Michael meant so much to me this season.

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  1. I heard Netflix is rebooting The Mole and I'm pretty interested in it. A quick Google search says it's dropping October 7th, so not too long a wait for it!

  2. Reading all of these posts about the HGs talking to agents and casting directors. More power to them, but if I ever got on this show, I'd just want to slink away from the public eye as fast as I entered it. I would just want to readjust to my normal life as fast as possible.

  3. "[Insert Target Here] is making some really good points I never considered. I might just want [Insert Veto Winner Here] to use the Veto and put up [Ride or Die Final Two] in their place." 😐

  4. Did anyone have any thoughts on the types of competitions we saw this season?:

  5. Ameerah, pooch, Terrance, monte and Nicole are all hanging out today.

  6. How courteous of them to all put themselves in a single group for me to dislike! 🤗

  7. As much as people love to throw out the "It'S Up tO InTerPreTAtIoN!" line, there are very set and canonical boundaries, foundations, and lore as to what Silent Hill is and what it does. Games like Origins, Downpour, and Book of Memories that actively seek to fuck up SH lore by inserting their own interpretations is disrespectful to Team Silent's work.

  8. I was just thinking about this the other day - how great is it that both BBCan and BBUS had such great winners and two strong seasons side-by-side. BBCan10 and BB24 have both been a real treat.

  9. As a gay dude myself, there was something so refreshing about watching a slender gay man be the comp beast of the season and whip the asses of all the jocks and alphas. I hope they look to Michael for the kind of gay casting in future seasons.

  10. Another season for the history books, and a great one at that!

  11. Wait...what? I'm happy for Taylor, but I thought the winner couldn't win AFP. Guess I was wrong, congrats Taylor!

  12. Okay, praying I don't jinx anything - but if Michael wins this AFP, I'll be totally happy and satisfied with this season.

  13. Julie Chen-Moonves reveals to the Jury, "I do have some outside news to report, Houseguests! It's with great sadness that I announce that Her Majesty, the Queen, died on September 8th."

  14. As disappointed as I am that another season is coming to an end, there's always a bit of relief that I get a BB break for a couple months. BBCan, CBB, and BBUS back-to-back-to-back can get me BB'd out! 😣

  15. Welp, another season down and that means I don't need to watch any TV for another couple months. I swear this is like the only show I'll actually sit down and watch...

  16. Final HOH: Monte, but then Julie goes "IT'S MICHAEL WITH A STEEL CHAIR!" and he takes it for himself.

  17. Once again, I just find this Finale schedule to be so ridiculous. There's no need for a clip show - instead put all Parts One/Two/Three and the final eviction before the Finale proper. The Finale starts with the F2 in place and the third place finisher meeting the Jury Roundtable where they have the opportunity to grill the F2 for as long as they need to make an educated vote.

  18. Hamsterwatch: "Michael defined floater once and for all" - this and the true meaning of backdoor, this man should've been our winner! 😭

  19. Every time I start the game I need to reenter my Service Tag to have them show up in-game.

  20. As the season comes to an end, I think I can say now that Turner is one of my favorite people to ever play BB. Not my favorite player, but probably the most I’ve ever felt like I’ve vibed with a person in the house.

  21. I would really like Turner if he owned his moves - he played very backstabbing sneaky game, yet still proclaims how honest and clean he was throughout the season while bashing other HGs for not playing to his moralistic standards.

  22. Was the clip show worth watching or was it just meh?

  23. I thought you weren't supposed to take a shower everyday. You're stripping the natural oils in your hair and drying out your skin...

  24. Taylor needs to win Part 2, that's all there is to it. Turner is never taking her and I simply don't trust Monte...

  25. With all due respect to Azah/Tiffany and their statements about alliances needing to believe in a bigger cause - we don't follow Big Brother to watch people hold hands and sing kumbaya, we want that encourage that selfish individual gameplay that was exemplified in the earlier seasons...

  26. These last couple Thursdays have been so packed, it was actually good to see Jury!

  27. I can't believe we only got one Jury segment so far. Tonight will probably be packed with the Cookout and the Vote, so I don't know if we're getting one tonight either...

  28. Social Queen Brittany Hoopes makes HGs laugh when she tells them she voted to evict them! Her power! 😍

  29. Terrance is going to be so bitter when Taylor wins AFP because they apparently get a 7 day cruise in addition to the 50K this year?

  30. I hope it's Royal Caribbean just to put salt in the wound...

  31. I was so curious about this girl. I went back to the beginning of live feeds from 7/8 -13 and randomly watched cams she was in. She talks super fast and was just all over the place. Nothing stood out or seemed to special about her she’s had so much influence on the house in such a short time. I’ll never forget Turner crying like a baby when she self evicted. I couldn’t help but laugh 😂

  32. You made me go back and see Michael on feeds again 😞

  33. Remember in CBBUS3 when they were given cards they didn’t even play games with each other, they just all played their own game of solitaire constantly. Now THAT was boring.

  34. Please for the love of God, Brittany flip over the table and start cussing out Monte. Someone give us SOMETHING! 😭

  35. If you guys were on a season, what exactly would you do to pass time? And would you ever want to "fix" yourself knowing theres cameras or just go the full 90 days?

  36. I will say, if you just want to air it all out there, you could always just throw off the covers and go all in. The live feeds don't broadcast nudity so they aren't going to show anything.

  37. What’s the worst looking food made this season? I can’t remember who made it but I recall seeing raw chicken at one point.

  38. Puppetmaster Raven Walton tried to kill all the other HGs, thereby making her the only one capable of winning! 😍

  39. That one spoiler account on Twitter that shall not be named here is so insufferable.

  40. My favorite part is how they never give spoilers that are verifiable. All they ever talk about is Grodner acting like a fool behind the scenes and people eat it up because of their confirmation bias...

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