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  1. theres many ways to think about his speed buff, but the real issue is not with that but its spam, so maybe his super could be nerfed to only 1/4th of the bar on collection instead of full (considering his speed buff is still intact)

  2. The 2nd or third super isn't usually tracked, so it would be weird to add that to a brawler. The whole uniqueness to him is getting his super immediately, so I would suggest just a 2 second cooldown to his super as a whole, like meg's 5 second super charge in her mech form, where she can't charge it through her attack but gets it every five seconds. This would tone down the spammy aspects of the speed buff and broken starpower.

  3. his whole uniqueness to him getting his super immediately

  4. I'm sorry I didn't know people would be mad at this at least they were inactive players

  5. People are only mad bc they don't know you only kicked inactive players, you should have mentioned that lol. They probably think you're a toxic raider

  6. It would be fine if he was asking, but he is imposing over here by saying "let's hang out"

  7. could just be a language barrier tbh, and he didn't show any other imposing qualities. Let's face it, if he was a ten out of ten with good style, the 'because i'm indian' would have been taken as a joke and he wouldn't have been seen as a creep. Period.

  8. Obviously situations are different lmao. I probably don't have to explain it to most people here, but race serves no purpose in the little mermaid but plays a big role for malcom x. I'm not usually like this, but whoever disagrees is an idiot or a sheep.

  9. playing against noob players is free with almost any brawler lmao

  10. Oh my GOD you are missing the point. I mean noobs against noobs, new player against new player. That's how matchmaking works, and earlier on, noobs destroy other noobs with edgar, so that's an important factor.

  11. Like half the brawlers in the game are noob stompers

  12. you literally missed my point completely again but idgaf anymore lmao have a good one kiddo

  13. Otis because he is the least special brawler imo, and I'd love to see you spice him up (if not Otis then crow because he's dope asf :D

  14. No? I did forget to add a nerf to Griff's business resilience sp (15 to 10 imo) but I think a griff nerf is more necessary. And I said to nerf squeak's good gadget and buff the other one, so I'm not sure how you got what you did from what I was saying.

  15. I think Eve's gadget should make an egg spawn 6 aliens, 3 deal damage and 3 health. Your Poco's gadget rework is specially interesting.

  16. For some reason I never really even thought of this lol. I understand your point fully but just boosting her base reload rate would be relatively boring and could be on any brawler that struggles with reload. Maybe when she is holding her super her reload speed is tripled? But that would just be Gene's sp. Honestly I'm not sure where to go with this at the moment, but the reload aspect should be kept since it's such a fundamental issue of her kit. You make an excellent point.

  17. Pam struggles without the ammo gadget and sam is literally nothing without his sp

  18. It baffles me people are having trouble playing against him. He's literally just a slightly stronger Bibi.

  19. This is honestly a great take that 90% of me agrees with. But I have to ask of your opinion on Grom - I think he also needs a change (not a gadget but to making his super counter aggro again). This is because he is in a similar predicament to dyna in that against aggro he is useless. His super doesn't even count because it's so hard to hit at close range, it's like saying dyna's super is good against aggro because of its knockback.

  20. Fang's gadget doesn't need a buff, it is just underrated imo. The possible damage output is a lot and 800 damage PLUS 200 healing is broken.

  21. Well at the moment every one is using the stun gadget for Fang which means that his 1st gadget needs a buff. Be healed by 200 health is not broken

  22. I mean if you purposely run on kernels you can easily heal about 2000 health, which makes no sense for this gadget when its purpose is to do damage. I don't think everyone is using the stun tbh, it's just better at the moment in knockout (and maybe even brawball) which is where you see fang most. Showdown as well. In other places I'd say the other gadget is better. (Bounty could be argued either way.)

  23. look slowing toxin is all crow has, removed that and he goes down to the ground. It isn't highly oppressive either, because of the simple fact that he is not able to put out enough dps to kill someone slowed. If u look at it then barley has a 5 second slow too, and squeak's one is technically 10 seconds.

