1. I've read it as well and it certainly doesn't encourage murder. The guy in the book and Mark Chapman both had mental health problems that's all.

  2. I don't think it's odd. I can see why an informative map book with loads of locations on would be more exciting than a sat nav.

  3. "Literally." I can only assume young people who use it nowadays don't know the literal meaning of the word.

  4. It's regional. In Yorkshire we tend to drop the word "the" quite often especially if it follows the word "in". Eg: "It's in' cupboard" with emphasis on the word "in".

  5. T'int tin tin!! Which means "it isn't in the tin".

  6. Amy Winehouse, Mac Miller, Tupac, Aaliyah, Biggie, Dolores O'Riordan

  7. Thank you for replying. I think that he did it so it will be interesting to check out the innocent videos and see if that changes my opinions.

  8. Most will go with his guilt because he got convicted but Shaun Attwood with Matthew Steeples and guests have a long video about his innocence. There was a UK programme showing both sided with his local vicar on the side of innocence but I don't know if that made it into YouTube.

  9. Edit: I've just checked and if you type Jeremy Bamber innocent into YouTube quite a lot come up.

  10. Its up to you and your own sense of morals. Sometimes one member of a group has done something bad (eg David Ruffin of The Temptations, domestic violence) but I'd still buy their stuff.

  11. "bare with me " is an obvious red flag. I think they are trying to say "bear with me".

  12. Maybe they really are trying to say "bare with me"?

  13. Obviously DO NOT arrange to meet with this person anywhere. They might really get your wallet if you do.

  14. Guys now I’m getting more threatening texts from other numbers. Similar in style. I’m getting nervous. Getting random calls from New York. This is the new numbers message. “ This is the representative of the girls you were calling to acquire the sex service at home, I have several reports of this number on my desk, you wasted the girls’ time and did not make the reservation with her, for this reason you would have to contact contact me rather than send some of my men to your address to charge you in a bad way contact me and we will solve it for good” as well as “ I'm the owner of the scort agency where you tried to fuck one of my bitches without payment. I have several reports of you, my people told me that you were just playing around with my my bitches, their time and my business. I used my influence in the police and they gave me all your information and your family information that's why I pay my money to them. So it's better for you to call me and make a deal with me in a good way, I don't want your Family to be involved in this shit.” I don’t wanna die. 😞

  15. Because I have no where to go. I'd be completely homeless and probably lose my job I have had for 6 years

  16. Well they're not allowed to rat you out but it's likely he might say they did if he already suspects you.

  17. I won't fall for bait like that, I'll ask for proof. Because to all of us rn I didn't call them

  18. If you didn't give your name they definitely can't say it was you because how do they know?

  19. If you pay per lesson you can get as many as you want, they'll be glad of the business.

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