1. I don't think you are an ass, you were put in an impossible situation. If you had been with your friend and she was going to get all the money and not your boyfriend you probably would have done the same thing.

  2. I don't know, if you think about it FIL will be happy if you don't go. Imagine how pissed he would be if you went and acted as happy as ever. Hugging and kissing your wife on the cheek every chance you got. Show him how much in love y'all are. I don't think there could be anything worse for FIL.

  3. In my family we had to wait for someone to die to move to the adult table. Most of us were already in out twenties.

  4. Gravity. I’m a space engineer and the number of incoherences in Gravity is crazy. Don’t start me on the mysterious force that kills clooney.

  5. I strongly believe that is fake. There are a multitude of reasons I suspect that is fake including the turn around time for her stealing his identity + maxing our credit cards in his name + it being referred to the prosecutor. Those things take MONTHS and the prosecutor wouldn’t encourage a matter to be dropped. Once they receive it they need the investigation to be tied up by the police and that takes MONTHS. This guy was posting updates in days and was soliciting food & money.

  6. Archive 81 sooo much. Just as it was getting really interesting too. I feel like I don't get creeped/weirded out a lot, but that humming... something about it just made me feel really uncomfortable. It was great!

  7. Me too. I loved that I had to take a break from watching it every so often. I really really anticipated season 2 but the jokes on me, no season 2.

  8. Flash forward was banging , could have watched more of that

  9. Not a band but John Mellencamp. I’m not sure why but his music just irks me.

  10. Yeah the segue part I kind of got, just didn’t understand the “downtown partnership” reference.

  11. Yeah I have no idea what's going on. How is the realated to the building? How did he get her number?

  12. Ah, in Swedish its named a ”Myr”. Good fun to play football or rugby in. Great place to find cloudberries.

  13. Lost. (My husband.) Like.. nobody liked the ending. From what I hear, it led fans down multiple seasons of rabbit holes and clues all to finish with a dead end. Not interested, dude.

  14. Cauliflower anything — pizza, rice, mashed potatoes, etc. Or any good pretending to be other food, for that matter.

  15. I am down to speak! DM me. I work in Cybersecurity for a Fortune 500

  16. That is so cool of you! It really helps kids understand a career when someone actually working in it talks to them

  17. I generally never speak to him. He will know by my total silence I'm totally in to him

  18. Is it for taking to class and taking notes? Can't you just record the lecture and take notes from that? I'm not trying to be an ass but all the portable typewriters I've seen still weighed a ton.

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