Man on the verge of tears after Trump's Florida home is raided

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  1. remember that time the feds raided obama's house? yeah, me neither.

  2. I checked both MLB broadcasts and they didn't cut away to show it, but both broadcasts commented on it as being awesome so I clipped it for you. I assume this is it?:

  3. Yes, any E-ZPass toll lane anywhere in the US will accept it. IIRC virtually all tolls east of the Mississippi River use (or are compatible with) E-ZPass.

  4. Love the little tidbit from the article I never knew - or at least had forgotten: The George Brett Pinetar Game and Winfield Seagull Game happened within two weeks of each other for the Yankees.

  5. Yep.. Pinetar incident Jul 24, 1983 - (and the game completed Aug 18, 1983 after Royals' successful appeal). And as you pointed out, Seagull game August 3, 1983. Wild few weeks for the Yankees.

  6. Time to accept Bo is what he is. Good health and stamina season after season, but a below average hitter for his position and continual work in progress as a fielder.

  7. I get a kick out of the actual process of this being discussed, planned, diagramed, approved and installed with every town official along the way having to look at a cartoon of a dude wanking his dick.

  8. Sue mayor Brown for what? If it’s factual that $60000 was used to settle a sexual assault compliant without council approval, then Brown wasn’t part of any non-disclosure agreement I’d assume. Spilling the facts of an agreement he wasn’t a party to isn’t Brown’s problem.

  9. Since he’s now a Jay and won’t get paid until he presents himself for Toronto home games I’d think the commitment appears like magic.

  10. Merrifield has a .290 OBP this year and a negative WAR. Not sure this was even worth it

  11. You may be right. I do like his speed though. Actual clean base-stealing speed. One thing that’s been clear since Schneider has taken over is his plan is to agitate pitchers more than Charlie did. This trade helps that strategy - if he gets on base.

  12. Never see myself voting for a Polivere-led Conservatives, but yeah, Trudeau's best before date was ages ago.

  13. I’ve timed all sorts of parking options and travel times home out of the city. If I’m leaving the game early, downtown can be fine, but if you stay until the end of the game it’s a nightmare to get out. Honestly my favourite option has become parking near Runnymede Station and a quick subway ride. It beats all other routes out of downtown that I’ve tried.

  14. Funny thing is Trump has a video of him saying he wants to bang his own daughter that didn't require editing.

  15. Sure. There’s several if you know how to work the internet. But since you don’t,

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