1. I'm not good in name because i play in French but i think it's Contemporary jacket (cheaper than brakeman), work shirt (any would work), and i think clerk pants or fancy pants for legs

  2. And when i said brakeman i meant Antoine. Homburg hat for hat i think

  3. It's everyman not contemporary in English

  4. Oh ok ok i wasn't sure because of the grip, thanks for answering

  5. An interesting post. However, a couple of points:

  6. I think some Safdie's brother movies like "GoodTime" could be similar to Drive but i prefer it over Drive. And i think for Breaking bad its more like Winding refn itself because of Pusher but i totally agree that's it isn't a Noire film

  7. I know it was long ago bit white crossback suspenders will suits better

  8. Joe and Paulie are the most loyal but they could cause your downfall (like Salieri said with the drowning guy) but i would still prefer them. Sam and Donovan seems more skilled, even tho Sam seems to end up bleeding very often lmao. If someone could find you a good plan and equipment, that's definitely Donovan

  9. no ideas on if they're good but it's probably because they are know for very good revolver so it don't comes to mind, you think more of the equivalent of popularity in semi-automatic before looking to them. for example, if i think of SW when it comes to revolver it's because i've seen them in movies and if i think of semi antomatic i think 1911, hi power, beretta etc. but maybe that isn't a good argument

  10. Tommy angelo because i don't want a burned house as a neighbor

  11. I got it in white but then i find the Employee pants more appropriate to my outfit but the spots didn't really bothered me because it added to the military side i wanted

  12. did i miss something, who is nibbles ?

  13. Deakins always make Location scouting with the lenses so he knows exactly how it would look so he doesnt have to figure out the place, scale etc when its the shooting day

  14. I play in French so I can't really say but probably when Vito was wearing his clothes or when You have to take Henry to El Greco

  15. Oh when he says “great a clown suit” or something like that

  16. in french, he says " dont dirty this shirt, they dont make them anymore" but it dont really count because the funny part is vito's answer

  17. Slow down at the turn and don't touch the grass. I won easily but only because ut took hours on the og and because i restart the og one days ago (and won second attempt). But the difficulty have an impact, you play classic?

  18. Adding onto the fact that he's just very unkempt too. He'd look better if he just combed his hair 😂

  19. And never saw him took a poop, piss or bath. Just saying

  20. But I think it was dumb of Tommy directly giving the money to the boss rather than just placing it in Sam's envelope but as you can see throughout the story Tommy's a screw up and an idiot.

  21. Wdym ? ( wasn't Paulie's enveloppe ?)

  22. I meant Paulie they all look and sound the same to me.

  23. I can understand because it's true that they both are pretty similar. In the og i never knew who was which one, although they were still more noticeable because Sam's shirt was blue

  24. I would recommend Og first if you are the kind of person who likes to see how the remake change the designs and story. (There's really some big changes that i noticed even tho i didn't really finish the og one)

  25. That hill was hell in the original, the car would just stop and block the way like here

  26. You did all the mission on Free ride?

  27. The coat is really the thing loveable about this outfit, the dlc don't have the coat

  28. I agree and the stealth would also be more interesting, we can't even climb walls

  29. Coincidentally, I watched this at around the exact same time you did. October of last year.

  30. Maybe for teh same reason, who knows. I forgot how i find it but probably when looking for some Cyberpunk movie

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