1. Each tier has it’s own pool of add-ons. That means even though GBP/now BoxyCharm opens earlier, they won’t be able to buy everything Ipsy has available IF it’s something available to both bags. Sometimes an add-on will only be available to one tier on month and then another the next, but they’re not always super clear about it when it happens. (Never thought I’d miss those Add-On sneak peak lives they used to do, but here we are left wondering instead.)

  2. So for the package marked as delivered, they'll ask you to wait 24hrs because "sometimes they get marked as delivered before they are actually delivered" (srsly ipsy? Wtaf😑).. and to let them know if it doesn't arrive then.... and when it doesn't arrive (cause really, how many mail carriers mark stuff as delivered when it WASNT dropped off somewhere?!), let them know and they should either send a replacement order, of exactly what you ordered, not of "comparable" products, or refund you.

  3. I’ve actually had some packages delivered with USPS where the USPS tracking says delivered a day or so before I get it - although it’s usually an order that gets passed off from ups to usps. I think it’s just a miscommunication where the ups person marked it as delivered when they get it to usps because they did their part of the delivery.

  4. I’ve had that happen too. It gets marked as delivered but the track history ends at “handed off to USPS office”, then my mailman actually delivers it the next day.

  5. I’ve had it happen a lot, my mail carriers are overall great, but this is the one thing they do that bothers me. Never got a straight answer as to why. I suspect it’s when they run out of time, but don’t want to explain why they still have a bunch of undelivered packages. Then they drop it off the next day.

  6. So far, they’ve only done it one time. So we don’t know if it will become a regular thing or not yet.

  7. It’s really depended on the bag. I’ve had a few lucky ones, a few absolutely duds, and also some I’d say were okay (everything was neither amazing or terrible, useful but nothing special). I get them periodically, but personally, I have to really like the bag, because there’s a chance I won’t like anything in it. There’s zero personalization, so it’s the risk you take with a mystery bag.

  8. I tried talking with the stupid Ipsy boy, and it just tells me “sorry about this” but doesn’t offer a solution.

  9. To me this just means he doesn’t actually want to do it. But if someone is crazy enough to pay that much, he’d obviously take it lol

  10. So, the Josie Maran - there's a note on the jar that says "always seal in with argon oil". I have never once. Has anyone used a routine involving argon oil and eye cream?

  11. I think that’s due to the brand using argan oil in most of their products. They probably sell a argan face oil too.

  12. Beware that sunblock has pretty terrible reviews due to a very opaque white cast. Definitely try it out on a day where you’re not pressed for time and can see if you have better luck.

  13. Ipsy isn't supposed to send repeat products. Wondering if that applies to sample vs full size products, too. Hopefully not.

  14. It doesn’t seem to. People have contacted them about it and their response is that getting the sample/full-size doesn’t count as a duplicate. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any posts/comments about it happening though.

  15. Personally I don't like the name change. It's confusing, and stupid to make a bag after a dead company.

  16. I don’t like it either, but it’s definitely going to make it a lot clearer when someone posts asking when choice for BoxyCharm is. Now the bag tiers have distinct names.

  17. If I switch now from GB to GBP/Boxycharm, will I be billed for March and April?

  18. You will be charged immediately, keep that in mind. I’d think you’re safe from getting a march bag, but you can always wait a couple more days if you want to be certain.

  19. also I heard they might be stopping the bags npw that they have acquired boxycharm? or maybe just the plus sized ones, not sure.

  20. Someone did a Sonic and Tails comparison too that was pretty cute.

  21. It’s in the show. It might have been from an unseen moments episode, I’m not sure, but it was definitely aired on MTV when I saw it.

  22. She ended up paying for a substantial amount of it, so she wasn’t completely against the party. They were all over SM (mostly FB) talking about it once the episode aired.

  23. I’d advise trying a razor. I was absolutely sure my stovetop was scratched from my husband cooking. I scrubbed and buffed until my arms ached multiple times. When I went over it with water and a razor blade, it came right off even though I’d swear it felt like scratches in the surface. Multiple scrubbing attempts before I agree to try it. I was sure it was ruined, but very relieved to be wrong.

  24. Do we know that these trust funds are real? I just don't believe it.

  25. They have to be set up by the parents, so some kids don’t have anything, some have some sort of account, some may have a form of a trust. Babs has always been pretty good with money and she’d be the one setting up Jace’s. Hopefully she was savvy and set it up in a way it can’t be messed with.

  26. The outfit on the bottom right does go to the pink hair doll with the pink painted on tights. I’m blanking on the name of the line, but it’s something along the lines of Flower Place, I had the same one. I’ll try to get back to you because I know I’m going to spend the rest of the day wracking my brain.

  27. She's so beautiful. Definitely looks custom with those inset eyes. Are they glass? Could be Shiva or Kali inspired.

  28. Bratzillas come with glass inset eyes. It’s a really neat feature.

  29. What I’ve read so far is to remove the eyes before removing the original face paint, then put them back in and tape them for the repaint. The reason is that the eyes can be damaged (they get foggy) by just the acetone fumes, but putting them back in after the repainting is complete can cause the paint to crack.

  30. I especially love the box text, “Phones are not real. Dolls do not talk.” She’s a real cutie.

  31. Technically all of the pink dolls I own would surprise everyone who knows me, because I’ve been anti-pink my whole life. (Also not a big fan of red either TBH.) Here I am though with at least five pink RH dolls and contemplating another two.

  32. Yes, but it will also ruin the sticker which OP wants to line up properly, not remove.

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