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  1. What I try to convene to all young women. 68 yrs old learned a bit. There is someone for you. Who will always have your back.

  2. I'd run so fast the earth would spin backwards, vomit lava, and cleanse itself.

  3. In my opinion you’ve dodged a big bullet right there. I have no idea how old you are (and I’m no lady, but I still hope you take my advice), but do you really want to be with a man that pretty much tossed you away over night because of his mommy? A mommy that constantly puts you down, downright insults you? Nope, you should be going forward with your life and find a man that loves you and stands up for you to his family (even better: a man that has a warm and welcoming family, but again: you’re marrying your man, not his family)

  4. I’m 30 he was 31. And thank you I just needed to hear the truth from others so it actually sinks in 🖤

  5. Oh wow last month I was at Rosa Negra and they’d tell me how much I had left with each order. I’m so sorry about your experience

  6. I went on my own two weeks ago. I felt very safe in Tulum just don’t take silly risks and drive yourself or use licensed taxis

  7. I hired a car for £135 including insurance picking it up tomorrow when I arrive at the airport

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