1. Andrea would have had the abortion. Having her not do that was wildly unrealistic and completely political/cultural influence from the pro-life lobby.

  2. I always pretend I have an audience even if I don’t. Lol fake it til you make it. Because then whoever pops into my room sees me engaging and talking, rather than just sitting there. I tend to keep the conversation topic strictly about kinks I like/fetishes I like/etc; if people want to chat about everyday stuff I tell them they need to go private or exclusive for that. I’m polite but firm.

  3. I think this is smart. Many of the models on Streamate literally sit there silent until someone takes them private. And you can hear the beeps of people coming into the room. I know they are probably trying to avoid what you experienced-dudes getting off to you talking. But I think that is balanced out by the number of dudes that take you private because you DO talk and you seem friendly and not snobby or standoffish.

  4. I’m 47 and I absolutely refuse to do mom, stepmom, aunt, or anyone they are related to. And I still make a pretty good living.

  5. I caught a whale recently and I made $140 in one show from him last week and probably about $375 total from him over the week. And I stayed in bra and panties the whole time.

  6. Lol when you have so few viewers and no one is talking, you have to let them for your own entertainment.

  7. Honestly when I was on CB at the beginning of my cam career I used to think this way too. but with 3 more years of camming under my belt, if I could go back I would never have let them talk. I think it was part of how I never managed to properly “value myself” monetarily on CB. I had a lot of broke asses that LOVED ME and liked to chat, but not enough that paid serious money. And I should never have taught dudes they could talk to me for free.

  8. Honestly, I needed to hear this. I know that grey users help my numbers massively and I’ve made a couple of friends that manage to keep me entertained non-sexually while I’m on camera but that time could be better spent networking with those who do have the money to tip. I’m just scared of the drop in popularity I’d experience

  9. I don’t know how if blocking greys has any effect on your placement in the site, the algorithm, etc, but I doubt it. CB knows most of those dudes will never sign up and pay either.

  10. I’m sorry people got into a long argument instead of addressing your pain and answering your question.

  11. I agree with basically everything that’s been said here: it’s your job, it provides for her, she’s probably never been taught that sex work is work and now is the time. I really hope her therapist is sex-positive. I mean I REALLY hope so. And teenagers are little shits that want to throw everything back in their parents’ face.

  12. I have a pretty liberal policy on it because I don’t get very many. I find if I indulge one once in a while they are more likely to stay around. But all I usually say is something like “oh nice!” Or “is that for me?” And I don’t sext with them at all. If they try to sext I offer them a sexting package or try to push them to come see me on cam.

  13. There's actually no evidence that angel wing is caused by bread. That was a weird thing that appeared in the "Don't feed ducks bread" saga.

  14. This is a pretty bizarre statement. Angel wing in Canada geese in North America is pretty well known to be a metabolic disease caused by malnutrition (bread). This article cites malnutrition from bread and bread-like sources when birds are young as the cause of angel wing, and sources 8 other papers that say the same thing.

  15. It’s literally all genetics in my opinion. Like me, I feel like I can’t live without opiates it’s the only thing that makes me happy. But I can completely take or leave meth. I have a friend who’s the other way around completely. He doesn’t give a shit about opioids even after trying them, but he just can’t shake the meth it’s like his favorite thing. All comes down to drug of choice and what ur brain is wired to crave & enjoy i think

  16. Same. I used to do meth with my friend and she would leave the leftovers with me because if she took it home she would binge it until it was gone. While I might use a little here and there if I was going out but mostly it would sit in my closet.

  17. Jc. my point exactly. The only way to make a buck as a straight man is to go against my natural sexual preferences, unlike women. they arnt forced into homosexual acts to make a buck.

  18. They’re forced into heterosexual acts for the money. If it’s online work as you are talking about it makes no difference.

  19. exactly, as nasty as it would be I’d be capable of eating pussy for dope on my very worst day not suck dick. Women have a bigger market to play with

  20. For some women sucking dick is as gross to them as it is to you because they’re gay. There are WAY more lesbians in sex work than you are thinking there are.

  21. Everyone knows but my parents. The funny thing is I don’t think the sex part will bother them that much. It’s the way they won’t be able to brag to their friends about what a great career I have. The boougie community they live in is all about that.

