1. I was looking at the total retail value and it is only the value of the palette itself, so that was confusing. Usually you can figure it out by taking off the value of the known item and looking for the remaining value, but with this one I’m stumped 🤷‍♀️

  2. Yep, if the second one comes like that, mention both of them in your message and the fact that cream is not a makeup! 😂 They at least respond rather quick, I have so much experience by now, every order - issues! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. One of the many reasons I canceled my friend! Always with the issues!!! And a $6 credit to make up for your $80 missing order 🙄. I’ll let you know if I do contact them and what they say about the cream not being makeup!

  4. I am not an active member either. Haha. I have had a few boxes only here and there, but I shop the sales now that they don't make us wait a whole week. I am so salty they didn't send me the duo eyeliners Araceli for 2$. And for so many other orders that they lure with nice items and then they never send them due to out of stock. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Let me know what they'll say. I am so curious what templated answer they'll have this time.

  5. Yeah, they give you an "oops, out of stock" and you only bought the other stuff to get to $25 so you wouldn’t have to pay shipping 😂. I’ll let you know what they come up with for an explanation. Not expecting much!

  6. I was able to get the Tarte. I didn’t see it in stock at first but kept refreshing. It went out of stock quickly. I also wanted the Avaha set but never saw it in stock.

  7. Thanks for the info! I must’ve missed the Tarte and figured it would sell out quickly! More disappointed about the Ahava!

  8. The Tarte was available earlier. I didn’t see the ahava, but did not look until thirty minutes after the start.

  9. I got a shipping notice today (ordered the 20th) so here’s hoping it arrives unbroken!

  10. atleast you got refund, I ordered zendo on december 20 and no response grom boxy. I dont know if i should wait for them to ship or contact CS

  11. I placed an order for the Zendo palette on 12/20 as well and have not received an email. Fingers crossed 🤞

  12. You never know. They open whenever they feel like it now. I’d check every few minutes if you can!

  13. The box items are up on the Boxycharm site now… looks like a bunch of repeats and maybe a couple new but underwhelming items. That silly little Boxycharm machine thing is STILL being put in boxes and it is listed in the January base items! So glad I canceled when I did!

  14. Go to TJMx/Mshls. I got a 2 pack of nice soft BIG couch pillows for $30 there! I think they are 20x20.

  15. Did the winter box allow you to order extra pillows? How much was it to add each one on?

  16. You were not able to get more than one in the same color in the Winter box, despite conflicting information given out prior to customization. At least for annuals! You could get one silver and one beige!

  17. Oh wow how do you do that? Coz if I’m able to do that I can say goodbye to BC right now

  18. I canceled but am able to stay logged into my account. On the homepage if you scroll down there should be a button that says "shop now”, I just click on that and am able to shop like normal. Alternatively there is a drop down menu on the upper left hand side of the page (where you’d go to check your items/account/etc) and there is a Shop option which leads to another drop down menu to allow you to select Drop Shop. As a disclaimer, I have heard others say they have to wait a week or two to start shopping if they don’t have an active account (leading to things being OOS) but I don’t have to and I’m sure I’m not the only one 🤷‍♀️. Boxy wants our money any way they can get it!

  19. Okay thank you so much I’m definitely going to keep a mental check of that

  20. No problem! I hope things start looking up but I haven’t regretted canceling even one month since I dropped my subscription. Once they get their affairs in order I will probably sub again but just not worth it to me right now! Good luck!

  21. In my experience, when I order from the Shop it ships super fast, like a day or two after I check out. Sales are a different story, obviously. I’ve seen others say their Shop orders shipped super fast as well, so I’m not sure what’s going on with yours. I’m sorry 😔. Hopefully you get what you already ordered soon but I wouldn’t order anything else if you want it by Christmas!!!

  22. Yes, same as others! I thought I had an item in my Shop cart but it was actually in the sale cart and it was checked out. I contacted them immediately and they refunded it. I’d contact them ASAP before they can tell you it’s already processing!

  23. What is the best way to contact them?! It may be because I am flustered and quickly trying to figure out how to get this charge dropped and I can’t think straight, but I cant seem to find a phone number and I feel like I’m running in circles on their website 😑🙏

  24. Does anyone know why this is happening? I’m just curious; I don’t need to talk to them. But usually when the wait goes up like this, there is an issue (i.e. the KS serum debacle). Anything similar going on?

  25. The resurfacing peel has Retinol, Niacinamide, and Glycolic acid, and these are all great anti-aging ingredients. However, you can only use it 2-3 times per week because it is strong. I highly recommend letting it soak in and topping with a good moisturizer! I have definitely seen improvement in my skin since using this.

