Both Egyptians contestants raising Palestinian flag against their Israeli contender.

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  1. "Somebody THREW him into HOT OIL so today we're CLEANING him off and SAVING him because yesterday while he was dying we ADOPTED him"

  2. Is that SLJ playing Clarence Thomas?

  3. I had that game on my psp and the graphics and sounds felt out of a DS game

  4. Idk about the g but my old pontiac grand am stalled out on me once and never again

  5. Could also be tire pressure system sometimes. If a tire is low it’ll have that light on. Happened when I bought my g37 this year and we were nervous but we checked with a gauge and they were actually overinflated. Let some air out and the light went off

  6. The kids LOVE ID. They are not capable of thinking or comprehending the lyrics. My nephew who’s 5 is obsessed with Believer. And my niece who’s 8 listens to them in her free-time. They more or less enjoy the beats/sound/melodies

  7. I managed to dodge it until July of this year. Wild since I started a residential service job at the end of 2020 and go into at least 1 home a day

  8. I just realized I would pay to hear Jack blaxk song lazaretto or blue orchid

  9. I only ever played TM/head-on buy goddamn did I put HOURS into that game

  10. Or yeet a thermite at them. I’d assume drill charge too but haven’t tested it

  11. People have no idea because this doesn’t exist

  12. I mean he’s right when he says people are addicted to the drama but that doesn’t make him any less of an asshat

  13. being a support main in silver is so much fun I don't care what anyone thinks

  14. Does this woman not understand that c-sections are frequently done out of necessity?

  15. I got chat restricted for game so long ago this year I can’t find it on It’s literally the only game it uses as an example. Granted yes I was mega tilted in it and got angry in chat but why after so many months?

  16. The problem is that if they didn't adcs would just lifesteal back to full hp while the tanks abilities are on cd

  17. So buff GW it needs it anyways. Problem solved. Riot refuses to go back on their biggest mistakes. I was genuinely shocked when Chem tech soul was removed

  18. Yes, that’s a Sigur Rós music video for the song ‘Untitled 1’. Such a great music video!

  19. The blooper when Dennis and Mac are interviewing Charlie for his dating profile and Dennis tells Charlie to stop eating car food and Charlie asks why. Dennis says “because you are not a cat”. EDIT - my mistake, this is from Mac and Dennis Break up

  20. Aside from zarya, roadhog. Imagine he just spam hooks your entire team of squishies

  21. Still waiting for my white and red Spartan that I’ve used in every halo game smh

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