  22. It was also ridiculous later when she met Alison again and Alison didn’t have noticeable scars. Alison was covered in bandages on her FACE after the fire. She would look like she was burned badly. But she looked normal too.

  23. Seriously.... 😒 This fucking pisses me off tbh. I have chronic pain and am unable to get a script of anything yet this asshat can feed his blatant addiction. Fml.

  24. Don’t be mad at this guy that he has it. Be mad at your bullshit government that has a drug poisoning problem and is pretending it’s an “opiate overprescribing” problem. Be happy this guy’s getting some. He’s not the cause of you not getting any.

  25. Sometimes this is just the site being messed up unfortunately. How long have you been getting this message?

  26. Is it just today? Or has it been happening before today? Or are you starting out on Streamate for the very first time?

  27. Wife beater. I don’t care what she did he’s bigger and has a long history of being an angry volatile rageaholic addict. I don’t trust men who get so angry they trash property. And if you do, then I don’t trust you either.

  28. Honestly I kind of enjoy playing along with them and wasting their time. I figure the more time they’re spending talking to me the less time they have to screw someone out of their money who’s desperate and in WD and might actually fall for it. If you want inspiration go to

  29. oh gosh, I know this is off topic but thank you for saying this. Our dog has dementia (diagnosed a year and a half ago), and has been pretty ok until the last couple weeks. She used to just pace for a couple hours at night, which was then well controlled with meds. Mostly normal during the day, if a bit checked out and… derpier than she used to be. It started escalating almost without us noticing because it was so gradual. Then it kind of went out of control. Two days ago, she paced all day until she fell asleep standing up and then fell down, slept for thirty seconds, and kept pacing. Repeat the next day. Didn’t sleep all night both days.

  30. You are absolutely doing the right thing for her. And it’s the hardest thing in the world. I’m so sorry. I think every one of us questions whether we did it at the right time. But inside you know. ❤️

  31. They had to prove that even though none of them had any non-white friends, they stood up for everyone, no matter what race, sexual identity, etc. Yet no people of color lasted more than a few episodes 🙄😡

  32. Were they doing this to get non white viewers? Were they doing it to fend off some criticism of the whiteness of the show? I never really understood it.

  33. I have no idea but it was one of the more ridiculous aspects of the show. The few times they did have black characters, they almost always needed to be "Saved" somehow or another. Happened about once every couple of seasons or so, starting in the first, when the Walshes had the new black neighbors and they made everyone but the Walshes uncomfortable. I don't think they could get away with what they did then in these times.

  34. I'm using white to mean she has social power....which means she has more leeway to act like a prick and have her fragility defended by her family & community. People who watch servant and think race has nothing to do with the story are very insecure. You are the one who took great offense to me saying being white is part of her identity. But it is.

  35. I'm white and I think you're totally right. Don't let those who don't understand racial politics get to you. Carry on with your accurate assessment of white dominance in wealthy American culture. Because it's true.

  36. I can see why these things were a factor, but ultimately I think Dorothy was going to want Leanne to go anyway because deep down she was never going to forgive her for what she thinks was Leanne kidnapping her baby.

  37. I do agree with you mostly. The biggest problem is we aren’t dealing with the same situation we were even like 7-8 years ago. When people were coming in here talking about taking some hydro or some oxy it would probably be dumb and there’s a good chance they’d end up on the addict road, but the chance they would DIE even early in their use wasn’t as high as it is now.

  38. True, who just jumps to murder when you hear someone’s baby died? Did she even try to find out the cause of death? I was under the impression she thought Dorothy stole a baby, but you’re right, she then asks if it’s Leanne’s.

  39. I think she knows the real cause of death and he didn't die in the car. Just like Leanne does and that's why she's so judgmental of Dorothy. We are being led to believe she just left the baby in the car but I'm quite sure it's something worse.

  40. It was rude, but showing up for a big meal at someone's house and not letting them know your food restrictions ahead of time is incredibly rude. Nancy should have brought flowers.

  41. Remember, at the block party he offered her ice cream and she said to him, sort of like he already knew "oh, no dairy for me." I think she told him she was vegan and he forgot.

  42. This is why I love Streamate. It’s totally the cultural norm there to block guys who don’t tip or take you private.

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