1. I went in store and bought it!! If you’re as fair as the picture on top then it’s going to look much more brown than the picture. I’m a medium skin tone I think (lol) and it looks pretty close to the pic on me. If you have Dior’s classic matte 772 then it’s like that but in the maximizer formula.

  2. That also happened at my old job. lol "We wanted to eat there before the concert we were going to on Sunday, and they were closed without telling anyone!"

  3. Our restaurant close at 7:30 pm right now since it’s the winter season but we start takeout only at 7:00 because we still have to clean and prep for the next day. I’m not taking a table of 2 at 7:25 because google map said we close at 7:30.

  4. Do separate order so you can get more sample and you get 4x the point on skin care product right now I think

  5. Girl you need help? Send me the card code 😂

  6. You either need the account information of whoever bought it or a receipt for a return. If you don't have the original payment you won't get cash back only store credit.

  7. I’m completely fine with store credit, I just feel awkward going in without receipt. And I don’t want to be rude and ask for the receipt

  8. I totally get that yeah but without a receipt or account under which the items were purchased, there's no physical way for us to confirm whether or not those products were even purchased at a sephora or not.

  9. I think I will call the day before I’m planning on doing the return and figure it out then

  10. I haven’t met a dietitian that will bill your insurance but if you are covered for dieticians under your plan then just find a registered one and make a claim after?

  11. I get $150 per dietitian visit, but I will phone the insurance company tomorrow to double check and look into more options

  12. what is the third product on the far right, top row? I just purchased the perfect whip cleanser. what do you think of it? I used it twice and my eyes were really irritated. Not sure if it was that or the new mascara I wore the night prior.

  13. Hi the blue thing is the foreo cleanser machine. I didn’t have any problems with the whip cleanser. I have oily combination skin and I quite like it, I say give it a week before decide how you feel about it

  14. seriously this is why im hesitant on upgrading to the pro 2s because of the same design. my app1 does the exact same shit and one barely charges half the time

  15. I got my nearly 3 year ago, I think it’s best to buy new because buying a one ear replacement is not worth it to me ( I’m setting up an appointment at apple first so I will keep you updated)

  16. Customer: Is your pho fresh? Me: No we make it in batches, it take 8h to prepare we can’t make a new pot every day

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