1. You guys need to put a little more respect on Netflix’s name they brought us The Kissing Booth cinematic universe.

  2. Was nice enough. Watched full thing.. Just a Lil weird in places

  3. Yooo what you mean bro I’m about to watch it but then I read this lmao

  4. Hey ,yeah it was actually a gas leak , a very small one tho. Now everytime I take a whiff to make sure it’s safe I can’t tell if it smells like Lowkey eggs or if my minds playing tricks on me and it’s just mildew 😂

  5. Who did you call to fix it? Gas company? (Glad you got it sorted!)

  6. Thanks :) and I just called excel energy’s emergency leak line and they sent someone super fast and he was in and out in like 5 minutes! I thought it was gonna be a whole ordeal but…

  7. If it's a gas leak it's serious. If you have a spray bottle, put some dish soap in it and add some water. Spray all the gas connections. If bubbles form, something is leaking and management / the gas company should check it IMMEDIATELY.

  8. Okay thanks you so much man I’m gonna go buy a spray bottle right now

  9. Should probably get someone to check it out

  10. Ok thanks for your response . Do you think I Should leave the apartment ?

  11. If you don't have a family history of psychosis and dissociation you will be fine. Maybe look into microdosing magic mushrooms for your ocd and anxiety

  12. Thanks homie! I really appreciate you. Also my pops has preached to me the benefits of micro dosing to me for a while but ive ben too nervous to try due to past experiences. I think ima do some more research thanks!

  13. If you are only doing them for a day or a few as a regular, then u got withdrawal symptoms. Also AFAIK a T Break of a day or a few days is of no use and the benefits only come after weeks of taking a break.

  14. Hey man thanks for your input, I'm just trying to have a healthier relationship with weed and implement more moderation and will power

  15. I also feel this when intake a tolerance break... I always assumed this is because I have bipolar disorder and a change in routine can affect my mood swings

  16. It might have to do with that, I also have a suspicion it has to do with dopamine and serotonin levels but idk ima do some research ill let you know what I find.

  17. Weed helps my symptoms most of the time, but sometimes, depending on the strain, I can’t keep on top of my coping skills when I’m high

  18. Dude, this is one of the main things weed is great for!

  19. Yeah bro its ben v v helpfull! I hope all is well with you my friend

  20. There is absolutely no reason why you should run SARMs with a test base unless you have naturally low testosterone or you’re doing very high dosages.

  21. Bruh what? From my knowledge I believe Most synthetic androgens at an effective dose are extremely suppressive

  22. not to the point where you should run them with a test base

  23. Yh I get that. It's rough and such a bad cycle of not being able to take a breath so you stress so you can't take a breath for even longer. Something that helps me is actually taking small breaths through the nose. I watched a video that was saying part of the problem is actually breathing too much so our balance between CO2 and oxygen is wrong so actually small breaths help. I don't know whether that's true but it normally works for me. Be patient and take small controlled breaths for as long as you can (I'm pretty inpatient so I normally only last a couple of minutes but I've found the longer I do it the more likely it is to work). If not I try to distract myself by watching something on YouTube to stop thinking about it but that only works for short periods of time with me. Hope Ur doing ok and here if u need to chat:)

  24. Hey , thank you so so much for your response I cant tell you how good it feels to know im not alone in this. I will try the short breathes and see if that works for me. Im also an avid youtube consumer so im gonna put that on and try to distract myself. Once again thanks a-lot and i hope all is well with you !

  25. I have terrible anxiety especially about health and I bnc. I definitely freak out at the smallest shit that's nothing but what ever. Also how about you stop smoking before you cycle so you can find out if that's what causes your problems.

  26. Sorry for the late response but i think I'm gonna take a mont t break to see how i feel before i cycle. Much appreciated!

  27. Did you know this one isn’t there anymore and he posted ANOTHER ONE that still shows the chop?

  28. Get some almonds or something else that's dense but good for that kind of bulking. Milk, chicken, beans

  29. what about protein shakes instead of milk?

  30. Bleach has a huge amount of fighting in it. Though it does have a lot of fillers in the middle of actual story arcs, great series, lots of characters to like and the powers are AMAZING. It’s coming back this October for its final arc which is gonna be insane I’d recommend a watch, skip the fillers if you wish and then you’ll be caught up for this fall when it returns

  31. Ok ill give it another go! I started it a while ago but for some reason dropped it about 10 episodes in. Appreciate the response bro !

  32. Watch Fate Series, The animation is god level that i freaking love it

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