1. Was eating my brefiss not 40 mins ago when I learned of a dude who has a gallente cosmos guide... look up Riley Entertainment on the YouTube. Hes got some neat content I'll be checking out tonight...

  2. This is exciting. Every morning my fiance watches another article on YouTube about some new horrific climate find. Those people sadly have less subs than they ought to. The people on the ground doing the work def arent the ones the IPCC let speak at their silly conference's.

  3. Sriracha doesn't even get to sit on my hot sauce shelf in the fridge. I recommend the hot cock sauce, its red and seedy and has garlic. Cant remember the name...

  4. Always wanted to try lvl 5 missions but haven't even tried the lvl 4 blockade mission.

  5. Level 4 blockade is bonkers in a vagabond. Dont recommend unless you enjoy the vagabond.

  6. deimos, good projection for a blaster ship, good tank, has great mouthfeel

  7. Being raised on religion seems to have given me that existential dread of death you speak of. Even now, nearly 30 years since turning my back on it all.

  8. I've been going out of my way for my entire adult life. I do not drive, recycle everything that is recyclable and have no intentions of having children.

  9. the caldari navy NPCs in caldari owned systems will chase down and kill any gallente players

  10. I'll pay an adblocker before YouTube. I'll pay a content creator before YouTube. Fuck mega corporations.

  11. For sure dudes a piece of shit, but that's between him and his mommy. Still shouldn't be banned. Block is for this type of player.

  12. Sadly I'm usually busy RL or in game when he streams, but it's always a good time when I can catch it.

  13. It would be if this were 2010. We live in 2023, where playing make believe with dice is what all the cool kids do.

  14. Energy drinks contain a load of other random chemical deliciousness. I no longer drink them as they're kind of bad for your body, just saying, I don't care what you do.

  15. Dunno bout your urban shithole, but mine is easily about 2/3s road. City of 1.5 million people and the meat suits cannot use fully 1/3 of the land. Seriously effed up. Be patient entitled driver, the entire rest of the pavement is yours.

  16. Methane scientists were not allowed to speak at the last copp. Perhaps there were good reasons, I find it alarming.

  17. If oil companies are fighting them, I assume it’s the right way to go. An even better way to go would be to reduce our dependence on cars (I’m in the US) and improve electrified public transit and bicycle travel infrastructure. We should also reduce the size of our vehicles. But with this being nearly a non-starter in most of the country (including where I live) the current and near future crop of EV’s will have to do.

  18. Electrified public transit and bicycle travel, the real unpopular opinion. People are lazy, most people wont cycle, no matter how easy you make it, and the current way we work in north America doesn't encourage it.

  19. Thunderchild are used during evictions to stop shuttles coming in. I saw once Stormbringers being used to blitz C3 sites and Skybreaker doesn't seem to be used at all but maybe it could be used as anti ECM drone boat for your logi.

  20. Skybreaker is strong tackle. Uh, havent been able to come up with anything better than that. Edencom line needs a redo.

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