Greg Abbott is a shitbag

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  1. Oh fuck yeah🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  2. How about I just watch you plow her?

  3. I'm ignorant to all of this. Is he better than Elon Musk? Because y'all have been riding his dick for years.

  4. Is homegirls OnlyFans worth the sub?

  5. I want those titties in or around my mouth

  6. have you looked at the motors, cables and pullies that make up your hands?

  7. No dude. It legit looks like a turbine.

  8. Hope this cripple rolls down a flight of stairs.

  9. Go HEAVY on the sweet 'n' sour sauce

  10. Infest The Rats' Nest is amazing

  11. I think they meant their friend became paralyzed after doing that same thing.

  12. Uncut with big balls is a great combination! You're a very lucky guy!

  13. Needs a hot warm mouth on it I like to suck the average cock because I know I can go balls deep 🫠

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