1. honestly i think part of it is the gate keeping, people not understanding what the terms mean, and some users having very unusual sense of fashion

  2. I agree! You look really balanced!! I would def check out Dramatic Classic & Soft Classic!! I personally think DC!!

  3. Idk what she is at all actually! Im just a stranger on the internet doing my best with what I see & offering another option for her to explore! Only the gal in the photos knows if shes YIN leaning. Its her body!!

  4. You commented under a post that stated she had a “clear yin influence.” I’m asking because I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from. There’s no reason to be hateful!! :)

  5. I think you’re most likely a SC, but I could see TR being an option. It’s hard to see if you have double curve from the way these photos are taken. Definitely not a SN. Every photo where you’re wearing SN lines, you seem a bit overwhelmed imo.

  6. Double curve is a fundamental aspect of the romantic family. It’s different than conventional curve. Your upper curve and lower curve sit on top of each other with little space creating a 8 or snowman shape. Your upper body curve will be a ( ) rather than a \ / shape. Here’s a

  7. You’re a SN. You’ve got a moderate to slightly short vertical. You’re frame dominant. You’ve got the classic \ / upper body curve of someone in the N family. I couldn’t see an argument for any other type.

  8. I loved sims 2 freetime. I always made my sims fix up a car. I thought it was such a fun feature.

  9. 22. I started following Enya when I was 14-15 starting high school and now I’ve graduated college and have a corporate job.

  10. Plus when you point it out, somebody always chimes in its a realistic body type or they know somebody who looks like that. I'm shocked none of your art teachers went over how to draw an anatomical correct body. No ones waist is narrower than their head ffs.

  11. There’s just so many teenagers on the main sub. You can’t convince them these photos are photoshopped and they act like you’re a hater if you point out the photoshop.

  12. $26/hr (1st internship) ———> 35/hr (2nd internship) ———> $58k, audit & assurance, LCOL. Rethinking my choices after reading some of these comments.

  13. If you’re getting ate up in the comments and circle jerk, maybe what you said was disrespectful. Learn from your mistakes instead of burying your head in the sand. Or literally just delete your post.

  14. I don’t think you’re an R or TR. You have an open back even at all weights and your arms don’t have the key fleshiness of the R family. Your back makes a \ / and not a ( ). You don’t need waist emphasis. You have a mix of frame and flesh. In these pictures, it looks like you have a moderate vertical in pictures. You look quite constricted in high necks and patterns. You look amazing in more open necklines, especially the pink off-the-shoulder top. You’re most likely a SC. SN would be my second guess.

  15. At 5’7, you can not be a TR or SN even if you believe you look short for your height. You only have three options at 5’7: D, SD, and FN. I’m not that knowledgeable on the taller types, but I think you’re FN. you seem to have blunt bones and width at your shoulders. You also seem overwhelmed in high necklines, which points to FN.

  16. No you’re probably an SD or curvy FN. 5’7 is too tall for an R even if you think you look short for your height.

  17. I am constantly surprised by the lack of drip in the Kibbe community, especially in my ID family. I think it’s very telling specific old Hollywood celebrities are so popular as examples when there’s a lot of great verified celebrities who don’t fit the narrative people want. It’s constantly feels like a contest between who’s more feminine. I didn’t use to do this, but I always check user’s Reddit history before i comment on posts. I find a surprising amount of body checking/ED content.

  18. The only two IDs i think are reasonably possible are SN or R, but I’m leaning towards R. I think you look considerably better in R/SN recommendations than SD ones. I think you’re too petite to be balanced the way SCs are. I think you shine better in thin straps and light-weight fabrics. If you feel that you have width, I think that width comes from flesh rather than your actual frame.

  19. Have never heard SG! What makes you say that if I may ask?

  20. I don’t see double curve. You look petite first and foremost, but have a mix of yin + yang features.

  21. Thanks! Sorry, I honestly didn’t know what were good or bad photos. I do have a long vertical line, because my head is very small compared to my body.

  22. I just noticed you said you’re 5’7. At 5’7, you can only be one of three types: FN, SD, or D. It’s pretty impossible for you to be an R or an SC. I’m sorry I gave you a completely wrong recommendation. I can’t read lol.

  23. It’s alright! I was looking at the different types and felt like soft dramatic could be me. I have a pretty long vertical line as well. Do you think that could work?

  24. It’s most likely you are! I’m not super familiar with the taller types though. I don’t think you’re an FN because you don’t have the open chest that Natural types have. I’d say you’re either an SD or D. Here’s a

  25. I can’t stand wheelchair Rapunzel. She’s been called out by other disabled tiktokers a lot. From what I remember, she use to hang out with a known sexual predator.

  26. I really think you’re an SD, but you might be an R. You have the flashiness in your arms that R family has. I can’t really tell if you have double curve from these photos. I don’t think you have the openness in your chest/frame dominance to be in the Natural family. My biggest concerns would be whether you have double curve & the fact you seem to have a stronger vertical than a typical R. I would try both lines and see what resonates with you.

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