1. Offensive line for sure. Between the college game being very different and fewer and fewer practices o-line can take several years to develop.

  2. They add Josh Rosen, they all work on their weaknesses together and they try to take down Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.

  3. There's nothing you can do when you're being actively trolled. When I was ranking up my account to lvl 30 for ranked this would happen all the time too.

  4. Baker for $5M and a conditional 5th. Browns basically just giving him away

  5. I think it's one of those things the longer you think about it the worse it sounds. I asked my 4 year old last week if she wanted her ears pierced and she said no.

  6. I wonder if he did that thinking he was short of the sticks or if he just had a 200IQ moment.

  7. Hard Knocks will never surpass their 2001 season because no team has Shannon Sharpe and Tony Siragusa as personalities.

  8. Dang, I didn't know he also ran track at Syracuse. No wonder they called him the missile.

  9. Thought this was an interesting attempt to literally quantify QB decision making and the performance associated with it. As in, essentially, breaking down performance into two categories: how good are the decisions you make, and how good are you at executing on whatever decision you've made.

  10. Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson during the 1-31 era

  11. Man, I miss Sashi. Wish he survived the front office purge.

  12. Playing WR out of the slot is a cheat code. It must be anxiety inducing to play against the Rams with all their WR bunch sets tight to the formation and you have no way of knowing as a LB if Kupp is going to run right by you or square up to block.

  13. Yup, this is one of the biggest offensive trends. Why wouldn’t you want your best receiver working out of the slot? They have more space to work with off the line compared to playing X, can run that stick option route concept that is such a problem for defenses and run away from defenders leverage, work against a nickel defender that has to also worry about stopping the run and most of the time they just have a better matchup talent wise. More and more teams are letting their best receivers work from the slot.

  14. Yeah, and when you have your WR stack not only does the defense have to communicate/plan on how to take these guys (lock and level, etc) but you can put your best guy behind your other WR/TE whose only job can be to get your man off the line of scrimmage w/o getting jammed by the DB.

  15. What app is that? That's how I felt when I started playing Draven. Took me 3 attempts of several games for it to start to click for me.

  16. Depends what you’re looking for in a QB.

  17. Pyke is disgusting with Umbral. Huge mobility to clear wards and can kill the enemy support if they contest. Senna of course.

  18. I personally say that the best improvement always comes from playing ranked. Matchmaking is imo "better" (not better in that its different, its just ... the players play to win etc. its just more accurate imo) and people, as you stated, are more likely to try their best.

  19. Well you can't compare this though because normal and ranked mmr are two different things and its basically impossible to guess someones normal mmr. So thats not really the matchmaking being worse in normals its just based on a different metric.

  20. Really? I didn't know that. I've only played this game so I learn something every day...

  21. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

  22. Anyone else notice a lot of young people leaving their workplace? I work for a quasi governmental employer with fantastic benefits all around that make it a strong candidate for FIRE but I've noticed that a ton of our younger hires in their 20s leave after 2-3 years. Our pay is competitive but not the top dollar you can find. Maybe it's just earlier career people accelerating their earning potential by job hopping a few times.

  23. In my experience, staying in the same place is just leaving money on the table. Employers don’t reward loyalty, as much as they might say they do. I’ve gotten multiple $35k+ bumps by switching jobs. Largest raise was probably less than half that.

  24. Love these videos. Even if the the analysis proves that the current way of thinking is correct its still good to challenge the assumptions people have.

  25. I was reffing Robbie Goulds kids basketball games. As a ref we were responsible for cleaning the gym once all the games were done.

  26. I went to high school with someone who ended up playing RB for a few teams in the NFL. He was a bench warmer so probably no one here knows his name. He was a doucher and for some odd reason he mooned me at a pool party which wasn't cool back in high school. Hes been out of the league for a few years now and he recently ran into an attractive girl who I know, he told her that he was working out to try to get back into the NFL. I'm gonna sound like a hater here, but it's like even in your best day you were a 4th string RB who never saw meaningful field time, hate to say it but you ain't going back to the NFL.

  27. Something that has helped me is leaning into how powerful Lethal Tempo is this season by going it on Draven instead of HoB or Conq. It sounds like trolling but there are quite a few high elo one tricks running it often going with Kraken because Kraken gives insane dps with LT plus Kraken gives the most raw AD of the ADC mythics at 65.

  28. On the flip side your enemies don't know what your abilities are either.

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