1. I feel all of this. Sometimes I feel like something in my programming isn't right and I can see through the illusion enough to know something is wrong. The only thing I can do is tell myself that even though nothing makes any sense and reality doesn't seem to be "real" I might as well just keep going on this terrifying ride anyway. It helps knowing others are feeling the exact same things as I am. There is still cause and effect in this reality that remains firm.

  2. i have always since a kid said “i have faulty code” and i’m actually wanting to get it tattooed in like a digital clock font. anyways things seem so fake that i’m waiting to just break free and have control over my reality. that’ll be the day.

  3. 25M here and I feel the same. It’s paralyzing in the sense of it makes you not even want to open your eyes in the morning.

  4. i spend most of my days asleep. i prefer the dream realm over this madness of a world we live in

  5. I FEEL YOU. Some days my brain is supercharged and it won't shut up. Every feeling is intense, every sound is way too loud, every dull moment makes me feel like my life is empty and meaningless. When I feel like I'm focusing on something that ISN'T super intense, I think of ways to start fights etc to create intensity. And man is it hard to break out of that. It's like my brain just gains more and more momentum until it crashes in the form of me snapping at someone or making self-destructive choices, and then I feel even worse.

  6. i find it hard to do anything these days with how bad its getting, i feel like my world is fake or that i’ve died or am dying. it takes all my energy just to be alive and i don’t know why it has to be this way.

  7. contact a sexual assault hotline, talk it out with someone who can help you. they are a great resource truly. stay safe and strong hun.

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