1. Yeah they just can’t seem to ever understand and I feel they don’t care to.

  2. They have the "fuck you I got mine" mentality. So many people have that. I hate it.

  3. I love my mom and she's not a bad person but even she tries to act like everything is my fault about having no friends and not meeting the right person. Like no, mom. Im pretty sure I've been working my ass off the past few years and I've failed despite my best efforts. The reality is life isn't fair. Some people were just dealt a bad hand and there's nothing you can do.

  4. I don’t mind a rant, but some of Cornette’s Dark Side of the Ring appearances were definitely off-putting.

  5. Disparaging about women’s wrestling, making excuses for clearly inexcusable behaviour…

  6. Well shit. Didn't know that. I do know he said some dickish stuff about Becky Lynch. That's why him and Rollins aren't on the best of terms anymore.

  7. I mean most of my special needs teachers were really toxic. They only did or said things to stigmatize us even more instead of treating us like equals. I had one teacher who would always come into my regular ed classes and screaming and insulting me in my face in front of everyone in class which led to even more bullying and mocking towards me. And I tried to report it, and the principle pretty much just laughed about it and told me I don't know what bullying is and probably brought it on myself.

  8. My daughter’s teachers would do stuff like that too. They’d tell her she’s annoying and that she should go home. The principal didn’t care and the situation is currently with the school board (she doesn’t go there anymore). Special Ed teachers are power hungry and beyond bullies - they are abusers.

  9. I feel like teachers who bully students were either bullies when they were younger or they got bullied and want to see how it feels to fit in with the "cool" crowd by picking on other students.

  10. Oddly enough those seem the most likely to come around with a chip on their shoulder if the relationship failed or isn’t working well.

  11. Yeah those are the ones I was talking about in my comment. They'll have a friend/boyfriend/girlfriend who has aspergers and when the relationship fails, they'll come on here and say some things that are pretty...well stigmatizing.

  12. No. I think anyone should be welcome. However, I will admit it does get annoying when some NTs on here come here to pick arguments and shit. I see it sometimes and it doesn't help anything. Just makes things worse.

  13. I don't think it's solely an aspie thing. Most people from 18-25 tend to still be very immature. I mean it depends on the person, but that's usually how it goes.

  14. I don't think NTs are bad but I do think most of them don't care to understand us. It's too much effort for them to care to try.

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