1. All politicians whose policies are based on their religious beliefs need to all get to fuck. It’s 2023 man this is a depressing state of affairs.

  2. Nobody who takes their religion seriously can separate from their political beliefs

  3. The number of divorced adults was 3000 in 1971 and 90000 in 2021, that is a remarkable increase. An adult is 30 times more likely to be divorced today than in 1971

  4. I know they have branches here, I know someone who was a member at one point, but most of their members are based in the states, their logo literally has the American flag in it and their headquarters are in New Jersey

  5. There was lodges of AOH parading in Toome for St Pats this year

  6. Lots of conspiracy nuts reading Russian propaganda pushed by bots on social media and think they know "whats really going on" same dopes that think covid and global warming is a myth, and Bill Gates is the antichrist.

  7. Reading the comment section of the Irish times would make you think they are all supporting Russia as a liberator. I hope it’s Bots and not actual people

  8. I think in the main settings there's an objects tab and you can toggle everything. Its been a while since I've played though.

  9. Thankyou for the help, i can see that you can go to setting and uncheck the box for procedure generated planets but it is still showing them in the solar system browser section while still not displaying it graphically. It makes it difficult to browse through and fine exoplanets that are real using the solar system browser as it will still bring up procedure generated exoplanets

  10. The other two thirds of demand could be covered by solar too with economical storage. Battery costs are fast dropping so this too is becoming a realistic prospect

  11. You could buy a lovely new one bed apartment in Dublin for that

  12. Call me old fashioned and out of date but I do not think wanting a policy where you can control who enters your country make you Nazi

  13. What is the Labour Party plan for controlling who can enter the country?

  14. You can disagree with the majority of a nation's people and still believe they have a right to sovereignty.

  15. I dont see living as non muslim under hamas being much fun

  16. Zealots everywhere are selfish. Doesn't matter what book they justify their rules from it's all just different flavors of shit.

  17. So are we now at the stage that if you do not call somebody by their chosen pronoun you get the sack?

  18. It really depends tbh, I remember reading a hadith that said that Adam as was 60 cubits tall (about 90 ft) .

  19. When does the hadith date the adam and eve story? have there been any discoveries of ancient skeletons around 90ft tall? average stone age man is estimated to be 5ft4 based on skeletons discovered which is shorter than today which on average is 5ft9.

  20. Hard to dispute that the Christian right are attempting to put in place their own version of Shariah law, especially with regard to LGBTQ+ rights and democratic principles generally.

  21. It's interesting how the most religious nuts love to ignore the religious commandment to not kill, one of the most important commandments, if not the most.

  22. You can’t kill other religious nut jobs that believe exactly what you everyone else is fair game

  23. Not nearly as often as you’d think. There are tons of Christians in the Middle East who still carry the pork taboo.

  24. As much as Ukraine. You preparing defense against my invasion is an aggressive threat against me so I must invade now before you can stop me from invading later. Its your fault, Why are you making me do this to you?

  25. Part of that same social contract for people to have kids is that people can afford rent, health care, childcare, education from working 40 hours of non specialised work. There would certainly be a lower rate, but I don't believe we'd be looking at the same looming crisis as we are now if that contract were upheld. I believe most people would actually like to raise a family but the pressures now are intense.

  26. When did our ancestors have a social contract for any of them things? healthcare, childcare and education were very rare luxuries for the vast majority the populations for the vast majority of human civilazation. In many less developed countries they dont have these today but are able to maintain and grow their population. Two possible changes that i think have been leading to a lower birth rate is a change in mindset to more indivualism and a less religion.

  27. Interestingly, the most recent poll of people in Northern Ireland showed 27% support, 50% opposed. So this poll suggests that Irish unification is more popular in Great Britain than it is in Northern Ireland.

  28. Always has been as NI is a net cost for the UK as a whole

  29. To be honest America should be the ones negotiating peace, so that Ukraine keeps all of its territory. Putin wants security, not land.

  30. NATO Baltic states are closer to Moscow than Ukraine

  31. Another difference was a return to normal trading with the rest of Europe and the USA, Russia want have this

  32. Oh good, that means we have half a trillion pounds to save the economy with right now, right? Right? Guys? We fixed the roof while the sun was shining, right guys?

  33. Only if you tax those who would have other wise had to pay the tax to match the spending

  34. And where do you think most of that half a trillion pounds has gone to? I don't know. Wouldn't be someone's pockets would it? Like, maybe people who are running the country who have their own businesses who directly profit off of them running the country? Im sure this sub has a number of links to references about this. Feel free to post them. Would be interesting.

  35. It has gone to whoever would have had to pay the taxes to fund the spending

  36. David Campbell could sue the BBC for defamation if he let it go on

  37. By that logic, all SF members could sue the BBC everytime a unioinst politician or loyalist "spokesperson" utter the phrase SF/IRA.

  38. The proper way to do this is to hammer out the bricks individually starting from the top down

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