  26. What do y'all think the chances are of getting a pallet or two? I don't wear eye shadows and if there's concealer or foundation or bronzers will the match my profile or would it all just be random? I don't have a subscription but im soooo tempted and already bought some shit from the shop plus I have my IPSY GB for November with maxed addons and just did a couple Sephora and MAC runs lmao fml I have a problem🤦‍♀️

  27. There is ZERO chance they will match your quiz! They don’t even do that for the regular monthly box. They say they will but they don’t. These will likely be leftover items they can’t sell, but who knows? They could absolutely surprise everybody and you could end up with some awesome products! That’s the “mystery“ of it 😁

  28. I got one in my All*re box and it had the silver seal that I needed to use the top to puncture. So idk… maybe different sizes are different? That would be weird but idk what else to think 🤷‍♀️

  29. For what it’s worth I believe the FFF sales have a disclaimer that the product will have an expiration date no earlier than 6 months after it is sent from the warehouse. I think that may be for products with an actual expiration date listed on the box though. In theory it should apply to everything that potentially expires!

  30. Just a heads up that batch checker websites are often inaccurate

  31. I’m not sure about other sites, but I use the checkfresh site for my products and specifically the KS stuff (I buy from Marshalls/TJMaxx as well). I recently checked 6 items in a row on there, then contacted KS to ask them about the batch codes, and the site was accurate down to the specific day; I was pretty impressed! So yes always good to check with the manufacturer but I have never had a KS product come up inaccurately on 😁. I cannot speak for other brands though!

  32. Everyone get ready for another price hike to make up for the money they’re going to lose 🤦‍♀️!!!

  33. Probs a stupid question but how can I check the expiration date on my products?

  34. Yeah this is so lackluster. I dumped my cart in the annual sale because I didn’t have enough for free shipping and didn’t have anything I absolutely needed or was excited about. I can say the same for this one. I also noticed price hikes on things. SMH. Also seeing more posts of more expired skincare. Over it!

  35. I removed everything from my cart as well. It was very underwhelming and I have a feeling they’re going to add some good deals to the Seasonal BF sale, so I might as well wait and not try to meet the shipping threshold twice. I can search for the items I had in my cart and since they had a limit of one each I may find them, but if I don’t it’s nothing I will cry over. And if I do, great! I’ll add them back plus whatever great deals they’re adding to the seasonal window!

  36. East coast annual, still waiting as well. Mine has never taken this long to ship either. Idk if someone else said this but if seasonals were able to add priority shipping we’re going to be waiting a long time!

  37. Wow, if that’s your "regular" shipping I don’t want to know what my "late" shipping is going to look like 🫣! Sorry that happened to you but glad you’re getting a new box!

  38. They restocked a few, if you hurry :)

  39. I hit “pay now” and it gave me the out of stock message ! It was in my cart, checked out and hit the pay button… gone 😢. Thanks for letting me know!

  40. You should be able to find some really good deals on Luxie sets on Mercari. Boxycharm has been selling them off for quite a while - and they used to have many more sets, mostly in the Rose Gold color but some in the Dreamcatcher colors, lots of the Gold set in the red brush roll for insanely cheap - and it’s a decent set. Resellers have loaded up on them over the past two years. Another plus is you’ll get them in a few days vs waiting a month and possibly being refunded.

  41. Wow, thanks for all the info! Great point about Mercari; I bet there are some really great deals on there! I’m going to go look now 😊

  42. What is the pricing fiasco? I am behind, if someone could fill me in that would be amazing. Ty.

  43. They advertised Cat. 2 pricing as $12 for extras, then AS annuals were customizing they realized they were being charged $15 for extra choices. There was no communication about this prior and it was only addressed after people started reaching out. So they raised prices in all the categories for Fall except cat 2 which went down, then raised cat 2 back up without notice for Winter and left the others at the higher price. They advertised certain boost items at one price and there was a discrepancy once you got in to customize (one was $40 higher than advertised). Several add on items the price was raised AFTER people had already put them in their carts. Lastly it was confirmed during spoilers that you could get more than one Unhide pillow in the same color and when customization opened it only let you add one. Then they failed to address everyone’s concerns until Monday, and the addressing of it was horrible. That’s the best I can sum it up! If you are a member you should try to read some of the forum threads if they haven’t been shut down. Hope that helps.

  44. According to a Forbes article, they make most of their money from add ons and edit sales, and don’t make much of a profit off of the box items. So two things: 1) this explains why the box items have gone downhill and 2) load up on extra customizations and PARE back on the add ons and extra sales if you are riding out your last couple boxes and don’t want to contribute to their profits!

  45. Can someone explain or direct me to the drama? I’m reading comments about some kind implosion in the company but no idea where it’s coming from

  46. If you go to the app or login you can go to the community forum. They deleted a lot of the threads with negative comments (which is part of the problem: them burying legitimate concerns/questions from subscribers) but there may be some still up. Not sure I can link it from here but I can try. ETA: they weren’t negative as in rude comments directed toward anyone specific but negative, yet mostly constructive, feedback about what was happening.

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