1. That is a good one! I just have some trouble choosing which type beat I could give it for posting on youtube and stuff

  2. Love your voice, maybe some mixing and mastering to make it stand out more in the mix. Like removing some dead space (like inhaling before you rap) to clean it up a bit. I might have a boombap beat that you would sound good on, if you are down to try. But anyway keep this up my man!

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely working on mixing now. I kinda had no concept of it before lol.

  4. Thats good man!! You can hit me up if your interested in that beat on IG @simonmtb_

  5. Love the production on this, and the female vocal goes really well with the vibe / tone of the track.

  6. I love the beat man. How long have you been producing. Like many other the little vocal sections are awesome. Also the woosh transitions before the drop are nice. Keep up the good work. also we should work together if you want

  7. I think I have been producing on and off for around 4 years now. Good to hear your like it, yeah man I would be down to work together. You contact me on Instagram @Simonmtb_

  8. Love the beat that you choose for this song, your voice sound very good on it. Do you have an Instagram where I could contact you? Anyway keep this up man !!

  9. I would not have guessed that this was made only on an Ipad. Great work my guy, it is very well produced. Keep making stuff like this!!

  10. Feels like something I might listen to when I am trying to fall asleep. The lofi feel was well made and sounds vert clean overall. Keep it up!

  11. I never listen to Hard Rock, so my knowledge is very listen but i this sounds dope man!! Very impressive that you can sing like this, so keep it upp!

  12. Love the vibe man!! I could see myself wonder of listening to this. I feel lik the video really fits well with it. Keep this up!!

  13. Love the music video man! It has a lil weird vibe to it that makes it interesting. Keep working on your craft man!!🔥

  14. Always looking for these kind of beats, keep making them!! I don’t know what instrument that is exactly I’m hearing in beginning, i know it’s a horn and I appreciate that! Lol I’m a saxophone player !!

  15. Appreciate it man! Still looking for someone to hop on it so if your interested you can always let me know!!

  16. Thank you for your feedback !! I will definitely look into that. Appreciate you listening 💯

  17. This sounds really dope, love the feel the song has. Your voice is professional mixed and sounds very clean. Are you down to work together sometime in the future? I think we could make some fire. Anyway keep this coming man!

  18. Just like your other i really like it! love the overal sound and the beat you choose for this project. Keep it up, love to hear more of your stuff in the future

  19. Yo man this sounds dope! your voice sounds dope on the beat and is mixed and mastered well. Do you have an IG where i could contact you? I would love to work with you! Anyway keep this up man

  20. Dope beat man! Love the drums you put under it. I am a producer myself, maybe we could do a collab once if you are down. Lmk on insta @ simonmtb_

  21. nice job on the sample!

  22. Really good stuff man! Really dug the samples and vox in there. Those chords work really well to help the vibe out too, very classic sounding

  23. Yes it is man, i think they have a pretty different feel to it since the song is a bit more sad.

  24. Great work gives me some JID vibes. You mind linking the sample you used?

  25. Sorry just now saw your message. It is indeed Dark in the night, it just popped up on my recommended and thought why not.

  26. This is awesome! Really creative choice for a sample too. Would love to hear some bars over this. I'm no rapper, but might try to experiment with this one a bit. Great stuff though, you should be proud!

  27. Feel free to experiment on it man! I you would make something i would love to listen to it!

  28. What a crazy sample up front. Totally unexpected sound. Super lo-fi which makes it feel dark and unsettled. The beat is a little too simple for my personal taste. Especially since the song is looping, I’d love more variety. The vocals to this track are very unusual. More like a musical instrument than a melody. I like that for this track. I’d love to hear this track develop a little more. Right now, it is a bit hypnotic and repetitive. I wonder where it could go from here. Thanks for letting all of us hear what you’re doing.

  29. Thanks man, yeah its only a beat so with some vocals on it it would spicy it up a bit and add variations. But i understand where you are coming from

  30. Like it man. You have a great voice for this style of rap, like the lyrics and think you have great potential. Do you have an IG?

  31. Love the song man it goes hard. Do you have an Instagram where I could contact you? I am a producer and I think I have some beats for you that you might like. Anyway keep that energy up man!

  32. Im a producer myself and think a rapper could really go to work with this beat. Love the bounce it has and is overal good mixed man.

  33. I agree with someones else advice about bringing the vocals up a bit but it overal sounds very good. Love the vibe it has, keep it up!

  34. Well I think it sounds dope! I normally dont listen nor make Rock so I no little of it but I do know when something sounds cool. Sorry for not real feedback but I say keep it up!!

  35. You did more than just a trap beat man. And thats a good thing, this sounds dope. What type of beats do you make mostly?

  36. Thanks man! I appreciate that, I wasn’t sure if it was a bit too whack or fit in in that style. I usually make techno, DNB and generally heavier stuff

  37. Haha yeah I thought that you would make something more dirtier. Well you did great on this one man

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