1. These look great! I feel like ipsy is stepping it up a tiny tiny bit?

  2. Interesting, because I look at it and see a lot of repeats.

  3. Hm, agree to disagree. I’ve received most of them and either tossed or passed them on because they didn’t work for me. (Hey Honey and the Natasha palette are exceptions, those were nice.)

  4. Choice for the regular GB is around 20th of each month, the date changes though. This month on the 19th will be choice day for January GB. If you are talking about GBP choice day and add-ons after that are on the 2nd every month. Usually the e-mails come a little later if they come at all. By that time all good options are gone. People wake early in the morning to be able to grab something nice.

  5. This looks accurate to me, so the downvotes don’t make sense.

  6. i have two Bleeding Edge dolls and LOVE them...hate their bodies, but love their look. what is "ISO"?

  7. If you like eclectic, I hear Nordstrom Trunk has a lot of fun stuff.

  8. Wonder if the clothes on the budget dolls will fit the regular dolls?

  9. I’ve seen this on on Mercari, but it’s an ombre not a full dye.

  10. Honestly, I hear that it’s so risky, but my experience has been pretty good. Guess I found something I’m actually lucky with.

  11. Thank you for sharing. I can see how FOMO would make it difficult to be disciplined. Skincare and makeup have become my new hobby in the past year, and I figured a subscription box would be a great way to feed that desire within budget. I might have to just set rules for myself so it doesn’t get out of hand. I have a healthy supply of product going in, but I have very few brands or products that I truly love. There are SO many brands and products I have never tried.

  12. I know a lot of people change their profile/quiz often, but I almost never do. Reviews are important (the stars and the faces, the written part has no effect). Overall my experience has been good, although I have gotten a few bags that were major duds.

  13. Oh, I suppose my words in the reviews were moot lol that’s okay though bc I think my star rating is accurate. Thanks so much for taking time to respond to me and help me out.

  14. Well, they can be useful for other members and Ipsy does provide them to the companies. (Part of their appeal to companies is that they can generate a lot of reviews in a short time period). So it’s up to you, I just wouldn’t recommend bothering with something like “Please stop sending me eyeliner.”

  15. Ryker is so cute, it always makes me smile when he pops into your reveal/reviews.

  16. The first round of add-ons are curated, but Ipsy hasn’t been super forthcoming on how it works. I don’t think choosing a different product should have prevented it from showing up. The add-on pool for each bag tier is separate, so maybe Plus sold out, but the regular bag didn’t? I’m glad you were able to snag one in the end!

  17. Very cool. I especially love the dreamy vibes Sunny has. I’m impressed by how they all look so different, but still recognizable.

  18. I think Ansley needs a darker lip, it elevates her whole look. Painting on a 3D surface is tricky.

  19. I didn't either, I thought that was weird, I also get the gbp and I had access to add ons there but not for the gb.

  20. The regular bag opens a little later than Plus. I forget if it’s a 1 or 2 hour difference.

  21. FFF has been disappointing for me lol but i have it! I need to try the walmart one, what did u get from it that you loved? I love kinder as well! (:

  22. Just a warning, Walmart can be very repetitive and there’s minimal personalization. I’ve been subscribed about 4yrs, I do like it and think it’s worth the money I pay for it, but it is more general/hygiene vs beauty. Sometimes they have box sponsors and that means Liquid IV packs in every box all year. It’s definitely great for stocking up on travel supplies, last time I went on a trip I didn’t need to buy anything but sunblock and body wash. I think it’s a great box, but I know what to expect and it fits my needs.

  23. I was going to marvel at how gorgeous she looks in red, but then she’s a beautiful doll, she looks good in every color!

  24. I love male dolls. I’m going to have to say Barbie because while Ken used to always look the same, he now has a lot more variety. I really like the variety of Ken body types too.

  25. The time he asked if anyone had been a victim of child SA without warning the girls in advance.

  26. Cheer Skylar, her hair was a solid coil. Washed it four times. Cheer Jade was pretty similar, but I only washed her twice and then decided to trim off all the hair that was still stiff. She has waist length hair now and it works for her.

  27. I’m betting he said, “She’s there, she was just standing outside of the picture taking area.” Clickbait writers got all excited.

  28. The downside to coffee body scrubs is that they can build up in your pipes and cause plumbing issues. Salt or sugar scrubs break down faster and won’t cause the same issues. It’s a shame.

  29. Looks like stretchmarks. They’ll fade, but they’re purple or red when they’re new.

  30. I think my daughter had a few of these. I might still have two in a box somewhere, however, I don’t think any of the clothes are still around.

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