1. Just a correction Miguel and Aitana Broke up in December, Danna Paola had been dating a singer called Alex Hoyrr for. Around 2 years now and Itzaes had been dating a girl for a couple years too.

  2. Worldwide I think Nadia and Guzman And Omar and Ander in season one we’re very popular in Spain. In season 2 Carla and Samuel but I don’t think they’re always as remembered as the other couples that were there since the beginning

  3. Elite ended after season 3 and first set of short stories. Luckily a lot of people agree with that 😂

  4. I would say Nadia because there’s some similarities with Guzman in season 1. Only thing that Guzman have some redeeming qualities. I could say maybe Isadora, Caye, Ari, etc together

  5. NADIA & VALERIO AND POLO & ANDER HANDS DOWN. I think about Ivan and Carla alot too

  6. I really don't know what you mean.🙈I feel sorry for the new cast. They've gained very few followers, and Netflix isn't promoting them either. Manu is definitely a favorite of the streaming service.

  7. That’s true. At least the blancos gained some followers. The new ones gained very little but at least they all got paid

  8. She is beautiful. I only watched the last season for her. But for me she it’s still Mina/Nadia then her then the rest.

  9. It’s pretty obviously implied, yeah! I still don’t think she’s a lesbian tbh, to me she always had bisexual vibes. (Before someone quotes that scene where she says she’s gay gay at me - yes I say that stuff too and I’m bisexual lol)

  10. I’m bi and I said that all the time too because girls but yeah I think rebe could be bi because she always was outspoken about enjoying sex with men

  11. I have no idea why i should watch elite from wish. This will be the same shit like the korean la casa de papel

  12. People try to defend Guzman for murdering because they think it’s good he killed a pedophile, but some morons don’t take into account that Guzman didn’t even know who Armando was. You can separate being happy Armando was killed but also should criticize Guzman’s actions behind it. The fact that Guzman thought killing a guy he barely knew was the appropriate action to stop him is horrifying but unsurprising. Guzman nearly killed the kid who gave his sister HIV, Guzman beat Nano with a baseball bat, and Guzman nearly bashed Samuel’s head with a drink bottle. At least Polo wasn’t that malicious when it came to his ONE violent outburst. Yes he almost did it again to Ander on Halloween but showed restraint and self control to stop himself

  13. Do you really think Guzman wanted to kill that man? It was and accident. He didn’t even used a weapon, I don’t even think he would have died that fast irl

  14. When it comes to Guzman people make a lot of excuses for him killing. it is true that Armando was a pedophile, but Guzman wasn’t aware of that until after the killing so some of you need to stop pretending Guzman is noble with his intentions. Guzman ran up to Ari and Armando and rightfully deduced the beating, Ari may have asked him to stop him from running away but she never asked him to murder for her. Also idk who needs to hear this but what Guzman did wasn’t self-defense. Armando beat him up and tried to run away. Guzman called on him and shot, Guzman at that point wasn’t in any immediate danger since Armando wasn’t charging at him armed (he was running away). If you justify Guzman killing because Armando beat him up, just imagine how many times we could justify Guzman getting killed for beating up so many people during his arc. Look at the context between Guzman and Polo’s murdering. Guzman has nearly killed before but was stopped so this type of thing is a norm, Armando being killed was because no one was there to stop him - and it was by far the most intentional and concious murder we’ve seen from the show. Polo had a lapse in sanity after Marina taunted his insecurities. Polo isn’t a saint, he still continued to be friends with Guzman after killing his sister. He let Nano go to jail. But Polo ended up being remorseful and was willing to turn himself In. Guzman left on vacation and left Samuel and Rebeka to deal with the Armando stuff, and Samuel got arrested and Guzman couldn’t even pay for his bail from afar. Aside from that, Guzman is racist, classist, homophobic, and has more frequent violent outbursts than Polo. Guzman is a misogynist to Lu and Ari. He used Nadia as his moral compass so the writing could justify he was a better person and no longer a racist, but he still couldn’t defend her from Lu. He treated Polo like a slave and tried to make him dependent on him.

  15. Guzmán didn’t intended to kill him. Was he used wasn’t even a weapon. It was an accident and he wanted to turn himself, he looked scared. Polo didn’t wanted to kill Marina but he did wanted to hurt her and take the watch.

  16. Samuel definitely disappoints in the last seasons and short stories. I don’t even liked Samuel that much but Samuel from season 1 and 2 was much more mature, he would never do some things he did.

  17. Lu should be in the bottom with all the other murderers, all of her plans backfire on her. I think none of them ever worked. And if it’s only school smart she should be after Nadia.

  18. In my opinion Lu, Lu did bad things to Nadia when Nadia haven’t done anything to her. Lu usually made bad things even if she was not going to get any benefit out of them, just to make people suffer. When Carla did bad things was to protect herself or other people, she doesn’t enjoy making fun of other people or bullying. (She defended Yeray and was one of the only rich kids that didn’t made fun of Nadia, Samuel and Christian in season 1) Also Lu commuted murder, even if it was an accident, it’s worse than anything Carla did.

  19. I don’t find anything to enjoy but at this point the show reputation is already ruined so I don’t care if they cancel it or not

  20. She is just white and sexualized. Her character was interesting in season 1 but was quickly watered down after that

  21. Lu doesn't have a reason to be respected. She shit on everyone who wasn't Guzman, especially the poor new kids

  22. She even shit in Guzman sometimes, she insulted Marina and Guzman’s das when he went to jail

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