1. Yeah, but I suppose that's much better than the "never talk to you again" zone. If my fish can at least be friends, I'll be satisfied.

  2. Yet worse is the “bite the shit out of you until you die” zone.

  3. Are you in your teens/early 20s? This just sounds like immaturity and selfishness on their part. I get people can’t control a lot of what they react to, but they can be kind about it. If they understand how much pain you’re in they should be the ones stepping away when you have to put a joint back in its socket, not you.

  4. Patient ought to just change their gender on paper, and see if the script goes through.

  5. It’s not like that’s an easy thing to do in red states (or any state); you don’t just go to the DMV and press a button, and in many states you need surgery for them to change your gender marker on your ID (which is where your insurance gets it from, and that’s how Drs offices mark your gender/sex).

  6. Did you try apoquel? My last Akita was on it for life, helped a lot.

  7. Yeah, sounds similar to me. I started out looking into my gi issues first and found out that was just the tip of the iceberg. Gi issues are very prominent in MCAS. Honestly, I'm surprised you're on gastrocrom already if it was mostly respiratory for you, but at least you've got that head start. You should look into reducing your dietary histamine.

  8. Yeah, the Dr who put me on it probably did so thinking I had GI issues from it as well (or at least exacerbated by it).

  9. Given your ED history, maybe instead of doing a low histamine diet, you could try and actively include foods that have antihistamine properties? Like rather than cutting things out, instead try adding some extra things in? I did that and used information from the Healing Histamine website to figure out which foods are actively beneficial for MCAS. It worked pretty well. That website has information on foods that naturally work as H1 and H2 blockers and/or mast cell stabilizers.

  10. I’m checking that website out now, are most of the foods mentioned in their e-books or is there more (free) info on the website itself?

  11. Symptoms since 12. Diagnosed w psoriasis 6 years ago, PsA 4 y ago. I’m 45.

  12. Well, if you keep raising wages you have to increase the pricing of your product or service. For me, $30/hr for employees would mean I’d need to raise prices significantly, to the point I’d had to let workers go.

  13. Or you could pay yourself what you pay your employees. Or you could keep wages at $20 but make the business a coop so everyone profits when the business profits.

  14. It’s a violation of our 4th amendment rights against un-reasonable search and seizure. Police can’t just stop you for no reason, and question you.

  15. If you were walking down the street this would be true (see: NYPD) but when you get a drivers license you agree to a contract where you can be breathalyzed at any time.

  16. Exactly, and “unreasonable search and seizure” refers to our homes and private property, IIRC. It doesn’t mean “while doing whatever tf we want, possibly endangering others in the process.”

  17. It is here, and I’m thinking of applying to have it if I need it. I’m tired of being in mortal agony (no pain management, I’m aging and my comorbidities make me miserable)

  18. You should be able to get palliative care and adequate pain control without the “oPiaTe EpiDeMic” interfering with that, as well as adequate money and housing, but the fact that you don’t means it should be your choice.

  19. No. Flat out no. I spent most of my life suicidal. Even failed to kill myself a few times. The thing is this was unmet needs. I live with cancer. Will until I die. I have no spine in places. Bone shards in my diaphragm. My body is a mess because as the tastiest human pudding I have a lot wrong both from surviving things that are none of your business and eds. Also the other rare genetic stuff I deal with.

  20. I don’t agree w your position, but it’s def not selfish to want to live.

  21. I see the boxer square nose mixed with the Akita.

  22. Great. Another important autoimmune disease prescription is about to become impossible to fill for the stupidest reasons.

  23. Your fern and your lucky bamboo cannot live fully submerged, if you keep them underwater they will eventually rot

  24. I bed non-submersible plants could be sharp enough: even Monstera leaves are thick enough that one pointy bit could snag a fin.

  25. LOL guess she didn’t read the warning on the package of Olestra potato chips.

  26. Look at that perfect use of Rule of Thirds/Golden Ratio!

  27. Okay! Thank you so much! I love ruby and sapphire so much! Also would you like to see the tank?

  28. Those are the cutest names. Is the whole tank itself called Garnet?

  29. LOL because I’m queer and therefore Steve Universe is mandatory watching

  30. hasn't kicked in physically. bloods says it has, 9 weeks in... my blood results show I've gone from an inflammation count of 22 to 11, with normal range of 1-4, but it's taking so long and my quality of life is one level above housebound.

  31. Starting leflunomide also halved my CRP but I didn’t notice ANY difference in my pain…I’ve heard for some people numbers can’t be relied upon and clinical symptoms are more helpful to track. I’m still on it cuz I couldn’t take sulfasalazine and didn’t want to take mtx because I was considering getting pregonant….I’m on Stelara too now and that has helped a lot but my numbers are still high so I feel like numbers maybe don’t always tell you what’s going on accurately. My rheum agrees.

  32. We showed him a few times yesterday and then he got it. I tried again today to see if he remembered but he prefers to chew it all out 😂I think treats that have a strong scent would give him some more motivation

  33. He doesn’t seem to get it yet. That’s cute how you showed him and then he went right back to trying to chew the hole open.

  34. Allergy to anti inflammatory like NSAIDS? The next step after NSAIDS is usually MTX which is a DMARD. Then a biologic (if you are in the US, you will need to fail NSAIDS, PT, and DMARDs before most insurance will authorize).

  35. The insurance thing isn’t always true; I have relatively meh insurance (through the exchange) and I was able to go on biologics almost immediately because I had a family history of bad mtx reactions. If you’re of childbearing age you can also usually skip mtx if you’re going to try to conceive in the next year or so, as it’s very toxic to a fetus. But it works well for a lot of people, either by itself or in combo with biologics.

  36. I am worried that if I leave my job and go on ACA I may have an issue getting on my biologic through the new plan if they have different requirements. Been on mine with no issue with current insurance, worried how a new plan could impact that access.

  37. Some people have had probs with that but if you’re already on it? I’ve never had approval probs for any biologic myself, YMMV. You can read the explanation of benefits and pharmacy documents to see what is in or out of network.

  38. 22 hours! How could an 8 week old puppy hold it that long?

  39. 2 hour drive to Phx, 11 hours flying with a connection in between to NC, pickup, fly to Salt Lake City, connection, fly to Phx, drive 2 hours. Traveling* sorry aha

  40. Wow she did great it sounds like. Were you able to keep her in a carrier with you?

  41. LSD is far from a hard drug. It's impossible to overdose on (in the "experiencing any sort of lasting health issues or death as a result of the dose taken" sense, not in the more general "experiencing negative side effects as a result of the dose taken" sense) and you build an immediate tolerance to it where if you try to take it consecutive days in a row, each day you would have to double your dose making it extremely impractical to binge on. It usually takes between 3-7 days for this to go away.

  42. Only difference between party drug and dangerous drug is quantity and frequency used.

  43. Not really. The amount of people who have become end stage addicted and “ruined” or lost their lives because of using, say, acid or GHB, is much much lower than the amount of people doing that on crack.

  44. My wife can’t stand nasalcrom (causes pain) so they’ve experimented with just snorting a little of the oral liquid cromolyn and that seems to work.

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