1. You can Google things before spending $1250 dollars and wasting everyone's time with posts like this.

  2. I’m having the debate between the 3.5” walther and a shield plus performance center right now.

  3. Glasses fit depends in part on how high up the elastomeric fits on your nose and the shape of your glasses. My wire rims with nose pads fit. But plastic rims that don't may have a harder time since they take up more space right on your nose bridge.

  4. I believe we may be witnessing the neurological impacts of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

  5. This is a weird and hilarious subreddit, but I approve of the message.

  6. That was super informative, I like the scientific explanation of things that otherwise were like magic to me.

  7. I was in the Novavax trials. I was glad to hear it performs well, and I got paid to get it. 😁

  8. You missed mix and match. I stuck with Pfizer for the first 3 but got Moderna for the 4th.

  9. I know that Powecom offers an individually wrapped option. I have some Blue 2D lying around as well for a smaller bifold.

  10. I think any of your students should know they can come talk to you if they need mask advice.

  11. This is not true, I was denied for it but they gave to my husband due to his history with asthma. Several other friends in their 40s have also been denied.

  12. I heard that you can't get anti-virals unless you're over 65 or immunocompromised, but I hope I'm wrong.

  13. DJT should have called them for a barge of KF94s, February 2020.

  14. I'm interested to hear if Ba1 formulated boosters will hold their edge against Ba4/5?

  15. And combined with BA2.12.2, 94% of US cases. All three variants feature mutations at residue 452, one of several key positions in the receptor binding domain that alters antigenic profile.

  16. You know, I struggled to come up with a decent retort to that, but really did not know if it was a joke laughing with me or at me, so... Jwiz84, which one was it? For me, I was expressing my fu attitude to a hypothetical in which I was in the shoes of OP, who was struggling with being stigmatized bc of wearing a mask.

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