Emiliano Martinez great save against France 120+3'

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  1. Being a terrorist is a very lucrative in the WB. You get a heafty paycheck and the more Israelis you hurt/kill the more money you and your family get.

  2. And if you go to the Israeli jail you receive free education, food, and recently conscripted girls as a treat.

  3. Oh i havent forgot, you wrote it in the comment i replied to lol

  4. He should be sent to a crematorium, thats the only proper end for terrorists and murderers.

  5. Yep, just shows that they are fed and bred propaganda since the day they go to school.

  6. Israel kills militants Militants kill civilians, on international holocaust Remembrance Day.. And they celebrate it in Jenin and Gaza

  7. On international holocaust Remembrance Day too… Israel kills militants they kill praying civilians…

  8. Title forgets to mention all 9 are armed PIJ militants.

  9. Nice of you to forget that all 9 of these were armed PIJ militants.

  10. There was this one time in the 90's where it was completely agreed to have a full peace deal called Oslo accords.

  11. 10 PIJ members eliminated today as part of a local op by Israeli sf raid.

  12. 9 PIJ members, 1 was apparently a woman(allegedly) who got caught in the crossfire(Also allegedly)

  13. Her name was Magda Obaid. She was elderly. Does your liberal use of the word "allegedly" imply she may have been an active militant? L0L

  14. Should I not state allegedly and call everything a fact even though it literally happened less than 20 hours ago? I’m not a propaganda bot like most anti Israel anti Palestine people here.

  15. The only videos that truly made me feel something was the dash cam footage of an Ukrainian man with his father and dog and family I think too trying to escape the war until they got executed by the Russian military. The screams of terror of everyone there including the absolute terror the dog has experienced made me completely numb to any Russian casualties I’ve seen. The other one is of an elderly woman at the start of the war where she got hit by a missile and a C.A.T was applied to her and she still didn’t make it. The last one I will talk about is the elderly couple that got executed by a Russian BMP in a car. I will never feel anything about Russian casualties after those videos. I always knew that my country(I will not specify to avoid drama) will suffer the same fate if we give up our arms or don’t fight for ourselves. Those were just the visualizations of what can happen instead of the imagination.

  16. The video that you described of the Father, son, and dog. That was one of the first blatant and documented war crime that we saw in this conflict. I was so surprised a few months later to learn that the son actually survived the ordeal. He pulled his Father to safety in the ditch but unfortunately they were pinned down and unable to get help. Terrible but I’m glad the son made it out.

  17. Atleast he’s still alive… Can’t imagine your father bleeding out in your arms. This stupid invasion, despicable acts of war crimes. I will never feel sorry for the Russians.

  18. So its practically okay to skip the next 4 chapters i guess.

  19. Quite the opposite for me. Last arc was shit show of pointless fight that didn't make any sense at all. So if we have chances for coherent and slightly silly story, I'm all for it.

  20. More than half of the last arc was quite pointless and bad. I completely agree, but I still dislike filler especially in a manga…

  21. I will come back every day to ask for a new map rotation for Ranked, other than Erangel, Miramar, Taego.

  22. Can you for god sakes change the ranked maps already?

  23. Reminds of this meme “Man 24 years old stabbed” “Last words, what are you gonna do? Stab me? “

  24. This is one of the most delusional takes I've ever read

  25. It’s not though Gaza had elections in 2006 or something like that Hamas won by a major margin, Hamas immediately killed all opposition and established a dictatorship. Do you think the PA has what it takes to stop Hamas and PIJ from taking over if Israel doesn’t keep them in check?

  26. רכבים גנובים בין היתר חלקי חילוף גנובים זה אגורות בשבילם

  27. The USA isn’t responsible for every act of terror in the world nor is it responsible for all the problems of the world. Shit happens. And your brain is proof of that.

  28. Cartel members are just as bad as terrorists.

  29. Haven’t Israeli politicians said again and again they will “never allow a Palestinian state”? How is that any different?

  30. Not allowing a state is not the same as calling an entire race of people subhuman.

  31. Is this like the 100th wave on Bakhmut? I keep hearing reports that the Russians keep trying taking Bakhmut with no avail

  32. This save is even better then Casillias one in 2010....

  33. Two penalties and you have no luck ?

  34. Two clear penalties, by stupid fouls from the French. EDIT: the fact that two clear penalties is being downvoted just shows how stupid some football team fans are.

  35. Sounds like someone is a sore looser.

  36. Two penalties that are clear isn’t being a sore loser. Kane missing is actual misfortune Harry Maguire hitting the post is misfortune There were so many chances wasted too, that’s the thing about football, it’s always luck, with a lot of skill involved.

  37. Again fucking Erangel/Miramar/Taego on ranked...

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