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  1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Return of the Living Dead, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, and Cabin in the Woods.

  2. Bullet time, open world, interrogations, and (maybe) regenerating health. Why I picked that last one is because I think it’s more in line with Frank’s character as an unstoppable force of nature with an inhumanly high pain tolerance. I’m not against having a fixed health system with medkits, but I think it’s a neat idea that fits in with the character. Another part that I think should be implemented is the ability to approach the situation how you see fit, kind of like the Hitman games, only playing aggressively is actually a viable option. Maybe as you mow down their buddies, the remaining enemies start to panic more and become gradually more frantic in their decisions. A few of the bosses should be Jigsaw, Barracuda, Bushwhacker, The Russian, and lastly, Kingpin. They should probably have have Daredevil or Spider-Man pursue you a few times during the campaign as sub-bosses, and during your last encounter with them, you have to fight both of them at once, and you can’t kill them, meaning you have to use non-lethal tactics like flashbangs or melee attacks. Maybe when you’re fighting Daredevil, you have ultrasonics to briefly stun him, giving you a chance to strike back. Between missions, you should experience nightmare sequences that have stronger enemies you have no choice but to run away from, which mixes the gameplay up a bit. Lastly, have driving sequences in the battle van chasing down whatever survivors might be left as they desperately try to escape.

  3. Bane. He’s literally the only villain most people know of who has successfully defeated Batman. Slade may be a tactical genius and skilled combatant, but Bane is one of the few villains capable of breaking Batman both physically and mentally.

  4. Please keep Derek Mears. He was great on the show, he was practically born to play him.

  5. Glad to see more people turn against him. It gives me hope that he’ll answer for his crimes.

  6. Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I laughed almost the entire movie, it was so stupid and I loved it.

  7. Futuristic settings can work in COD. Most people hate IW, BO3, BO4, and AW, while BO2 had semi-futuristic missions and everyone loves that campaign. It does seem like a double standard that people keep criticizing those games while still praising BO2.

  8. How do you apply backpieces? They don't show up in any other tab for appearance.

  9. Evil Dead 2. It’s a movie with a severed hand flipping a guy off. That alone makes it worth watching.

  10. I think it's kinda meant to be bad. Just a grindhouse violent horror and that's it, bloody and simple.

  11. David Cronenberg’s The Fly. There’s no film I’ve ever seen that’s so sickening yet so compelling, making it a contender for my favorite horror movie. Although if you’re going to watch it, I recommend a barf bag, not that I ever needed one.

  12. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe she shouldn’t? I mean, look at how crazy things are right now. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Monika to escape one nightmare and end up in another.

  13. You put it on the Epic Games Store, what did you think was going to happen?

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