1. What difference does it make in this situation? The kid’s feelings are what they’re asking for parenting advice on.

  2. Farrah is so condescending. Ashley needs actual, physical help with their grandma. Instead Farrah insists on throwing money at them from afar, then spouting that she needs the 12 steps because she seems stressed?!

  3. Money would be more helpful actually, because Ashley might be able to hire some part time help with it.

  4. Personally I love the scrunchies, I wear them on my wrists when I wash my face and it stops the water from running down my arms. Not 100%, but pretty close.

  5. Thanks. I have been dealing with the worst FOMO looking at all the bag reveals, I had to skip due to being tighter than expected right at billing.

  6. Bristol, but I don’t think it was her line. I think it was someone else’s that she was promoting.

  7. I feel like they’re pretty tight-lipped about spoilers, I never see any until they start shipping out. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places?

  8. I was torn between Farrah and Jenelle. Now hear me out, I don't want to watch either of them but the cameras could offer some protection for the kids and both of their kids need that.

  9. That’s why I picked Farrah. Jenelle’s kids at least go to school, Sophia needs more normal human beings around her.

  10. Thanks for the reminder. I overfilled my cart when the anniversary sale started and meant to go back to whittle it down, but forgot.

  11. It does sound like taking the pill the way you have is probably the cause and if you continue taking them (with the placebos), your cycle will likely go back to normal. I’m not a doctor, so take that as you will.

  12. Raccoons too. My husbands grandma used to have a pair of raccoons and the photographs of her house from that time look completely trashed. (Probably squirrels and chipmunks could also do some damage.)

  13. It can be difficult to achieve with animals that haven’t had hundreds of generations of previous domesticated ancestors. In some areas it can also be a crime to attempt to make wild animals pets. Deer, wild rabbits, and opossums are illegal where I live, probably more species. (Consequences are probably fines, but I haven’t done a ton of research on it.)

  14. The depth of the purple can vary, to the point where they look pink. The leaves will likely darken as they age.

  15. Maybe marginally, since they’re no longer going through major growth and physical changes, but you still need around 8. How much exactly depends on the individual and is probably subject to change occasionally.

  16. Apparently it was called Mastery in Transformational Training, which is a self-help group that former members have accused of being a cult. I would have to imagine this was during her MLM era

  17. Does it ever have new stuff? Like any chance some of the choices would show up there that weren’t in the original add ons?

  18. 2nd chance is whatever is left over after the initial round. So no, no new stuff. But there’s no “curation” so, if something was limited that way, you’d have access to it in second chance.

  19. Is that the full sized hand cream? Just curious because ipsy picked it for me in my glam bag plus?

  20. Sometimes they’ll do the full size in Plus and then a sample in the base bag. I’d bet you got a full size.

  21. I was just curious because I've seen them offer a sample size as one of the plus bag options in the past

  22. Understandable. When I click it through each bag’s menu, the regular bag is 30mL and the Plus is 120mL, so that seems like it’s much bigger.

  23. I think your best bet would be to call for a car insurance quote.

  24. My kids have been wanting a pet for a long time. Our dog unexpectedly passed away 4 years ago and I’m just coming to terms with that. Anyway…Last night I had a dream that we got a cat and I woke up excited to see the kitty and then I remembered we don’t have a cat lol

  25. It depends. We always said no pets, but decided privately that if we had reliable tenants with no issues that had been there at least a year, we’d say yes if they asked.

  26. If you’re curious about the sizes of the jewelry organizer and the bandits catchall tray. Here you go. I have used some very ordinary items for perspective.

  27. A big part of what makes beauty boxes appealing to me is the experience. I like the surprise and trying new things, those aren’t really things I can determine a monetary value for. The items themselves, not sure the value is there for me anymore at this point in my beauty box journey.

  28. Nothing says summertime, like brown lipstick 😕 hopefully the sun block and the moisturizer are nice. I have a full size in the quinoa body lotion that I received in a different box, it is nice🤗

  29. Maybe I’m missing it, but I’m not seeing any sunblock in the spoilers.

  30. Besides those two and Compkex Culture, are there any other brands owned by Ipsy?

  31. Really? Addison Rae’s beauty line? I’m beyond obsessed with their lip quips I legit have like 8 of them lol

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