gut microbiome. As your microbiome adapts, the bloating will improve. On this topic I’d highly recommend the book Fiber Fueled. Our gut “outsources” much of carbohydrate digestion to our microbiome, which makes us more adaptable.

  19. Been reading Fiber Fueled. There is a strong association between your gut bacteria and the food you crave. It could be that some of your existing gut bugs really are starving ( leading to cravings), but that’s ok because they aren’t the healthy ones. It will take some time for your microbiome to adjust. But it will.

  20. I use the forks over knives cookbook the most often. If you like lots of different types of cuisine there are recipes from all over the world in this book. I really like a lot of variety and get bored with food pretty easily so I pick this one up and flip through the whole thing before meal planning for the month for inspiration.

  21. Good call! I also used their weekly recipe service for some time when I started. Helped me try a lot of new stuff.

  22. I’m 54, been gaming since the Commodore 64 and jump man. It’s rare to be a woman gamer this old lol. Retired a while ago

  23. I recently got my dream job, and I feel similarly about being on a team and accomplishing goals. I am not saving because I hate my job, or hate working. Quite the opposite. But it’s still great to have that option, and doesn’t require one to actually quit something they love. It’s just flexibility. So I guess I’m more FI than RE.

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