  24. barley's and squeaks are very different because they can be escaped, and don't usually impact 3 brawlers. Crow also has a great super and starpower. Nerfing slowing toxin to 4 seconds will still keep it strong, just not as broken as it is.

  25. crow's other stats in the meta are below mid. The competitive meta revolves around dps brawlers, not take your time to kill them brawlers. Extra toxic offer limited protection, and carrion crow cannot be utilised effectively due to the time it takes to for him to get get people low enough in the first place. Add his squishy health to the equation and he is a lot worse than you think. His super takes too long to charge to be used effectively too, and that fact that they knives come out from 2 tile radius off the hitbox is just abysmal. This means that perfect crow super u get in training cave is non existent, not even on the heist safe. If u ask me, the only valid ground to nerf crow's slowing toxin is to buff some other stat, personally i believe crow should be allowed to stack his poison that way byron's poison can stack. This will allow him to apply his dps better off.

  26. if crow hits everyone on the team, they can barely heal, and he gets his super much more often. Max's stats aren't that outstanding, but what makes her so good is that in the right hands she can juke/dodge so well. Crow doesn't have as much speed, but has a smaller hitbox, so he is in a similar situation. He won't fall off completely and that is a fact.

  27. First off, you don't really go around advertising your own posts under someone else's post.

  28. Damage dealer is obviously meant to be a category for brawlers that don't have any other. Think colt, lola, rico. Very different mechanics from nita, and that is done on purpose. Every brawler should be unique, I think that's pretty obvious.

  29. Her lack of DPS still makes Nita an underwhelming brawler. Also yeah, every brawler is unique, and plenty of those brawlers need good DPS in order to perform well. Also if you didn't intend on the whole thing being read, then why make it and link it to me lol?

  30. just for feedback here and there. But i get your point, her dps is quite low, maybe she'd do good from a little damage buff

  31. Otis should block enemy health (They cant see their health) just to make him feel more inline with other chromatics. I still think his second starpower sounds strong, since you can charge your super much more and deal more dmg. Just make it not charge your super? Just so the first starpower can have a chance

  32. the whole point is to charge the super but a weaker version so he can survive sticky situations. Maybe 1.5 seconds would be more balanced, but sandy's gadget doesn't cost your previous super recharge so i think this is fine. The blocking enemy health thing is an interesting idea.

  33. For Otis: the duration of Phat Splatter would be too long, 8 seconds is a lot longer than you think, especially in a game such as Brawl Stars where the matches are so short.

  34. I'll order them from best to worst (although all are usable, brawl stars did quite a good job of balancing them)

  35. Darryl is 100% A tier, he is amazing in this meta. Best tank apart from ash, and can do wonders against carl, who is dominating the meta rn.

  36. lmao he's obviously joking, look at these buffs, they're enough to make the old bo the best brawler in the game

  37. I cant help but feel like some of these changes werent adressed correctly. Some are even too complex. For balancing, you should mostly try to approach an easy way, the simplest route. But thats just my opinion, i REALLY appreciate the effort youve put into this little project of yours. Not many nowdays would be willing to do this so i tip my hat to you.

  38. I tried that for the majority of things, but I felt making some things complicated would be more interesting, especially for the really bad brawlers, gadgets, and starpowers.

  39. I still think Primo is low C tier.Sometimes your dps is so small that you can't take him out. However, he does have a lot of trouble in fitting in this meta. He is especially hard to take down if you have a healer.Poco is probably C tier. If Poco is C tier, Primo is C tier.

  40. Question: would you take primo over dyna and shelly? Those two brawlers are more used hence why I find it hard to move primo up. Same with grom, he is better than 8-bit so i moved him up but for other brawlers I dont think so.

  41. Ayo did that poco gadget idea come from me? XD probably not but I had the same idea, here are some more from me (including a change to meg's one):

  42. This is pretty cool... can I use this as a banner for my discord server? It's small only like 15 ppl or smt

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