1. Pretty sure those are regular infantry, marines I think. Mobiks never have armor support.

  2. Really? Mentioning Zelenskyy and that screaming authoritarian psychopath Jobs in the same paragraph...?

  3. As an American this shit is frustrating. I'm so glad the UK has broken all the barriers and were the 1st to announce tanks, and now possibly aircraft.

  4. Re Vietnam: it was the Soviet Union, not ruZZia :P Big difference, I'm told /s

  5. The armor is not the only thing not approved for export on our tanks. It has different optics, sensors, and engine. Etc.

  6. Really? An even worse engine, fuel efficiency & maintenance -wise? Boggles the mind! :)

  7. Zero hesitation. This is a man that loves his people! Very humble in his humanity.

  8. Well, he did have that protracted exercise in snap decisions last year...

  9. Wish we could normalise not using capital letters when referring to putin or anything russian.

  10. How DaRe you to dehumanize the genociders /s

  11. Dude playing some 4d chess, which is amazing considering all the Republicans who claim he's got dementia. Well, the dementia guy checkmate you dumbasses. What does that say about you?

  12. Biden is a lifelong political shark; by now he could work politics even with a detached cortex. His gaffes and 'dementia' are instinctual (or cultivated) subterfuge

  13. I try to think of this as homage to the eternal confusion between Balkan and Baltic :) I... try... help!...

  14. Damn - I didn't believe I can still be surprised after 1 year of this topic. Bravo!

  15. Because it excludes those fvcking 'too big to fail' banks, the scourge of society

  16. She willed herself to live through the inevitable to fight this time.

  17. No joke - old-timers have seen everything, have nothing left to prove/lose and the attitude shows. My 90yo rabidly anti-Soviet grandma, after the death of her husband, says (in completely casual tone, mind you) she's living day-to-day for, and I quote, "to see Putin hang [on TV]" (like Italians said during WW2 about Mussolini). She really enjoys 'drone drop' videos written on USB stick and shown via smart TV.

  18. That dude turned out to be as memorable as the 'ruZZian warship, go...' guy. Started humbly, exploded later.

  19. 'Captured' is much more important and practically counts as double

  20. Trust me, fascists are excellent at doublethink. They'll twist this around so that they both support it and don't support it; probably screaming that the studio was "forced" and showing it as proof of the "gender Marxist lobbyists", then rave about the game and how "revolutionary" it is with its 4 inventory slots and early 2000s menu styles.

  21. Wow, this sub is really as if all the patients of an asylum escaped and then kept in touch via Reddit. Can I haz my complimentary ban now?

  22. No, courtesy of the online leftist trans activist community that absolutely hates JKR because she's a "TERF".

  23. Those are the peeps who huddle in the top-left corner of the Political Compass: authoritarian left, aka "you will eat our progressive ideas or be ostracized!1"

  24. I got banned from whitepeopletwitter for pointing out IN ANOTHER SUBREDDIT that one of the mods was in charge of like 250+ subreddits.

  25. Wasn't the mod that Merina01 (sp?) powertripper SJW?

  26. 30 vehicles a day (eventually) keeps ruZZia away

  27. More going according to the plan of the suicidal offensive by the great Russian 155th marines in Vuhledar.

  28. Which ones? I seem to remember their personnel was 'changed' several times already :)

  29. The bucket is supposed to be the impressive part, but if you've ever done dry wall before, you know that his knife work is at least as impressive.

  30. The best part for me was some poor earthly anon dejectedly eyeballing this god of mud at the end of the video :)

  31. It would hurt the look of this gorgeous tank. (I prefer the boxy turret of the 2A4 over the wedge turret of the 2A5 and up.)

  32. Awful lot of combat detail. And no revenue from a Wordpress site.

  33. No, unfortunately the internet has documentation. I extremely and seriously DO NOT recommend searching for them.

  34. The sad truth is that for Putin 800 lives really don't matter, he's happy to throw away many times that number each day if it works.

  35. Given it's taken them four months to take Soledar and they haven't taken Bakhmut yet I'm very skeptical they can capture all of Donbass by the end of March. Even if they do manage it, it will take a lot longer than that.

  36. Just wait until Ukraine finally rushes Kreminna and stabs the Great Spring Landgrab in (logistical) ass :)

  37. Corruption and, as I understand it, incompetence in allocating human resources: trained pilots being assigned to the infantry, trained artillery troops being assigned straight to infantry, etc.

  38. Wait, isn't that (famously) a ruZZian problem?

  39. It sounds like there's other reasons for replacing Oleksii. Oleksii did a fantastic job rounding up the allies and securing arms shipments but I can see the rationale that he is a lawyer and should not be a wartime leader and the position should be staffed by a defense-minded person. The change to Kyrylo Budanov makes logical sense.

  40. No one is debating the legality, but it’s fair to have the opinion that it’s really creepy

  41. Hey - 'love is love', no bigotry needed :)

  42. Just coming out of a Fallout 76 session, this pic sure triggered an IRL physics glitch deja vu :)

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