1. It was on cable/Bally Sports app, but as you stated if you watch through it didn't come through

  2. Many people are pointing out his velo was down in that last inning for whatever it’s worth

  3. Wonder if the Yankees snagging Montas will light a fire under the Jays to offer up a bit more to try to get a deal done

  4. Alright Candy…you rip one here and you’ll go from most hated to sub favorite in one swing

  5. Say something positive about this team. We got a lot of negative energy. I’ll got first:

  6. Meadows was a steal and we get him for a few years!

  7. Would absolutely love to see them steal a W today with 4 bench players in the lineup! Also excited to see how Manning pitches after that stellar performance last time out.

  8. Unrelated but has Badoo ever said why he wears 60? Just seems a bit different than most players, was wondering if there was any reasoning behind it.

  9. I could very well be wrong but I thought I read he was assigned that number when he came up, things went well, so he decided to keep it. Apologies if I’m misremembering.

  10. I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion but with Javy now scratched with right thumb soreness, I wouldn’t mind this one being postponed.

  11. Caught on with the last sentence of the first paragraph but until then I got got real good

  12. Thank god I was really worried about our panache situation

  13. I got a kick out of that, thank you. The Tigers haven’t had what anyone could consider “flair” in some time though so I’ll take a couple extra scoops of panache wherever I can get them.

  14. You are absolutely right. Definitely a consider the source situation…nonetheless, I’m considering it refreshing!

  15. Greene is 100% unproven. I know everyone is super excited about the player he can be, myself included but he is just not a proven commodity at the major league level at this point. Hill is great defensively and that’s about it. Reyes is a player not on any contending roster, even when he’s playing his best.

  16. The main argument in potentially missing out on this years FA class I can’t accept is “well Bogaerts, Turner and Tim Anderson are all free agents next season if we miss out this year…”. All could be prime candidates for extensions with their current teams, especially with LAD losing Seager. None are guaranteed to actually be free agents. Secondly, why did they pass up on a seemingly solid SS draft pick that fell into their laps if they weren’t poised to sign a big extended SS contract this off season? I know prospects rarely pan out but I still don’t get it. The free agents now are ready to sign, there is room in the payroll, so please Avila and co make it happen!

  17. Another one down, SS market getting slimmer. Pretty much ensures Correa gets AT LEAST this. I’m betting he beats Lindor’s contract now.

  18. Though many were predicting this, hopefully they made this decision to clear a little payroll space for an impending signing

  19. FWIW he’s also following Daz Cameron and Schoop. However I have no idea if these are recent. Someone over on

  20. Well daz came from Houston in the JV trade and I mean Schoop is a well known veteran

  21. Both very true. I remembered the Cameron connection after posting. Here’s to wishful thinking anyway.

  22. Hello! We went to Caye Caulker in late 2018 - it was amazing! Most importantly, here is a restaurant guide!

  23. Such great info thank you so much! We’ll have to do some map research to find your bonefish haven, it sounds amazing. I’ve never caught an ocean fish on a fly rod so a bonefish would be an amazing first!

  24. Sounds like you're in good shape, but definitely grab some fluoro. It's not just for fooling fish, the abrasion resistance is much better too. At the very least get some 15# for your tippet, but I find that a full hand-built fluoro leader performs a lot better than store bought mono tapers. 6 feet of 40# tied to 4 feet of 30# tied to 2 feet of 15# would be ideal.

  25. I’ll definitely pick up some fluoro then, especially for the last bit of tippet to fly. Might try to cut the leaders I already have and build down from halfway. I love the stick idea, definitely scientific enough for my level. We will make sure to move a lot that’s another great tip I hadn’t considered. Thanks again you’re awesome!

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