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  1. Lol reminds me of when Padmé corrected Sio Bibble on Naboo in AotC 🤣

  2. No lie when u said "nice guy", I thought you meant as in like

  3. I loved Penny's haircut in season 8. I wish she'd kept it that way

  4. What about the people on the MOVING Ferris Wheel that turned into Dustin's Lion Zord???

  5. I wanted to see more Star Trek alum lol my top two picks were Patrick Stewart and Zachary Quinto (Jonathan Frakes in a very close second)

  6. Amy would beat them both just give her a bag and a coffee can full of coins

  7. Possibly. If I remember right the first few seasons of Super Sentai didn't have mechas

  8. Did you post that fan series on Wikipedia by any chance because that ain’t right if you did because it had me doing a double take and realizing that was made up

  9. It was a joke I know you don’t I’m just saying someone who likes that ship does and it’s so irritating

  10. Wasn't making any assumptions about you. You asked if my question was disagreeing with your statement that they were divorced. I was merely saying I do NOT disagree with your statement, because it was clearly not a statement out of left field. I can tell you did fact check it. I could also tell you brought it up so people wouldn't have awkward conversations with them about it at cons, which is perfectly reasonable. My own personal story about my mom's divorce was just saying she's the only person irl I've ever met that kept her married last name after divorcing. They are actors so it's definitely not the same. I do see what u mean though about if they have kids (idk if they do or not) that could be a factor as well.

  11. Got it. I suppose to sum it all up, I hope they’ve both found their happiness and I wish them both the very best (you as well). Have a good day!

  12. Isn't that the girl that played Haley's sister Quinn on One Tree Hill?

  13. I would've raised the price to 10k just for them wasting ur time

  14. Sorry gotta go with Jonathan. Was hooked on the show the moment he played "Should I stay or should I go" for his brother Will

  15. Awwww he fixed their window and mirror for free 😊

  16. It wouldn’t be an hassle of folding clothes if I had that it’s does save time though but I rather fold my clothes by hand the normal way

  17. The problem is I can't make them look neat and organized and even when I fold them by hand

  18. You don‘t need this device. Just do it by hand, this method is even faster:

  19. If I could make it look neat and perfectly organized by hand I wouldn't be looking for one of these lol it's not about fast it's about organized

  20. It was her intelligence and her aversion to physical contact that was so similar to his. That's why it frustrated him the more she hung out with Penny and got more clingy to him.

  21. How long before they start cutting people from THAT place?

  22. See, my answer was yes to both. To each their own I guess. We all still got stabbed in the back at the end

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