1. There's a spot that doesn't drain next to the bus stop near my house.

  2. Public transport lot....I think the phrase in current use is 'bus wankers'. Sorry.

  3. I've been getting them recently and I'm 100% sure I told them I don't need to be contacted anymore as I've had lens replacement surgery.

  4. Cats are territorial. One way to stop cats coming into your garden is to get your own big tomcat. He will chase and fight off all intruders.

  5. That was the original plan before all started last week. but these cat people said not to until it was sorted because I’d just be down the vet all the time with a cat who’s been in fights whilst it staked it’s claim.

  6. The RSPCA will step in, remove most and make sure all of them cannot breed.

  7. Many new bikes are sold with insurance, and you get insurance cover if you're a member of 'British Cycling'. Believe it or not, many cyclists are already insured.

  8. Most cycles would contribute the same vehicle excise duty they do now too, if they were taxed like cars

  9. The duty is about fuel use, and it's mostly council tax that pays for roads. Many motorists are under the impression that 'road tax' makes them somehow more entitled to be on the road, as they pay for them, which simply isn't the case. In addition, a huge majority of cyclists are also motorists, so if it was the case, they'd be paying anyhow. In fact, many early cycling organisations paid for some roads to be surfaced in the first place, before the car came along.

  10. When you're doing the same thing for long periods you can become complacent and lazy. In addition, professional drivers often look down on regular motorists and don't respect them. They're just in the way of getting the job done.

  11. People surf where there's surf. One of the more famous breaks is called 'The Shit Pipe' located at Thurso in the very North of Scotland. Also in the very North of Scotland is Sandwood Bay, which is possibly the best beach in the UK, but the water is cold, and it's a good hike to get to. Surfing is mostly done in Cornwall, Devon and South Wales, as those are the beaches facing the Alantic, and the weather is somewhat warmer.

  12. The only real choice in this election is to refuse to vote! Both candidates are utterly unqualified and in the pockets of old money. UK citizens deserve better!

  13. I remember it being on the radio in the morning. A lot of people were upset. He was a much loved entertainer and he was comparatively only young. His films used to be on Saturday mornings, so a lot a children grew up with him on TV. He wasn't just a music star for teenagers and adults.

  14. Getting drunk on all inclusive drinks, they must be lightweights. Complain to the rep, get yourself moved to another (nicer) hotel.

  15. It seems that he wants to serve, in the highest sense. And has the capacity for it.

  16. Ironically, the fundamental purpose the Kaylon were created for is to serve, he's carrying out that programming. It's what he was designed to do.

  17. It's time they change the record. I went on the Jet2 holiday, the 737 was probably the most basically equipped passenger jet I've ever been on. The seats were like that of a bus, there was no screen or entertainment, and nowhere to plug in any electronics. It was the least they could get into an aluminium tube and get away with calling it a passenger aircraft. Ryanair are almost luxurious by comparison.

  18. Get an allotment, and grow your own fruit and veg. Keeps you fit, and you'll meet other gardeners. Early mornings, evenings and weekends. Healthy, cheap, great food, good for the environment.

  19. Everyone rushed out to enjoy the hospitality, only to realise it wasn't the same, as a ton of staff had disappeared, the prices had shot up, and drinking and smoking at home in the garden was often more pleasant and far cheaper. The weather has been great of BBQ's, why got down the pub? It's been very hot, nightclubs must have been like saunas. People are terrified of their mortgages, rent rises and energy bills, restaurants and pubs are going to suffer. Lastly there's Disney + and all the other streaming services. When you add up the Ubers, the rounds, the kebabs, and entry prices, you can get through a pile of cash very easily.

  20. You can drive any car, whether you can afford the insurance, and actually 'drive' it is another matter. Only new motorcyclists are restricted by engine size.

  21. Mate, there will be other football pitches that you can practice on. And i'm assuming that your college's football academy is still just amateurs playing for fun - there's no need to get that stressed about it. Ok, if you were training for the olympics and couldn't the local track that would be a big deal.

  22. He shouldn't have to. The travellers have no right to be there, and when they've gone I wouldn't recommend doing any sliding tackles.

  23. Large urban roundabouts, full of trees, are often overlooked, and a good place for an undisturbed kip. You don't have to wander about all night.

  24. Depends on the snake. If you illegally own a large King Cobra, it be described as a bit mad.

  25. Marvin's only a gentle ball python, so he's very docile and just tends to hang around and act like he's stoned pretty much 99% of the time lol

  26. The King Cobra is the world's largest venomous snake. The largest one is recorded at almost twenty feet long. It almost exclusively eats other snakes, such as pythons and others of its own kind. Owning one and taking it for a walk would be unwise.

  27. Have you expressed an interest in a new car? If not, report. This calling activity is now illegal. The reason it goes on is because people don't report it.

  28. Because they are often poorly implemented, intermittent, full of wheelie bins, parked cars, taxis, buses, clueless pedestrians on their phones, dogs on extended leads, litter, road signage, and there's a lower speed limit. The road is often well maintained, obstacle free, and you can keep up a decent speed and momentum. Some of the cycling infrastructure is a joke.

  29. As someone who sometimes works at Sci Fi conventions, looking after and driving special guests, I've met a ton of them. All of them are very nice and often great fun. I can almost claim I've been a companion of The Doctor a few times. I've looked after a few from GoT too.

  30. Where do I get one of these, and what is in it....other than the flies?

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