1. Not to speak for someone else but I can hear my inner voice at a high pitch or low pitch or with a British accent if I’m reading Harry Potter for example … I take on the accents of others in the music in my head — It could sound male or female but it’s all me.

  2. Yes, also my close friends and family. When I read a text from one of them I can “hear” their voice “speaking” to me in my head.

  3. Oh gah — yea also that.. just never thought about it before. Absolutely

  4. Reddit is a perfect example of this for me. I hear all of the comments in my own voice.

  5. Go into the trades. Construction, hvac, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting etc.

  6. I was in a guitar shop this weekend and this dude working behind the counter said to one of his buddies “So, I listened to Nevermind by Nirvana for the first time yesterday. It was pretty good.” I almost fell over. Really made me feel my age

  7. Kurt has been dead longer than he was alive. His daughter Francis Bean is older than he ever was.

  8. In rehab they told us you stop mentally aging when you become addicted to drugs or go through a severe trauma. Most people there acted under 18 even though they were fully grown.

  9. My parents are in their 50’s now and still act like kids. They had their first kid (my sister) at 18. My therapist said the same thing about them stopping mentally aging at that age because they were thrust into adulthood. It really makes a ton of sense to me given their actions.

  10. Comfortable at 78-80F!?!? What the fuck is that!? Are your family members lizard people??

  11. Yeah I’d be unable to breathe and sweating while sitting lmao

  12. FR. It’s 25F outside where I’m at and my heats set to 65.

  13. I see this post every year or two, and every time, I'm happier than the last. We really need to focus on healthy traits and breeding bylaws that require some sort of certification/regulation.

  14. Change the standards and the rest will follow. It’s such an easy solution but nooooo. It’s really unbelievable

  15. Not much we can do for you here. You need a service call. These systems are very complicated and for most problems even the best technicians need factory tech support. Be sure that whoever comes out installs and services LG regularly.

  16. Yes. Ours currently has 5 under her possession. We call her the blanket monster. Adorable little thief.

  17. Mudflaps are a must unless you like washing your truck everyday.

  18. I might keep it as it is now for the memories. I've been saving money for a while now to get an Explorer and i'm quite close now to the amount of money that i'm willing to spend, so probably in March i'll be able to get the Explorer. As for this one, maybe in the future I repair it to play it again.

  19. Keep it. Fix it as best you can. You have nothing to lose now, use it to learn more about modifying guitars. Take it apart and put it back together. Drop in different pick ups. Set it up with high action and open tuning to use purely for slide. Remove all the frets. Just some ideas off the top of my head. Get weird with that fucker. If you fuck it up there’s no loss of it would just sit in a case anyway.

  20. I'm for sure gonna do this, do I need to cut gas to hot water tank too?

  21. Or just turn the thermostat on it all the way down so it doesn’t call for the burner. Then you don’t have to re light the pilot when you’re done testing.

  22. Man, I already learned this. Any brand you recommend? The prices are all over the place. Is there any benefit to the expensive ones?

  23. I don’t have the Sasquatch package so I’m not sure if the fit on yours will be any different but I got the Mabett ones. Install was easy, price was very affordable and they do their job. That being said I kinda wish I went with the factory Ford ones. The bolts are already rusting on mine and I installed them at the end of July.

  24. Keep on getting mud on the doors. There is a 90 dollar set on ford's site and a $500 set. I just want know if there is any benefit or if it's just cosmetic.

  25. I think it’s a bit of both. I was referring to the less expensive option. $500 for mud-flaps is unreasonable to me. From what I can tell you get either molded plastic or a flexible material with the badge at the bottom

  26. Nothing mind blowing but definitely scratches the itch. Love the wango tango sauce.

  27. Ok, but where did you add the wood chunks? I hope you didn't put them in the auger.

  28. This pellet grill has a separate smoke box you can fill with wood chunk in addition to burning pellets.

  29. I got run over by a car last June and walking on the sidewalks, through parking lots or any other place where there’s moving cars and I’m on foot has been really hard. I just feel like it could happen again at any moment. Every car is out to get me.

  30. I went to see death cab for cutie last night and my phone was telling me to go to bed before they even came on the stage

  31. How was it!? I’m seeing them this summer when they come to my state

  32. You think the steel itself will be enough to last a few months? Assuming I'm any good at smoking meets I planned on getting a new one after trying this guy out for a bit.

  33. That also looks like galvanized steel which is toxic when heated. It need to be food safe and if it’s not you gotta get it out of there.

  34. Now it’s a remote controlled 45 degree angle drill for those tough to reach places!

  35. Don’t you worry. She will make up for the lost time. They all act like they’re the most unfortunate neglected little creatures lol

  36. Rub on it with a fresh sharpie and immediately wipe away with a dry cloth

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